Cameron Slater’s latest ridiculous claim – leave my daughter out of your filth you stinking corrupt maggot sleaze ball


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Slater is so desperate these days.


For some reason my name was misspelled when I enrolled, so I enrolled it as Martyn Bradbury, not Martin Bradbury. It is a clerical mistake.

I have advance voted on the first day I was able to and noted to the person I voted with that I had been enrolled as Martin as well. You will note that only Martyn Bradbury has voted.

If this is what passes as exclusives on Whaleoil now, I think we can safely say the poor wee Cameron has run out of smears.

Try again champ. If anyone honestly thinks I purposely enrolled to vote twice, pffft.

By the way – leave my daughter out of your filth you stinking corrupt maggot sleaze ball.

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  1. Desperate stuff.

    Please use to link to WhaleOil though, why would we want to get his hit counters up?

    Also, I would recommend only ever browsing WhaleOil using a privacy browser like Epic (with proxy enabled) or Comodo Dragon (or Chrome extension like Ghostery) so as not to give him or his advertisers any tracking info on you.

    • I’ve been there twice – to see who advertises on his site – always use ” do not link” and always wash my hands afterwards – such a grubby site – and then I read that he calls himself a Christian ! OMG – I guess he’s a Westboro Baptist Christian .

      • In my experience, I usually find that the people who best represent true Christian principles are the ones who have them in their hearts and practice them quietly and unobtrusively, not the ones who shout from the rooftops.

  2. Cameron Slater is getting more dangerous by the day as people begin to distance themselves from him. He is also living in fear of what is to come, knowing that some of his supporters have also been his targets.
    Then there is the IRD. Have they been informed about Cameron Slater receiving payment in advertising, product, and cash?

    I suspect the sociopath is unravelling.

  3. We need a new verb, as vile just doesn’t cut it anymore. Perhaps “Slaterous” should enter the lexicon. Only such an individual would sit on something like this and then triumphantly burst forth like an overstressed boil. I am frankly astounded at his numerous ridiculous claims as to having been smeared (oh, poor baby) while he claims to be fair and reasonable etc by redacting a few things… could this putative change of style (I’m not fooled) have anything to do with his pathetic attempts to be taken seriously as a faux journalist and get “on the list” so as to then gain the legal haven of ‘freedom of the press’ for any slurs he “prints”?

    • An overstressed boil called Slaterous,
      Was consumed with a hatred so cancerous,
      In being found out,
      Being guilty no doubt,
      Posted yet again with a fable.

      So in throwing the dirt,
      Drop’d on his face and his shirt
      So thats why he’s so jolly cantankerous !

      Now if you now were me,
      I’d be feeling with glee,
      That his clothes bill will now reach to the heavens!

    • Unfortunately the suggested adjective would seriously defame genuinely very useful little critters that help clean up dead and diseased material.

  4. The part of his story relating to your daughter and publishing her picture did not add to the story whatsoever. How low can he sink. At least you can feel safe in the knowledge that he is probably lashing out at being chucked off the deep end by National and co and won’t be around much longer. Anyone still feeding him info (crap like that for instance) is scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    Notice he tries to justify how pathetic his story is and how vindictive using your daughter is before anyone accuses him, so he knows full well it is wrong.

    • Its interesting to see all the voters,
      Many of whom we call ‘floaters’
      But certain among many,
      Whose morals are not any,
      Feel compelled to vote with a thumbs -down.

      Onto this site, they come from the Far Right,
      In order to sway public perception.
      The source of their plight ,
      Is the Whaleoil site,
      And they rally and rail for their leader.

      And of the scarce few, who offer opinions to you,
      Are filled with the malice of their leader.
      They huff and they shout,
      Yelling the Left must get out!
      And are sad cos Collins is gone,
      And they need her.

      And all the rot in their thoughts,
      As the Right hurries to rort,
      Tis only for ‘time and a season.
      The book they all fear, with Rawshark so near,
      Will hurry them all to prostration!

    • I don’t visit his site. Why would he use the girl’s picture? Especially when he says his mum and family aren’t fair game for the media? Crazy, illogical stuff.

  5. Martyn – even better than using just quote the relevant bits that you are replying to…

    What a load of shite. You WERE employed briefly as Internet Party strategist but you are no longer, correct?

  6. Not worth any comment Cameron.

    Why don’t you come to the honest side and expose these criminals in NatZ party please and save our land.

    • Hmmm – I honestly don’t think it can be on purpose. It came back as Martin, I sent it back as Martyn, I think someone has just failed to take Martin off the roll.

      • There’s a comment on the site from “Pete” that “it was noticed last year… we sat on it to see if he would correct it”.

        How often do people check that there isn’t a duplicate entry of themselves on the electoral roll?

        Would you have thought to do so, or would you have assumed they would just correct the spelling instead of creating a duplicate entry?

        This is really pretty desperate on oily Cam’s part..

