Another half billion borrowed each year for tax cuts???


After the $10billion National have borrowed over the last 6 years for tax cuts to the rich…


…National are now promising another half-billion borrowed each year for even more tax cuts!

While 250 000 children live in poverty and our social infrastructure is privatised and sold off to corporate interests alongside our publicly owned assets, to avoid further scrutiny of Dirty Politics, the Government are promising a half billion per year bribe. Let’s not pretend Tax Cuts were even on the agenda until National needed a distraction  from the corrupt allegations made in Hager’s book.

The true audacity is that the Right will try and claim the Left bribe the electorate with public health, education and social services,  the truth is the real bribes are all coming this election from National this election.

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  1. It is funny how National describe promises to spend money on things that are actually necessary as bribes but don’t think of promises to spend money on unnecessary things also as bribes. I would much rather be bribed with money for health, education and social services because we actually need money spent on these services. They are essential, not optional. Tax cuts for the rich are not essential, they are optional – unless of course you are down to your last million and things are getting a bit tight.

  2. Small tax cuts?

    Do the NatZ call that fiscally responsible?

    Who’s talking real crucial important policies now?

    They change their policies like they were chameleons.

    Cannot trust them.

    Anything to grab power now, so opposition should use same tack?

    Save our Napier Gisborne rail?

    No No No it is to expensive, while using all the trucks to haul freight causes massive road damage and eight times the fuel use it will give us more jobs they will stupidly argue, as they will with money spent on a tax bribe.

    On climate change policy, they say, oh that will cost us to much????

    Consider this you dumb arsed NatZ; show us the money to avoid climate change policy?

    Opposition should go after NatZ on this in the last days leading up to the elections.

    Surely they should at least be talking about the Government’s lack of any policy for climate change.

    NatZ Climate change Minister Tim Grosser was shamed at this debate last week, and never covered in the press.

    Opposition should go after NatZ on this in the last days leading up to the elections.

    Every where else it is the biggest policy decision being made in the world.

    Within these following headlines and still there’s no MSM comments about lack of a NatZ policy press are doing us a huge disservice that will come home to roost in the end.

    Lack of a Climate Change policy is NatZ weakest policy along with credibility, that lacks critical glare of the press.

    PD Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor has done nothing to focus on Climate change however.

    12:20 June 10, 2010 Pacific Press Releases Gluckman: Integrity in Science – Climate Debate Speech – Prime Ministers Science Advisory Committee. “If we overestimate, then in 2050 we might find that we have overinvested in climate change mitigation, but most of those mitigation strategies, such as sustainable energy generation, will help to meet our other challenges. The equation is not equal.”

    Importantly this refusal to make a meaningful stand from National coincides with a climate Change debate taking place this week in the pacific Islands.

    July 2014 climate debate

    United Nations predicts climate hell in 2050 with imagined weather forecasts

    ‘Reports from the future’ warn of floods, storms and searing heat in campaign for climate change summit

  3. The more FJK borrows in the name of NZ, the more profit he personally makes form the interest payments.


    FJK is a Traitor!!!

    Do him for Treason!!! When is this going to happen!!

    Opinion and belief.

  4. The God given truth is that National are absolutely useless at managing the economy but are par excellence when it comes to running a propaganda machine that says they are.

    The tax cut proposal is beyond irresponsible, we can’t afford it and everything else, and yet it identifies what motivates them more than anything, staying in power at any cost. The last tax cuts came with rises in ACC, GST, fuel excise and a host of SOE dividend demands even as Solid Energy was going bust and it was the poor buggers from the middle down who had to carry that tax cut can .

    National aren’t Neo Liberal or Neo Classical, Liberal or Classical. They are some bastardised weird hybrid of socialism, communism, free market right wing occasionally and sheer stupidity. They want to spend up on expanding the free doctors visits, motorways, subsidising fishermen, motorways, propping up failed finance companies and more motorways, then cut taxes. It defies gravity much less logic.

    They want to spy on their population, be tough on law and order but then cut justice and police budgets and obfuscate when it comes to dealing with their own indiscretions. And on top of all of this they want to privatise when it suits someones agenda and share holdings and water down the RMA to destroy the environment when it makes a buck.

    National stand for nothing, have achieved nothing and yet their partisan business community think they are marvelous. Go figure.

    • the ‘socialism’ part of Nactional isnt real socialism …it is just a PR lollipop to get dummies to vote for them….

