Hone has every reason to be pissed off – but that doesn’t mean he won’t support cannabis reform


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Hone has every reason to be pissed. Internet MANA’s main policy is Feed the Kids and a campaign on cannabis that overshadows the main policy was always going to annoy the hell of out of him.

This Government is suggesting a $500 million dollar borrowed tax cut per year when Internet MANA’s Feed the Kids plan will cost $100million.

250 000 kids will continue to live in poverty so we can all afford an extra BigMac combo per week in tax cuts?

That’s a sick sad irony and one that Internet MANA should be attacking with righteous anger.

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That doesn’t mean that the politically engaged cannabis vote shouldn’t consider Internet MANA. Hone voted for Metiria’s Cannabis reform bill in 2009 that would see medicinal cannabis legalised. A vote for Internet MANA is a vote for cannabis reform.

It’s just that happens right after we feed every kid in every school riddled with poverty.

I wish the mainstream media could focus as much attention on allegations like blackmailing an MP, rigging candidate selections, downloading the entire Labour Party database, trawling brothels for dirt on journalists, gaining SIS information to embarrass a political rival and engaging in a hit job on the head of the SFO.

If anything Hone’s personal mana comes out stronger for this. He just won Te Tai Tokerau with that email.



  1. Hone will win through. He has the MANA and integrity in spades and voters will see through any msm or PR dirty tricks of Nactional to undermine him or over-ride MANA’s most important policies

    One day these dirty PR merchants will fall flat on their faces….NZers are getting really sick of them!

  2. This feels like yet another own goal by IMP.

    I would be interested to know who leaked the email to the media as I bet it was not gained from hacking and I doubt that many people would have been cc’d in.

    Did someone get hurt feelings?

    I agree with Hone, though I do think he handled last weeks question from Tova O ‘Brien poorly.

    I’m not sure where this sudden focus on cannabis came from, it was not mentioned at the campaign launch and I don’t see why there is a need to start this push 12 days out , there are enough issues to focus on!

    And I say this as someone who is ( and that may change ) intending to cast their vote for IMP.

    • “I’m not sure where this sudden focus on cannabis came from”
      IMP have this idea about democracy and policy coming from the membership… So it came about because the membership thinks it is important. I certainly do. Drug law reform should never come ‘behind’ anything and neither should action on poverty. All this does is show where Hone stands on drug law reform.

    • Was this a leaked email or was it Hone rightly giving the media the message that he is sick and tired of the pathetic reporters (the incompetent Tova O’Brien included) diverting from the primary messages of IMP to create ‘gotcha’ scenarios. This would certainly appear to be the case after the petty Patrick Gower failed with his very laboured attempt to expose a split between Laila Harre and Hone Harawira over the same issue over the weekend.

  3. Good pint. Starting to warm to hone. He has the kids of nz a top priority. It is time to re look the way we waste money on prohibition instead of treating cannabis as a health issue not criminal.

  4. Now the Far Right loves to attack Hone,
    With smear calls that they think funny,
    The only funny thing here,
    Is the thing that they fear ,
    Is the youth vote they’ve caused to get votin’

    So they dig up their dirt,- getting more on their shirt,
    Than ever they would on the others,
    And the walls they doth build,
    To protect their neo liberal guild,
    Lay in waste by parents whose kids are a-starvin’.

    Its time for a change, the people did cry !
    And Hone’s the man of the moment !,
    And thus the joke is on you,
    You neo liberals, yes you !,
    You failed to see the freight train a-comin!

  5. I believe that many of the countries political reporters see their job as something of a game if there tweets are anything to go by. They seem oblivious to the fact that these policies effect real people, especially children.

    • Agreed!…they seem incapable of concentrating on the BIG issues facing New Zealand

      ….Morning Report is a case in example…increasingly it has become a report wasting time on trivia , scandal mongering, tripping up the Left politicians where ever possible

      ….( even radionz has been influenced by the John Key Nactional PR scandal merchants like Cameron Slater and Whale OIL)…this is not great investigative and analytic journalism!

  6. Don’t you think this might have been caused in part by that blog you wrote and posted about IMP policy three days ago?

  7. This is a poor excuse for a diversion from your earlier denial that there was even a dispute within IMP. Claearly there was a major disagreement between Harawira and Harre over this policy, and this will damage IMP.

    • Intrinsically thusly of no value,
      How often must all the good people tell you?,
      The things the Left doth hold dear,
      Is not having fear,
      Of democracy , virtue and sharing.

      Unlike the Far Right, whose aim is to fight,
      Any and all who oppose them,
      The Left is quite clear,
      Dissension so rare,
      They celebrate differences of opinion.

      Id suggest to you, though even you knew,
      Matters not with Hone and Laila,
      That matters so trite – will not erase th’ blight,
      The blight of the Far Right agenda.

    • Mana is a political party.

      Hone Harawira is a member of that party, as well as being the leader. His personal views on marijuana have been included in membership discussion on this issue. The membership supports the Internet party policy – and so does Mana.

      It is pretty easy to understand if your party is truly reflective of membership, and not used as a vehicle for your personal convictions.

  8. Legalizing & taxing Cannabis will raise easily a good $2-300 million…. that feeds a lot of kids… & those not counting the reduction in corrections spending & court costs caused by prohibition

  9. I don’t see how the Marijuana debate cancels out the Feed the kids program. Hone’s heart is in the right place, and why isn’t anyone asking the media where the email came from?
    If it’s good enough for Slater to go to court, etc. what are Hone and IM going to do. I hope they’ll do the same.

  10. Out of ALL the candidates running for this election, Hone has impressed me most. He comes across as being a truely honest and caring person, with his country at heart. Metiria being a close second.
    It would be great to see IMP exceed everyone’s expectations on the 20th. Go Hone.

  11. A capital gains tax on domestic housing and regaining steerage of our resources would be more useful to the 250 K starving . And why stop there ? Cut out the foreign banks and create a public , non profit insurer while we’re at it .
    I have nothing against capitalism , don’t get me wrong . But this ? This is something else .

    The Sheeple / Sleepy Hobbits are starting to ask uncomfortable questions precious .

    If I was jonky-stien I’d have my bags packed for Hawaii before the mobs with torches and pitch forks arrived .

  12. Has someone taken their eye off the ball?

    I see with horror that Internet Mana, as polled on this page, is down to 15% – about half its maximum.

    In the Colmar Brunton it has dropped from 2% to 1%, a similar collapse.

    TTT must surely be at risk. Can anyone comment ?

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