UPDATE: Wave of companies start boycotting Whaleoil



Since the post this morning listing companies that advertise on far right hate speech merchant Cameron Slater’s blog, there has been a wave of companies and businesses now actively boycotting Whaleoil. The following companies have replied and state that they are now blocking their advert from appearing on his blog.

These ethical businesses now are…


Evo Cycles Pukekohe


2 Degrees

Bridgestone / Firestone

TDB Recommends NewzEngine.com

Fertility Associates

UPDATE UPDATE: iSentia, NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, Maori TV, Bookme.co.nz,  Dobetter.co.nz and the Sound have now also pulled their support of Whaleoil.

We will continue to update and monitor the situation.



  1. Let us know who is responding so that we can acknowledge their conscientious stand – GOOD WORK!! Is it too much to ask for their contact details so we can say to both them and you THANKS.

  2. A concern I have is the Canon award Cameron Slater received for 2014. This email I sent to the Canon award organisation explains how I feel:

    I really think that your executive should seriously look at rescinding Cameron Slater’s award. Clearly, he received it under false pretenses now we see clearly what manner on man and pseudo ‘journalist’ he is. Canon are doing themselves NO favours aligning themselves with a far right hate speech merchant.

    I sent this to : http://www.canonmediaawards.co.nz/contact-us

    • I just did that, and added the following :-

      “As the owner of a computer business that recommends brand names to customers, I cannot with good conscience recommend a brand associated, even slightly, with hate speech.”

      I added that because it is true, even if I am an ultra small 1 person company.

    • Canon didn’t give the award, they are sponsors. The people who gave the award are the Newspaper Publishers’ Association.

  3. Really big deal. National is a corporate party so whilst some many be boycotting Slater you can be sure most corporate’s will still be in Keys corner.

    • Sable.. im glad the rich elite in john keys pocket only equate to 10% of the vote. .
      70% of the voters are in the middle to low earning category. . I hope they all come out and speak with the pen… because you cant get the truth from mainstream media

  4. Also, did you all know that fishpond.co.nz also needs to be put into the unethical business category? Judith Collins is a friend of the owner, and they will not sell Hager’s book until after the election.

    • That’s useful to know about Fishpond, Pat. I often buy books from them – will find another online book outlet now.

      • the book depository…. try that one.

        now i know about fishpond, no more textbooks from them… uh uh, not a single cent more from me.

      • Their whois listing has wrong phone number (I feel sorry for the innocent party). Correct number is 09 257 3214
        I just phoned and got a very smart arse person who asked me how to spell Nicky and thought it was funny to keep saying Micky and then hang up in my ear. I WILL NEVER EVERY DEAL WITH THESE CREEPS AGAIN.

      • @Goat Roper:

        I’m not sure – I needed WINZ in my life for a period of about 4 years, and this was a very long time ago, and they weren’t called WINZ then, so I’m not really up with this type of intricacies of the corporation – but maybe you could ask them?

      • GP,
        You can obtain a WINZ grant for tyres, which you’ll have to pay back, if you can demonstrate a genuine need for having your own transport

      • @ Goat Roper

        If you know the right people in the National Party I’d say, yes, you almost certainly can. So go for it, Ropey.

  5. Now Whaleoil is like the proverbial ‘beehive’,
    At first glance its dripping with honey,
    And as all gather round, honey drips to the ground,
    Some wasted but eagerly devoured.

    But in doing as such , with its queen out of touch,
    Its arrogance grew and grew,
    Til one day its said ,was depleted and no -one got fed,
    And that hive lost all of its sheen.

    The Queen did she rant, its workers did rave,
    And all who took part they got stung,
    The moral of this,- that lies wont bring bliss,
    So stay away from that hive on the hill.

  6. As I have said before, the right always harangue us about how important individual choice is. Well we on the left can make individual choices too – we can reward businesses who have decided to stop advertising on a hate merchant’s blog by supporting them, and similarly boycott those who either don’t want to know about it, or decide to keep on advertising there. Feels good doesn’t it!

  7. I emailed Brian Edwards, asking him why he had Whaleoil’s link on his website. He replied that he has no time for Whaleoil, and said as much on NATRAD on Jim Mora’s show. But he hasn’t been in touch to tell me why Slater’s link is still there. Can’t fathom it, Edwards has always been such an ethical man. Must have a good reason.

    I also emailed Canon, got a weak reply. If they’re hit in the pocket, they’ll change their spots.

