Did the SIS/GCSB just take down @whaledump from Twitter?



Whaledump has been suspended from Twitter. Who has taken them down? Remember when Key had the Police storm media outlets to stop Tea Pot tapes being released?

The Daily Blog has two exclusives running tomorrow that asks hard questions of why this has happened.

As Whaledump gets close to releasing the Slater/Ede emails, the deep State has moved to shut down what is now being seen as a national security issue.

My guess is that we will see those damning emails appearing on Wikileaks very soon.

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If the State is actively censoring information and becoming politically active, we have suddenly escalated to a very new and ominous NZ.

Two exclusives tomorrow.

UPDATE: This is the verified new @Whaledump account – accept no imitations


  1. Maybe the FBI/GCSB/John’s Key stone cops don’t like being made to look incompetant and it was the Russian KGB who was the Whaledumper…lol …One of Putin and Snowden’s strategies, to keep World Power under their belts. Imean John Key was that relaxed his Security Intelligence was breached and abused by his own cabinet members he though t it was OK the breach the UNDRIP and NZ BORA LAW. Risky business either way NZ is now being awakened to the real truth. The secrets to controlling and who’s calling the shots you got to ask yourself these questions why New Zealand People + Power = Change the course of this direction. We are the World Global Leader NOT bloody Russia, America, Australia,UK, Canada,China, Japan, Brazil but Aotearoa because we have that point of difference to everyone else no one can take away. Our Mana for the lands and its people. Her put and make your mark to be part of the solution not part of the problem vote the National Jew out of this country it takes a German to make you all see why they were important in the World today. We learn from the past. It gets into more depression or another recession or we turn the tables around to uplift the oppression caused by Nationals interference into civil and pitical rights in NZ 2014. #Go Labour #Go Green # Go NZ First, #Go Internet – Mana


  2. In the internet age, harpooning whales is very challenging. Now sighted at @whaledumpNZ. Perhaps though, it may now turn into something with teeth.

  3. Seems to me that every time someone makes Rawshark angry he dumps more… perhaps not the best move on their part..?

  4. What exactly does ‘suspended’ mean in this context?
    Can the user suspend their account or can only twitter itself suspend an account?

  5. Shocking.

    Whaledump will find a way!

    Has the MSM picked up on this? And publicised it yet?

    Anonymous might do something about this if we’re lucky. They have already told NZ govt “They are watching. They are coming! You have been warned!” Hope they hurry up!

    Anyway, Whaledump can just give it all to Mr Hager to release.


      • Good. Thankyou.

        I guess this just makes it very obvious that FJK uses the SIS for his own purposes, and I wonder how many people will pick up on the irony of this ‘censorship’.

        Lets hope many many people just keep on re-twittering!


        • @Mistery – Surprisingly NZ Herald has also reported it, along with more damning information on Collins and Slater, released through the newly established WhaleDump2 Twitter account.

          Hacker Rawshark is as sharp as a knife it seems 🙂 And thank goodness for people like him/her and Nicky Hager.

          Long may the whistle blowers amongst us be allowed to survive to tell the truth.

  6. Twitter will have been subpoenaed by now as well I’m sure, so they can trace the IP address of WhaleDump to the physical address of the user. Assuming WhaleDump is in NZ, expect a 70 man police raid in full riot gear with assault rifles and helicopters sometime soon.
    Not sure what John Key is so scared of, ‘cos weren’t all the emails just lies and fabrications from a left-wing conspiracy theorist?

    • It’s highly unlikely that ‘whaledump’ will be traced. I’d imagine a mix of VPN’s and TOR all hosted overseas with multiple layers of encryption. Of course Key would love to do another Hollywood raid as part of the campaign…

      • All VPNs can also be subpoenaed for IP addresses (clearly the GCSB doesn’t even need a warrant for such requests), as can all TOR traffic (if you think about it – even if it hops via hundreds of different people, it only serves to make it take a lot longer to trace back to the actual individual, i.e. not to irreversibly “hide” you). You cannot realistically post anonymously on the internet from your home; the only way I think of is if you post via someone else’s hacked account (e.g. if you use someone else’s wifi network from the street).

