Dear Patrick Gower, Matt Nippert & David Fisher



Hey guys, just a quick word.

If you aren’t going to publish the Ede/Slater emails, someone else will.



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  1. Thank God for that! I was worried that those emails might be left in that hands of the Corporate Media and even if those guys did their job, their editors would have the final say.

    • Hmm, is this in the public interest…? What will my boss think – what does our readership want? Should I even bother trying to write somethng… oooh, look, Nat$i press release, lets run with that!

      No need for censorship, their little mouse career-mazes are telling them exactly what they need to do.

  2. I have next to no hope regarding Gower and every concern that the MSM will give the Nats the heads up and get a full programme rundown.

    That and they’ll hold off to see if the High Court ban publication.

    Times running out!

  3. The hacker Rawshark ( or Whaledump) states in his tweets that all Cam Slater’s hacked emails were passed onto the media before he was closed down. If these emails provide evidence that Jason Ede (John Key’s “Black Opps” maestro) was supplying SIS or GCSB sourced information to others for political purposes, as has been suggested, the Media have a obvious responsibility to release this evidence proir to the election.

    Alternatively they have a responsibility to state clearly that the hacked emails provide no evidence of this type of illegal activity.

    Failure of the media to carry out their democratic function, as outlined above, will make them a party to political corruption.

  4. Really disappointed that nothing has been published so far.

    Perhaps the story is so big that it’s taking a while to write.

    Perhaps timing is important at the right time is not today.

    Or, perhaps there’s nothing in the emails at all.

    • Weepus Beard, you can be sure there is something in them, Slater would not have bothered to seek an injunction if there was nothing to hide.

      I guess the MSM are holding back because ‘at the end of the day’ they are the mouth piece for the Nats – they will look after those who pull their strings.

  5. Hey Weepus

    “Or, perhaps there’s nothing in the emails at all.”

    If that was the case why put them subject to a gag?

    100% to Martyn, he in inducted to our partisan army for democracy as our Co Leader with Nicky.

    • Z & Martyn, Can you add a simple question to the investigation,

      What was Key doing at a secretive Bilderberg black op’s group meeting of Global elite plotters in 2011 stated John Key 2011/12 as Prime Minister on new Zealand.

      Did this slip his mind also? He sure didn’t tell the nation that he was at a highly secretive Bilderberg meeting of Global power brokers that undermine governments to take advantage of them & founded by the NAZI Party in 1943?

      This is serious shit.

      What are we in for now?

      List of Bilderberg participants 4
      New Zealand
      • John Key (2011-2012), Prime Minister of New Zealand

      No Bilderberg meeting agenda has ever been made public. “It is the epitome of low-profile dark ops, a shadow government hidden in a doorway.” According to critics and close observers, it’s agenda is to weaken all world leadership but their own. It is also, according to a U.S. law called the Logan Act, [15] illegal:

      • @CleanGreen:

        WOW! I just checked that out. So is FJK the only NZ PM to be an ‘attendee’, or are there others in previous years.

        And, would this mean that FJK is really only ‘care-taker’ of NZ letting his flunkies do the ministerial work, while he oversees everything for the shadow-ops team of the Bilderberg?

        “List of Bilderberg participants
        New Zealand

        John Key
        Prime Minister of New Zealand”.


  6. Be good if one of the ‘Not Nats’ political parties released them.
    FJK will know exactly whats in them, as will the GG.

    So where are they?

    And why is the slugman trying to stop them being published if he has nothing to hide?

  7. Has anyone ever asked Colin Craig what he thinks of the stench of aligning himself with National, John Key, Jason Ede, Cameron Slater, Cactus Kate, Judas Collins and the other sorry crew of neo-liberalites?

    A good Christian man with morals would be horrified by the reek and stench of corruption emanating from the ‘dirty politics’ saga that hover over Key and the cabal.

    So, it’s disturbing to see that Colin Craig has said that referenda will cost ‘too much to administer’ to make his bottom line more appealing to National.

    So, a quid pro quo softening, now that the PM has moved him from inhabiting the Twilight “Whacky” Zone and the Peter Perfect of the Way out Whacky Races. According to the PM, Colin is now the new, less antagonistic Kingmaker and more ‘tolerable’ and less unpredictable than Winnie.

    Let’s hope Craig is less tolerable to the older voters wishing to get rid of a right-wing scourge on democracy, knowing that National want to tinker (politico-speak for annul). the Gold SuperCard.

    Isn’t it funny when bottom lines are altered when the baubles of office are dangled before the Kingmaker and Kingmaker elect’s noses.

  8. Come on Paddy, Matt & David,
    Bombers right – we’re not playing tiddlywinks here – the future of our democracy is at stake here and history will not be kind to its guardians whom let it be diminished for the sake of the power of the Key Party.
    It’s not your information in fact – it’s ours – the publics right to know the darkness of its govenors – you are morally obliged to publish.

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