    • I remember a year or so ago reading on Edwards’ website a most effusively admiring article on Slater, who apparently was a lovely, charming chap whose company Brian greatly enjoyed. If Slater had been a woman you’d have described Edwards as sounding totally smitten. I was gobsmacked. Had to read the thing twice before it really sank in.

    • Over 4 days I slowly contacted all of them and have been surprised at the good response of many – and of course plenty of them not acknowledging at all. But one, ABBEY EMPLOYMENT LAW SPECIALISTS was abusive, especially given that I used my own name and own email address. The first of two very very rude emails went like this …..

      Dear Jenny

      I am really pleased you sent me this wonderful email. I am so glad that you made us aware of Mr Slater. At least we know that Mr Slater is real, unlike you who hides behind a an email address.

      Please send us your address and contact address so we can tell you in person how pathetic you are, as one, we have never advertised with Mr Slater or his company and secondly, we do not appreciate anonymous emails from people who make groundless allegations.

      I did think about not writing, only on the basis that you may not be able to understand the reason or the response.

      Gregory Bennett

      To: help@abbeyes.co.nz

      I explained that he may be unaware that an agreement with Google had placed his company on the Slater blog site and gave him details about how it worked to which I received an equally personal and abusive email twice as long as the first.

      NICE! – So are we ever going to trust them with our employment law problems??

    • They won’t be hit in the pocket. Pak n Save lost 20m in one week away from WO. Face facts, far more people read WO that read TDB.

  8. Leo Strauss? Not a reputable source. Favoured a dark reading of Platonism – which is simply incorrect – were Plato a cynical manipulator like Strauss he would not have been disappointed by the cynicism of his Sicilian prince.

    The facts on Macchiavelli are more consistent with a proto-democrat in a time when candidly stating such anti-monarchial views would get you dead. When Macchiavelli got a little power, did he start an assassin academy? Poison his political enemies? Kidnap his enemies’ children? He tried to set up a citizens’ militia – not very tricky at all really.

    Key et al have more in common with Strauss – who was a significant influence on Bush neo-liberals.


  9. From Auck Uni fb page: Hi We have a policy of not advertising on political websites but as it is a manual process of setting this for each ad on the Google Display Network this slipped through. Steps were taken last week to ensure that the process is followed in each case.

    • This is all I heard back from them – Of course they CAN control where their banner goes.

      Good evening Jenny.

      Thank you for your email.

      The banner you are seeing on this particular site is part of Google’s advertising network which embeds its advertisements within thousands of different websites. While we advertise on this network, unfortunately we cannot control which sites our advertisement appears on. However I can certainly assure you that we haven’t deliberately chosen to advertise on this specific site.

      Thank you again for taking the time to bring this concern to our attention.

      Kind regards,
      Tim Southey | Marketing Manager

      Level 1, Building A, The Millennium Centre
      602 Great South Road, Ellerslie 1051
      PO Box 91440, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142
      W: http://www.bridgestone.co.nz

  10. So Bridgestone hasn’t specifically chosen to advertise at Whale Oil.

    But they also haven’t specifically chosen to Boycott it either.

  11. After reading all the entries here it seems that all the advertisers have little or no control over where their ads might end up. They might end up on porn sites, for all they know. Don’t you think it is time that these businesses started taking control of their own affairs instead of leaving it to rich old uncle Google?

    • Marcus – agreed – it is quite simple for companies to block their ads going on any website they wish – and of course most are very careful about blocking porn sites – its time advertising agencies and Google Ads and Yellow educated their clients

  12. I just sent the following (redacted for privacy purposes) email to Canon: I was slanderously attacked by Cameron Slater on his blog – due to my stand on ————. Slaters profanity (he called me a “——” and a “——-“) was my first introduction to his scurrilous writing. When he received the Canon award for his blog I was gobsmacked. But when he was outed for political corruption and corporate pay-for-play and still retained his Canon award I was sickened. I have a Canon camera digital/SLR Rebel, and a Canon printer, both of which have seen better days. I am looking to buying another camera and printer for my professional practice (———–) but can’t see my way clear toward buying a product from a company who provides support and credibility for journalistic wannabes, and corrupting blights on society, like Cameron Slater. Whatever your excuses for not distancing yourselves from Slater are not good enough. Be rid of him or be rid of me and my associates as future customers for Canon products of any type. Cordially ———-

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