But John Armstrong – you were calling for Cunliffe to resign over a $100 000 bottle of wine that never existed


Armstrong’s spite driven column attacking Cunliffe today needs to be read set against the hatred Armstrong has already spun against Cunliffe.

Remember when Armstrong tried to claim that Cunliffe had to resign over an 11 year old letter because there were false allegations of $100 000 wine, $15 000 book and $150 000 donations that never existed?



To date Armstrong has not called for Key to resign over allegations of bribing an MP to resign, Labour Party computer being hacked, brothels trawled, SFO hit jobs, SIS information handed to Slater and rigging candidate selections.

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The mind numbing bias of the corporate mainstream media is back to their love affair with Key, despite everything revealed in Dirty Politics.

The mainstream media of NZ is the reason we can’t have nice things, like corrupt free democracy.








    • “Who’s lining Armstrong’s pockets”

      Can we ask Martyn if he can pass these two emails I posted to a Investigative Journalist for investigation please?

      JK has apparently been to Bilderberg, as is seen here in the list of attendance.

      Opposition should be asking why he in 2011 attended as Prime Minister of New Zealand it was recorded.

      Yet JK failed, as did the MSM, to tell his country that he was friendly with a NAZI founded (1943) organisation among the most powerful dark op’s clandestine and secretive group of global elite in the world.


      That’s probably a good guess as to who is lining all of JK propagandists for their own agenda to take over this country.

      That is why the MSM is totally corrupted and has no moral fibre as part of a plan to subvert this country by any means possible, and this is what an honest public media would be investigating.

      Can we ask Martyn if he can pass these two emails I posted to a Investigative Journalist for investigation please?

      • John Key is NOT a Kiwi…John Key is a Cuckoo!

        …We dont want him in our NZ nest!

        …He is out to steal our nest eggs!

      • So…..Keys a Bilderberger affiliate , eh?…..well…now we can start to see a new light on things…problem is most people dont even know/care what the Bilderberg society is …

        Certainly explains alot about the ‘globalistic ‘ nature of the guy.

        No wonder we have such corruption in our govt.

    • The MSM is not the problem. It is the entire world wide system of …Govern-Ment and those who own it get a twitch in their pants every time someone votes. So really, it is the voter who is to blame. As much as the voter likes to reassure themselves that they are taking the chance to affect change/get johnny out and that the non-voter is responsible for John Key it is not the non-voter perpetuating/giving sanction to Govern-Ment. Do you think govern-ment would just allow us to stop using the system? Or would there be a touch of violent initiatory force to pull us back in to line? If you are true to yourself, the latter would be your answer and therein lies another answer. Enjoy!

  1. I am truly more disturbed by the current state of our fourth estate than I am about the antics of self serving politicians.

    We are witnessing the failure of one of the corner posts of a free society.

    New Zealand’s print and television news services are within a razor’s edge of being the propaganda arm of a political party without any pretence otherwise.

  2. Hi Martyn,
    The MSM is corrupted, we know this.

    They are all driven by self interest not public good.

    They fail to stand up for the centre of the political devide but are just skewing the electorate opinion by this unrelenting bias of one political side over the other.

    If National had not been allowed to close down our only true free TV network Ch 7 thee truth of all corruption would have been examined by professional Journalists but they apparently cost to much we are told.

    Now we are in this shallow tabloid cardboard MSM age, we are now being indoctrinated with their popular perception shown in their own manipulated election polls for their own gratification.

    Without an unbiased public media we will always be swayed by their own agendas as they con us all for their own ends.

    CONSIDER; not only is Political Journalism manipulated,

    NZ Political polls are also manipulated.

    There may be a corruption case to answer, and a police investigation
    should be ordered by the electoral commission or opposition.

    Here are some facts.

    A simple search last night of “Polls can be manipulated” – Google -found about 1,400,000 results.

    Below leaves us all now with the knowledge of what in New Zealand is actually going on, it is more corruption of our MSM conducting manipulated polling results, and opposition now must call this as it is, corruption of the MSM and manipulation of all polls.

    We were contacted Friday 22nd of August at 4pm by Herald Digipoll by a lady who first said we are conducting a poll and could we participate?

    We said yes, then she said my supervisor is listening in, is that o/k?

    I hesitated but agreed and she went through a ten minute questioning, and then abruptly said we don’t need your input thanks, and hung up!

    This left us so disturbed we searched the web and found all 1.4 million cases of poll manipulations globally on Goggle, which include what is called “selective polling”

    We believe we were a victim of a Herald Digipoll selective polling strategy.

    NZ pols are corrupted, is this a crime?

    This is just one case of the 1.4 million sites on Goggle in India which may show what is happening here in NZ.

    quote; http://www.ummid.com/news/2014/February/26.02.2014/opinion-poll-companies-exposed.html


    New Delhi: Public opinion gathered by leading opinion poll agencies is often tweaked to give misleading results, Operation Prime Minister, a sting operation by a private news network, News Express, has revealed Tuesday. Well-known faces from leading opinion poll agencies have been caught on hidden camera agreeing to such malpractices.