      • Oh No! So now it appears the electoral role is faulty.
        I wonder how many others have had their details put on there more than once because of typos.


        • When I move cities, I kinda assume my name is taken off one electoral roll, and added to the new one. But then, I don’t bother checking, and I wouldn’t get mail from the old address, so who knows, maybe I am on more than one roll.

      • Slater has to be thick as two bricks to think anyone would try to get on the Electoral Roll using TWO similar names, at the same address.

        Mind you, having read his hacked emails, the guy is not very bright, despite how highly he thinks of himself.

        • I am worried about him…I wouldn’t want a potential witness to self harm. Ive just lost a friend showing similar stress /anxiety levels,and “hitting” out nastily,plus the other signs…firearms,support,mental health support etc..implied threats against uninvolved family members would be a threat worth taking seriously though I think,considering the armed assault reported against blomfield at his own home with kids inside. And hes got a beef with the same man I read. Please be careful Martyn…theres some crazy people out there who may see advantage in the “situation” to muddy the waters. The Israeli organised crime scandal on Campbell live tonight shows how ignorant and aquiescent our sis,gcsb,immigration and ird services are to this threat. Plus theyre all so busy trying to complete their work promoting…umm ..I mean defending the pm and national party,theyve hardly time for ordinary citizens.

      • I see your point, Mistery, but… Not necessarily. We’re talking about a guy who has noted mental health issues, who is a raving narcissist, who loves the idea of revenge as an automatic response to any/all criticisms, who also happens to have a thing for guns.

        If Slater genuinely loses it, I for one would not be treating it lightly.

        • People with mental health issues aren’t allowed to hold a gun license.
          So a complaint of concern to NZ Police should fix this problem.

        • And, to be fair, if he does have mental health issues it’s not his fault, he didn’t ask to have a chemical imbalance in the brain. In fact it might explain a lot. There but for the grace of god …

      • Especially when you’ve publicly hated so many different groups in society: Muslims, environmentalists, Maori, pro – Palestinians, South Islanders, gees who wouldn’t he shoot in a sociopathic episode

    • That will have some people very worried. Have you seen how much splatter comes from an exploding whale. There will be many praying Slater keeps it together and doesn’t expose their dirty deeds.

  7. I see the trolls are busy pressing thumbs down on comments as fast as they can. Oh wait, unless the trolls are ALL fake profiles created by “I’m so misunderstood and smeared” slater, who isn’t doing anything to convince us he’s still not digging and smearing dirt (and fake dirt) as fast as his frothing little mind can think it up. I guess it’s comforting in a way to know that the trolls are actually reading your excellent blog, compared to pointedly not reading “Dirty Politics”.

    • No, he’s not the troll. He is too busy for that. Fortunately for him, NZ’s employment stats provide ample cannon fodder for his ravings. There are plenty of gullible right wing trolls ready to do his footwork.

  8. Martyn, I wonder if you want to do something more about having this corrected now that it has appeared on that nutter’s blog. I wouldn’t put it past one of his minions to fraudulently vote under the second name (“Martin Bradbury”) to make it appear that you really did attempt to enrol and vote twice.

    • Jesus! You are right. They would do but probably to stupid to think of it but now you have put the idea in their head!

      By the way Martin, where would Whaleslob got his info from?

      I worry if our early votes will be counted or lost!

  9. What upsets me here is the double standard Cameron applies by using your daughter. If you insulted SpanishWhale or his two kids W and C he would get all upset and complain its off limits, but he is so deranged he can’t see the double standard..

  10. Judging by the number of thumbs down trolls on this thread, it’s obvious Mr WhaleOil and Co are reading and are concerned about TDB. Good 🙂

    Just a thought re WhaleOil’s full title.

    “WhaleOil Beef Hooked”. Say it very fast and you automatically take on an Irish accent, which sums it up nicely 🙂

    • Yes Mary_A:

      I was just about to say the same about the marking down trolls.
      Good to see the slugman has lost it now, and is scared enough to send minions to the TDB website to vote down posts.

      Hey slugman, you are already over rover, and seriously, have you got nothing better to do all day than to make up new monikers for the TDB site – just so you can vote commonsense and right-thinking posts down.

      I suggest you get yourself off to the doctor – some medication may be in order.


    • lols Mary A.

      They really are a dumb lot with nothing better to do that sit on their ar–s hitting the thumbs down.

    • Aye Begorrah!!,.. Saints preserve!! …you be right – to be sure , MARY !!!!

      Though , I wouldina be speakin that way in front of the Vicars wife if I were you…..

  11. My 2 brothers died in 2011. I have informed the electoral office everytime I have received correspondence from them for my brothers. I have just received their voting papers in the mail.

    • Wow Kati.
      How awful for you.

      And I wonder how many people rort the mistakes of the electoral office rather than correcting the errors.