      Never take lollipops from the Nactional men and women in raincoats! ( or their OILY PR people eg Slater)

  5. Martyn, the framing of your argument is lacking context. The govt. has to spend first before it can tax and borrow.As the govt. is the monopoly issuer of our currency.No one else can issue our currency. There is no solvency issue with govt.debt instruments.They are the safest form debt that can be held by the non government sector. The govt.can pay all its liabilities in a timely manner.When people can get their head around the reality of how govt. spends and taxes.the better one can frame truly progressive policies.The taxes you pay do not go anywhere.What the tax system is designed to do is transfer real goods and services from the private sector to the public sector,so the govt.can carry out its spending programme in a non inflationary environment. Taxation gives value to our fiat currency,as it is what we need to obtain to cancel our tax obligation to the govt. So the not like a household.The not revenue constrained like a household is,although the real constraint on govt. spending is when we have full employment which I would put at 2% unemployment! One of the reasons our economy has basically stagnated over the last 40 odd years since neo liberalism was introduced into that perennially faux progressive party Labour.So taxation needs in my humble opinion to be overhauled, and we should start the discussion by defining what we want our tax system to achieve.If it is about equity there we should start looking at taxing what makes us poorer.I.E. taxing the things that degrade our environment like the use of carbon.Taxing unearned income,like capital gains etc.Taxing all sorts of speculations that devalue the currency.Riding our selves of G.S.T.In other words tax that will distribute wealth more equally to start with.Get rid of student debt as this along with all other private debt is what enslaves us , and will led us into servitude,not govt.debt per se.The presence being run like a criminal enterprise along the lines of Merrill Lynch.However, this govt.can offer tax cuts because unemployment this always the evidence of over taxation.The parties of the “left” are just as clueless and are promoters of austerity! Their ecomonic programs will fail,because they fail to understand basic marcoecomonic concepts. No party is offering a vision of a future because they have no historical memory of what can work, as opposed to clinging on to failure.and rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.The iceberg in this case is Private debt!

  6. The elephant in the economic room is the role of banks in fostering housing debt. Until this is addressed even quite healthy tax policies will not improve the economy. Savage took the banks out of the equation and NZ prospered.

    This tax cut is a stupid joke – even Bill English didn’t support it. It’s an election bribe pure and simple and good news actually. It means the Gnats don’t believe the dodgy polls fuelling the media attack stories.

  7. Grasshoppas .

    MISTERY may have the ultimate financial acid which finally melts Keys Teflon suit .The secret and systematic manipulation of Govt for his own ,personal, financial gain .Does Keys have shares in the banks which have lent us the money ? Nice ….

    Have Nationals social and economic policies been specifically designed to increased the personal fortunes of Keys, his cabinet ,and his offshore connections ? Real evidence must be acquired , and more research needs to be done , but it sure smells like a story to me.

    Not content with company and corporate take overs any more , business trained politico’s are thinking a whole new level : to take over entire Governments . (eg: TPP !) Its secret , relatively easy , the profits are huge , you can even protect profits by passing legislation and stop legislation you don’t like to maintain profits. Fuck the environment ,lets just keep the profits rolling .Brilliant .

    A Trojan Horse invasion of corporate sleaze which guarantees the privatisation of gain and the socialisation of loss .Dreaming ? The recently formed Australian Corruption Commission has received the resignation or prosecution of around 9 Tony Abbott ministers in the last 6 months.Its a whole new bred of corporate raiders .We are just catching up .

    NZ has a totally over-inflated Auckland housing market , with record offshore bank profits from it ,record Govt offshore borrowing from overseas banks ,the selling of most state assets at under valued prices and rubber stamped sales of farm land to large overseas property investment funds.

    So what does Johnny Jews personal 50 -100 million investment portfolio look like and whats making money for him ? Has he personally profited from controlling Govt fiscal policies and how much profit will John extract from NZ before he retires to Hawaii ?

    Hes a top world banker with mates at the highest level in world finance.I simply don’t believe he loves NZ , he simply loves himself .

    Firstly,We need a forensic accountant to troll through his personal investments ,trusts ,double blind trusts, tax havens , false companies , the lot , and follow the trail of digital bread crumbs back through the forest of greed .It will be complex work .

    Secondly ,( in relation to existing abuses of power ), we need to follow the Australian example and establish a permanent National NZ Corruption Commission to root out this sort of systemic corruption and take measures for future protection .

    I will never accept that NZ exists solely to enhance the lives of a very small super wealthy elite at the expense of the other 99% of the population .In opposition to this greed and in the extention of genuine public interest ,please , will some “Son of a Whale Dump” cyberhero ride off into the cloud and bring us back John Keys personal financial portfolio details ASAP.

  8. I see the unaffordable tax cut bribe will be 2017, just in time for the next election if this sea of corruption gets another 3 years. I’m sure John Armstrong et al will swoon and think this a master stroke and yet another sign of Keys messiah like leadership.

    Key has honed his policies to appeal to pure greed at the expense of the greater good….yet again to cling to power!

    The trouble is whoever gets in this time around will be haunted by Nationals ineptitude whilst managing the economy over the past 6 years and the parlous state of Aucklands property market that may well emulate the Hindenburg.

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