BLOGWATCH: Why is Whaleoil deleting blogs?



The vastly superior brains trust of the Reddit Community have done an analysis of the posts that Slater has deleted since August 18th and interestingly it all seems to be Cathy Odgers blogs.

Perhaps after being outed as someone attempting to get Chinese organised crime to assassinate Nicky Hager hasn’t helped poor Cathy’s job prospects?


Meanwhile, Jason Ede is still missing. Where is the PMs Press Secretary and why isn’t he fronting? What happens if the Ede/Slater emails get released, will he front then?


As for Cathy, it will take more than deleting all her blogs on Whaleoil to save her reputation now.


  1. Good work Einstein. Keep these filty hua including Cathy on her toes…. I sense victory of slaying the dragons. No room for prejudicing and discriminating left wing opponents to allow for people suppression hence the high impovished lifestyle of the working class. National ate an absolute disgrace and what’s even more disgusting are those that support them. Kick them out of NZ NOW !

  2. Cameron Slater deletes blogs and posts because he is insecure. He cant handle the heat unless its the warmth of the spotlight when people he considers important are stroking his ego. He has no life of his own, he gains succor from the misery of others and the self appointed power he wields to drag people through the mud and gravel wounding and destroying, whether they deserve it or not because his role is a paid one – a pencil assassin available to the highest bidder and filth attracts filth, dishonesty attracts dishonesty, deception attracts deception. Slater we all know what you are now, in your current state you have no worth to humanity, you are the bilge water of our communities, the sludge at the bottom of the tank stinking of rot and decay. Your days are over. Slater deletes blogs and criticism because he has no back bone, a filthy mouth for hire, with no yen to address real issues that require courage and fortitude, not a comfy office chair and an anonymous IPS addy from which to disperse his vitriolic acid which are his only dubious attributes for sale. His days have ended, he should go get a real job.

  3. Why havnt they been charged with conspiracy to cause gbh??,threats and intimidation are enough to remove firearms at the very least,combined with the apparent public releases by family members regarding his mental state and depression?? Just saying.All computers should be checked for evidence and “deep net” Russell Malcolms were for lesser offence allegedly.!
    Theyre not busy charging John Banks for filing a false statement are they? Judge obviously figured there was enough evidence,so the evidence John gave in his statement cant have been the truth logically,or police have better things to do?? Like explain mr oconnors involvelement ? Shouldn’t all associated peoples work/computers be checked after the threats and corrupt activity and foreign connections??gcsb seems to be not worried about foreign intelligence services working us over here?/ ohhh..I wonder..are the gcsb and Israel secret service or other foreign secret services actually running things??because the prime minister himself hasn’t explained it. Maybe its not a leftist plot,maybe its a foreign takeover?
    Lets face it…keys had j banks,and judith telling him lies for years and he says he didn’t know what was going on….??if that’s true,hes incompetent. If not,hes part of a criminal conspiracy.But hes safe enough,appears to be above any investigation,the public still thinks he donates to charity,and forgets he ignored democratic referendum on asset sales.And bogged us with massive debt,removed rafts of human right ,and never accepted responsibility for any one thing ever.
    If that’s your justice system nz? you can keep it!.
    I certainly wouldn’t waste my time reporting my daughters rape,or a corrupt politician or local body backhander,dodgy tax deal,or anything like that. Its obviously pointless. No one cares about education and justice in the system anymore. ..the proofs in the pudding.

  4. IMHO it would seem that Odgers and/or Slater have seen the storm clouds of legal retribution approaching, and are attempting to have her opinions cauterized from the festering sore. To whose ultimate benefit I’m not sure, because there are archives of this stuff out there. Duh.

  5. The U.S. website “Naked Capitalism” has shown this goes deeper than just blogging. For example, they link the Bridgecorp and Lombard finance company collapses with the Hanover one that is in the open, and further implications. I looked at the NZ Herald article by “Cactus Kate” (Cathy Odgers) and the comments kept asking: “but what actually happened to the $5 billion?” No one answers.

    This article links this to the Mexican and drug cartels, and a big Russian tax fraud:

    And this one notes that Cactus Kate has incorporated over a hundred companies (GCSL Group), through the Gannaway Mercer accounting firm in Auckland, as part of the Maharal network of money-laundering companies. She was lawyer in Hong Kong for the GCSL company that pulled off what’s been called Australia’s biggest pension scam (Trio / Astarra).

    I guess they have been successful so far, as the government recently passed the Financial Conduct Act of 2014, removing liabilities for company directors. And John Key has stated he wants NZ to be an offshore financial haven. What kind?

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