  12. Somebody (who could it be?!) is very negative about anything that might indicate Slater is coming undone.

    Rating: +20 (from 64 votes)

    Either that or there is a sudden influx of Slater fans on this left wing, positively unSlaterous blog.

  13. I’m on the WO site quite a bit, and am happy to post there.
    I’m also happy to post here, under the same Pseudonym.
    The reality is I’m probably going to vote National.
    Just wanted to point out that I came here of my own free will.
    Advertisers also have their own free will and this should be respected.
    Martyn, I am sure you have the power to correct any electoral anomoles.
    I want to see facts, from either side.
    I want truth. My message to anyone is ‘do not mislead me’.
    If all I see are subjective arguments then fine, however it will not be enough to sway my vote – my local MP decisions are still undecided.
    You have a valid political pitch? so, sell it to me.

    • Blimey NotGandalf.

      What a load of patronisation that was!

      Your words sound like a gNat supporter. Empty and fork-tongued. I reckon you have been living in the land with slugman too long.

      Go on, why not give the Greens or Labour a vote. Theres no more money left for you nats to squander away now – so you may as well all just bugger off – try another country – one that FJK hasn’t financially wasted yet.

      FJK will and can be done for Treason, and therefore, anyone who votes for gNats this year, are deliberately voting their approval of corruption.

      If I were you, I’d be keeping a very low profile as a gNat – especially with what I saw from Anonymous today, before it was removed form the internet. You and your matey gNat supporters should be feeling a bit of a tremble about now!

      gNats be gone!
      FJK be gone!!!


    • If I ever needed proof of the lower intelligence of right-wingers conclusion of recent research, this is surely it…
      “The reality is I’m probably going to vote National”. – “I want truth. My message to anyone is ‘do not mislead me”.
      Seriously ?
      ROFLMFAO !!!

    • My message to NotGandalf, is not to be surprised when most commenters on this decidedly NotRightWing blog, post subjective statements amongst the objective ones. This is a blog, and golly gosh, opinions are permitted.
      For the facts you crave, I recommend buying the e-book version of “Dirty Politics” from (approx US$21) and reading it cover to cover, using the free Kindle reader apps available for download.
      Then you might understand why so many on the “left” are outraged at what has been going on in the ranks of the National Party and its flunkies for over 7 years, to subvert democracy and smear people via toxic attack blogs: with victims on the left, and also “enemies” of Slater et al within National itself. Then, the only honest conclusion you can come to, is that National voters need to vote strategically for ANY OTHER PARTY BUT NATIONAL, (preferably Labour, in penitence for the harm done to them by your PM’s pals Ede and Slater) to ensure that National spends at least one term on the opposition benches during which time Key and all the other rotten eggs can be thrown out. Then and only then will a rejuvenated National will be worthy of your vote again. Remember NotGandalf, that a vote for National this election is a vote for Judith Collins, as she is still #6 on national’s list. Also, ask yourself why the mainstream media seems to be ignoring this unwelcome fact? Hager knows the answer.

    • Well perhaps you could explain to us why you will still vote National, despite their record debt, inaction on child poverty, inaction on climate change, inaction on dirty rivers, superfluous road building and legislation to reduce the rights of workers. If you can give decent answers to all of these without denying their existence then you deserve credit.

  14. What is horrifying to me, is that listening to ZB today Slater is still on their political panel giving general politic comment. What the hell is wrong with this country…

    • Subscribe to anonymous, and you will see the revolution that is happening right now – all around the world – become a part of it.

    • Even more horrifying is that no-one seems to have noticed that Judith Collins is still an MP, still being paid by the taxpayer, and is still at #6 on National’s party list, so if enough sheeple vote for National she will be back in parliament with only a slight drop in pay for her temporarily suspended cabinet ministerial duties.

      I am terrified that people will not wake up to this unwelcome fact in time, and the MSM aren’t making any fuss about it – why is there not daily outrage in the media over this travesty?

  15. As I see it we have slater who …… ” pokes fun at dead children, engages in character assassination for cash, contacts prostitutes seeking information in order to blackmail or attack journalists, and colludes with ministers and prime-ministerial staffers to smear political opponents and innocent bystanders alike.”

    And then we have Martyn Bradbury …… who has a clerical error on the electoral role.

    Slater is obviously the victim ……… of his own twisted mind .

  16. Pity the poor vote issuing officer that has to deal with that clod. Q: “Do you have your Easy Vote Card with you?” Slater’s answer: Which one do you want?” If he came to my desk I would insist on him filling in a declaration that he hadn’t previously voted (as we are entitled to do if we suspect multiple voting). He would probably refuse as he would be caught out. I know for a fact that occasionally there are multiple entries on the electoral roll for a number of reasons. They are nearly always sorted out for the final Master Roll on election night. They also now have a new scanning system that can cross reference names. But it does throw up a question to those who support the use of electronic voting. If mistakes like these can happen in today’s system, are we ready to go further and have online voting?

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