    Operation Prime Minister shows how opinion polls are conducted and manipulated at the instance of political parties, their results traded to show a particular party in a favourable position, for a price. Presenting snippets from the sting operation at a press conference, Editor-in-chief of News Express, Vinod Kapri said, “Our motivation behind conducting the sting operation was a letter written by the Election Commission of India to all regional and national parties inviting their views on the publication of opinion polls.

    We wanted to investigate the concerns of the Commission.” In its letter dated 4 Oct, 2013, the Election Commission had said, “The Commission has been suggesting to the government that there should be a similar prohibition or restriction on opinion polls also as there could be several manipulated opinion polls which could impact the voting pattern.”

    Another motivation behind the sting operation was the mushrooming of opinion polls. “There used to be one or two opinion polls every election. But now, one sees an opinion poll almost every week. Which leads us to the question- how is the data generated so quickly and processed,” said Kapri.

    “Operation Prime Minister has exposed eleven opinion poll agencies, whose surveys are published in leading newspapers and magazines besides being broadcast by leading news channels”, it was claimed in the sting opertaion.

    It demonstrates how the 810 million voters of our country are duped into believing trends or waves that are manipulated. – See more at:

    “Opinion polls seem to have become the latest weapon in the poll campaign.

    For a price, the prediction of seats tally can be changed to suit the interests of political parties.

    The agencies have no qualms accepting even black money for this purpose”,

    News Express claimed. The influence of opinion poll agencies goes beyond mere opinion polls. In some cases, the poll agencies have claimed they can even prop up dummy candidates in the constituencies where the rival candidate is on a strong wicket.

    It has also been claimed that some leading editors are hand in glove with these poll agencies.

    This is just a few of the 1.4 million sites on Goggle. – See more at:










  3. Martyn, Can we have down the side column another Blog Poll of examples of NZ’s worse journalism and journalists.

    I do think that we the pressure on our MSN to conform, John Campbell stands out like a shining light! How long I wonder will they let his show survive? Not Nat will appear on it and now senior civil servants wont!
    That really shows up this government!

    I hope we sweep this bunch out but we will all have to be ready for the dirty tricks and attacks that we will face when we do!

    • Campbell is no better than the rest. Remember his disgraceful ‘corn-gate’ interview with Helen Clark? His psycophantic interview of Len Brown? Or his mawling by John Key over the GCSB?

      • I thought Hosking’s TV1 as moderator last night minor party debate was so bad as well.

        He kept chipping in before anyone while stating their policy, and MSM wants them to talk policy? shocking display.

        Where is good moderation of debates gone?

        If I wasn’t such a keen observer of where politics is today I would have turned the scrappy show off as a disgusting behaviour.

        Maybe they want to turn voters off, it certainly seems so.

      • Intrinsicvalue is an example of what can go wrong with politics, stuck in a left v right mindset all he knows to do is to destroy the left. Here he posts something that most readers of this site would consider to be absurd in the hope that undecided voters might see it and feel a bit unsure about what they just read in the article above.

        He think’s he’s been quite clever to include a situation where Campbell gave Helen Clarke a hard time but he doesn’t understand that John Campbell uses his judgement on a case by case basis and will investigate anyone who is not serving the public interest.

        My hope is that there are more people out there who will operate on a case by case basis and less that will blindly follow their team, be they left or right.

        • Yes, the right always go back to the old US political adage “if you’re not for us, you’re agin’ us”. They can’t ever admit that they are or have been wrong about anything.

      • Campbell can be whatever he wants to be because he works for a private TV station, not a taxpayer funded station.

  4. I suspect the MSM wants to run with the hare and hunt with the hound. It’s seen the polls showing only minor fall in support of JK and have decided they still want to back who they see as the winner.

    • except that the polls are wrong!…I am looking forward to a media shakeup!

      … after Labour/Green /NZF/ManaINt win this Election!

  5. This weekend there have been three hit jobs on David Cunliffe and Labour, all through the NZH.

    John Armstrong calling Labour the living dead yesterday. Then today Kerre McIvor’s article, stating time is running out for Cunliffe, concentrating on The Press leaders’ debate. That is followed by Paddy Gower’s smear piece.

    Bill English’s gaff on The Nation yesterday, unable to respond to a question put to him by Lisa Owen, has disappeared. Out of sight, out of mind! No attention focused on that one at all! Yet David Cunliffe is all but hung, drawn and quartered by msm, for failing to answer a question from FJK during a debate this week!

    Where’s the fairness and objectivity, which is supposed to be part of media’s job? None whatsoever.

    Seems msm is back to using dirt sucker WhaleOil to supply and influence its news!

    Kiwis deserve much better than this!

    • people should start to cancel their subscriptions to the Herald and tell them why!

      …i scarcely open my newspaper these days

      ….the blogs are way more interesting for real news!

    • A university study of the last election showed a 75% positive bias to National and JK by The Dom, Herald and two of the popular Sunday editions.
      No surprise there. The problem for me is that few people are aware of it, and those who are are obligingly happy to be led by their snouts by an increasingly fascist gummint, who sees nothing immoral in using state resources to stay in power. Let’s not forget that these are individual people who make this happen – not some faceless apparatus. JK cannot keep ducking or stepping back forever.

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