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Despite Twitter trying to close down Rawshark/Whaledump2, the hactivist  has released emails between far right loony blogger, Cameron Slater – and lawyer, “Taxpayers Union” organisor, National Party apparatchik, and one of Slater’s cabal – Jordan Williams.

The first email, dated 24 January 2012, shows Williams approaching Slater and making enquiries about his fees;


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A thousand a week?!

$20,000 every three months?!

Dayum, cousin Jethro, whodathunk propaganda work could be so lucrative!?

Slater also writes that “some pay with advertising, some with product“.

Does that include Katherine Rich from the Food and Grocery Council paying Slater with as much sugar as he can eat?! As Rich is very much an advocate for maximising profit from unhealthy, sugary foods,

Food and Grocery Council chief executive Katherine Rich rejects outright the call for a tax on sugar. She says it has been tried overseas in different forms and failed to do more than collect more money from citizens for Governments.

“In the last couple of years some have advocated for sugar taxes while others have called for fat taxes. Add them together and all you get is more expensive food at the supermarket.”

She says tobacco taxes had cut rates of smoking because they were so high.

“Imagine what tobacco-style taxes would do to the price of food. Sugar taxes would seriously adversely affect those on low incomes and hit a lot of popular supermarket items such as jam and honey. Last year the University of Otago put jam and honey on a “Need not” list and received a lot of negative comments from the general public.”

Equally Rich does not favour regulations imposing labelling rules on the food industry. The council has been involved with a new transtasman labelling scheme, which featured a star system. “We’re sure it’s on the right track.”

On The Jackal’s blog, the blogger reports on a previous dump of emails, showing Katherine Rich’s relationship with Whaleoil associate, Carrick Graham. Theirs was  an orchestrated hate-campaign to undermine critics of the  alcohol, tobacco, bad food, and sugary soft drink industries.

As a Radio NZ report stated,

Newly released hacked emails appear to show that Ms Rich was in contact with WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater and public relations executive Carrick Graham who were attacking public health advocates and critics of food companies.

Little wonder that Green MP, Kevin Hague has called for Rich to resign from the government Health Promotion Agency;

“Katherine Rich, Carrick Graham and Cameron Slater have all been involved in a systematic undermining of health promotion in New Zealand. She cannot tenably remain on the board of that organisation.”

Back to the emails. Even Jordan Williams  remarked on the amount that Slater claimed to be raking in from his “clients”;


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– though as the response from Slater immediatly following showed, Williams appears none-to-bright when it comes to sending a reply to the correct recipient! *Doh!*

Never mind, Jordan,  a self-deprecating *bugger* covers such stuff -ups;


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Now note Slater’s response below, where he refers to Mark Hotchin;


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This is obviously a sly reference to one of Slater’s clients – Mark Hotchins – which was referenced in previous Whaledump releases and covered by the msm at length;


Whale Oil quiet on Hotchin allegations


Note Patrick Gower’s statement-question;

The key question now is whether the campaign was funded by Mr Hotchin to help him escape charges.

I think that question has been answered – at least in-part.
In other words, when rich white men demand ‘utu’ and want some dirty work done – there are those even in our own quiet, little, ‘corruption free’ country, willing to get their hands dirty.

Reading the email exchange between Williams and Slater, another thought crossed my mind – I hope Slater has declared all his income to the IRD? Even payment “in kind” can be liable to be taxed.

If the IRD decide to sniff around, not all the Key’s Men and Horses will be able to save the Whale from being harpooned for (possible) tax evasion.




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  1. Surely the Taxpayers Union must have a view as to how much tax is going into the coffers from the fortune in cash and kind the slug is getting?

  2. More slime:
    I discovered yesterday the usual suspects had been picking on school teachers and decent principals fer crissakes whose only crime was to maintain principled action against national standards. Tolley’s office was all over it. Disgusting. I hope teachers spread this around.

    The sack of manure and left over scabs sphincters assembled in some grotesque mockery of human form–Slater–cannot be allowed to get away with his planned travesty of media gagging on top of all he has done to this country already.

    I said weeks ago that all roads lead to his ultimate enabler, the Prime Minister. The Nats and corporates and state apparatus are desperate to somehow keep slippery John out of it for another two weeks. All reasonable kiwis must not let them.

  3. I want to hear what Stephen Franks has to say about his company’s involvement in arranging smear campaigns for money.

    Has he made any statements about this?

    • Stephen Franks was on “The Panel” one day and some correspondence (e-mail/txt) was read out by Jim Mora which said something like “Stephen Franks always talks sense”. It now makes me wonder if that was real correspondence from an ordinary person or just one of the right-wing cabal talking up someone they want to have more air time.

      I remember it because people tend to e-mail in about issues rather than about people.

    • I am also wondering what the Law Society has to say about their members behaviour – we have Collins, Odgers, Williams, Franks and Ogilvie apparently acting in very dodgy circumstances.
      Goodness me, I always thought that if I ever had to get a lawyer to act on my behalf, it would be someone of good standing and moral behaviour.
      Is this what the rest of the Law Profession are like?
      This is shocking behaviour – it needs to be cleaned out quick.

  4. Is this the sensation news that we all waited for from yesterday.
    Just more of the same.
    Look at the polls this whale dump character must want a national rule on its own victory.

    • No, these are the Slater/Williams emails. It’s the Slater/Ede emails which will hold the most potential for damage, because that takes it right inside the 9th floor, and National can’t wash off grease that thick with their usual excuses.

      Also, the fact that it’s “more of the same” should be of concern to any principled Kiwi. There has already been far too much.

    • So Jim, corruption is fine by you?

      Will you be so dismissive if a left wing party is caught out in a similar vein?

      Or will you change your User Name and come down hard on a leftwing party? Just want to know what rules we’re playing by here.

  5. Much that these emails increase our awareness of the appalling corruption at the heart of our democracy, I’m increasingly doubting Hager’s wisdom of releasing them during an election campaign. I learned at a young age that when you attempt to point out the devil to people it goes so far against the grain of what they think to be reality that it is you who looks like the devil to them. If this book could have been released 12 months ago it would not have been open to the accusation that Hager is trying to steal the election for the left. The details would have had more time – in a less emotionally charged environment – to percolate in the minds of our citizenry. Key will be outed, that’s for sure, but he could well follow the path of Richard Nixon where the dirt only finally starts to stick after he’s won the election. I will be crying on the 20th of September – either tears of joy at the removal of this hideous government, or tears of wrist slitting depression at their re-election. That said, I find something really annoying and even insulting at the way that Hager and Co have gone about this.

    • Just a small correction. I’m aware that Hager is not releasing the emails. It’s the timing of the book that I’m criticising him for. I’m criticising Rawshank for the email strategy.

    • Hager was not given the emails until a few months ago, and wrote the book as quickly as he could after that. He could not have written his book a year ago. Rawshark too, I think, got hold of the emails after an attack on Slater’s computer. You cannot altogether decide when such sensitive material is going to come your way.

      • Okay I didn’t know that. I am a big fan of Hager by the way. On a note that will please readers on the blog I can say that on the ground here in Christchurch Central I’m almost 100% certain we’re going to boot out Nicky Wagner. Go Tony Milne – a brilliant candidate who’s going to be superb in Parliament.

  6. I bet there are lots of people around who wish they could get something heard in the High Court of NZ so quickly!

  7. I would like to know more about Anne Tolley’s office communicating with the Whale prior to the 2011 election and if it has continued to do so since. I’d also like to know if Hekia Parata’s office also communicates with the Whale or not.

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