Patrick Gower’s attack on Hone a tad disingenuous



Slater seeded this claim of a rift on Whaleoil last week, and sadly we see msm once again taking their cues from him.

After Dirty Politics, you might think that the bloody journalists would stop using Slater as a source and do some of their own research.

Patrick Gower clearly hasn’t.

If Gower had looked, he would know that Hone voted FOR Metiria Turei’s medicinal cannabis reform in 2009. It’s hardly the great rift Gower is claiming it as.

Cannabis reform must happen. Locking NZers up for cannabis is a racist law because it impacts Maori hardest. Allowing organised crime to run the industry is pure madness, and it’s a position that actually leaves us behind America who has regulated in a  few states and that regulation is proving to be far more successful than prohibition.

The mainstream media is why we can’t have nice things like proper adult discussions on cannabis.


  1. Lisa Owen’s interview with Bill English and David Parker on the same Nation just showed up how useless Patrick Gower is (remember, journalists – guardians of truth? 1984 is NOT a manual!!). It’s Monday Mr English- still no answers re taxcut details…

    • No answers because it probably won’t happen. Tax cuts are an idiotic suggestion but typical of that particular idiot to suggest them. They are a bribe which National never expects to have to make good on – the reserve bank will make a lot of noise and mr fiscally prudent (yeah right) will be able to back out and pretend he’s doing the sensible thing. Either that or we borrow another 60 billion to pay for this latest idealogical belch.

  2. If journalists in the News Media start exhibiting signs of dereliction of duty – blatant biased reporting, sloppy investigative standards, no ethics, lowering of professional integrity & failing to hold the powers that be to account – then just maybe, it’s time to stamp out dopes like @patrickgowernz ?

    Pull your socks up Paddy [ this applies to @TovaOBrien et al as well ] don’t be scared to lose exclusive access to ShonKey, I mean his office, or afraid of putting those sweet trips to Washington in jeopardy. . . get back to doing your job or fuck off!

  3. But Martyn, Maori are over-represented in the criminal gangs too, so using your rationale (which I disagree with) if cannabis is legalised then their profits will fall, and that’s economic racism.
    OK – I’m just having a wee troll, but I sincerely believe that we shouldn’t be ascribing another non sequitur to negative Maori socio-economic stats. I want their culture to be inclusive. BTW, I support legalisation of all drugs, and I’m a former drug investigator and a couple of other odd things to boot! 😀

  4. Does anyone really expect anything of value or consequence from the mainstream media anymore? I personally don’t even bother watching they are such a waste of time.

  5. There once was a newsreader called Gower,
    Who after looking at Whaleoil needed a shower’,
    But the slime it did cling,
    To him and any old thing,
    And poisoned the land with its toxins.

  6. That the MSM are taking their cues from Cameron Slater is largely thanks to Nicky Hager who has somehow managed to put him on a pedestal.

  7. I think its ok for people dying of painful diseases to ease their suffering with marijuana. But it is not safe for the general public. Large studies have shown its regular consumption reduces intelligence quotas by 15 points. When delivered by its most common method (smoking) it has all the problems associated with tobbaco smoking ( cancer, emphysema, heart disease stroke), it will precipitate psychosis ( devastating) in susceptible individuals, it is also linked to depression, and well documented amotivational syndrome.

    It should not be in the higher class drug categories, but its use does have significant risks. Policing drivers under its effect is difficult due to issues around its half life, which is quite long. Making cannabis legal/decriminalised will, like alcohol and legal highs make it more available and reveal the hidden devil that it is. Young minds will be more frequently exposed and real harm done. Cannabis is not safe and never has been.

    I agree harm minimisation is the right attitude, not jail sentences, drug rehab is better . However the unintended consequences that will follow decriminalisation will probably be significant. Its probably ok to ingest once a month, but a prudent adult will know that a significant number of the population will just have something else to get addicted to and drag themselves down with. We think alcohol is worse, but we have no idea what will happen when a massive cohort of the population gains regular access to cannabis. My prediction; use will skyrocket and there will be significant unintended consequences. I disagree the laws are racist, they need to be amended perhaps, but those laws have done a lot to protect everyone in NZ

  8. “The mainstream media is why we can’t have nice things like proper adult discussions on cannabis.”

    It’s why we can’t have a proper adult discussion about ANYTHING!

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