    • He/she is too smart for that, they’ll be connecting to the net from behind a proxy IP address. Damn near impossible to find. Go the whaledumper!

      • The NetSafe guy on RadioNZ this afternoon basically said “they’ll find them if they try really hard.”

        Yeah, right.

  7. My comment is a bit out of context but it just occurred to me that since this election is a contest between intrinsic and extrinsic values, somebody needs to tell the PM, “Mr Key, I’m sure you know all there is to know about personal responsibility, but you know nothing about social responsibility.”

  8. Suddenly, I see a hammer & sickle/swastika, fluttering above the Beehive.

    CK Stead’s “Smith’s Dream” has become our nightmare…

  9. It’s unfathomable how authorities think that shutting down one account will stop Whaledump. I for one hope he keeps dumping more and more. A dump a day keeps the doctor away.

  10. The proponents of the Great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie are going to become extremely dangerous as they run out of room to hide and will make a cornered rat on P look like a stuffed toy in a kindergarten . Be warned and I’m serious .

    Remember Paul White of The Paradise Conspiracy ? Oh , but wait . That was just a conspiracy theory . Nothing to see there then .


    There are powerful players hidden in the dark corners of New Zealand’s politics and economics . They’ve been there for years and they’re not going to go down without a fight . jonky-stien’s just a small player who owes favours . He’s not the Big Game , they’ve not been ratted out of the woodwork yet but when they are ?
    Watch out !

  11. This is crazy movie stuff..shit is gonna hit the fan and the smiles are slowly coming off the faces of those that should be scared hahahaha

  12. The finger can only point to FJK on this one.

    Preventing information from being released for public scrutiny through banning its source, is the action of fascist right wing despots and dictators!

    Has NZ reached the point of no return?

  13. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this courier from the swift completion of their appointed task. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, he delivers our whale!

  14. How odd. The take-down story was high on the front page of the NZ Herald online when I checked this afternoon. It had been up for, I think, 3 minutes. But I couldn’t click and go to it. When I clicked I just got sent to a plain txt version of the homepage several times. And now it’s gone completely. How odd.

  15. What is wrong with this Government who is hell bent on concealing their own operational problems?

    Even a neutral minded person can see the government does not want to take the NZ public into their confidence!

    Don’t we pay for good open transparent Governance?

    Why are they not consulting with the thousands of us all that are trying to speak out about our concerns and they wont give any consultation with them, and are prepared to cut us off them any contact with them and our communities also.

    This Government is undermining the very fabric of our system that has stabilised our society for generations this is heresy, or destruction to the beliefs we all hold for a fair just society.

    My own case as Secretary of a Community organisation for 14 years was tasked with sending letters to John Key over the last five years 54 of them and have never had a single response or note back from John Key.

    Last month 21st August we sent an Official Information Act request to the Prime ministers office for information surrounding what happened to those emailed requests over five years, and received that day a note from John Key’s secretary stating they had received our IOA request.

    Since then 14 days ago nothing else has been received, and possibly will never.

    To our community group this is gut wrenching when we are just trying to help our community.

    This is the same isolation standards the Government is attempting to treat our blog discussion groups by shutting them down albeit slowly.

  16. Now I see Whale Spew is trying to take out an injunction on the 3 big networks to prevent any further publication of emails.

  17. I reckon we all know by now that the SIS and GCSB has been politicised to the point of being taxpayer paid right wing stooges. Imagine a Labour Government even – not that I believe Labour is any longer a ‘left leaning’ outfit – trying to pull what the Nats have done. If the SIS or the GCSB can expedite declassification and release of information they hold at the behest of the political party in power, then we need no more evidence to demonstrate how corrupt and politicised these outfits have become.

    Theoretically of course they exist for the nation’s security, by which a credulous mind might infer that it is the security of its people that lies within the purview of these organisations. And such a belief is plausible, given that the taxpayer pays for them, and is expected to trust that they will beaver away in secret in the interests of us all.

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, quoth Thos Jefferson. Now who do you suppose is the subject of that vigilance? Why, merely by its very existence the greatest threat to national security: the nation’s own government. But what we are looking at here is not a threat to our security at all. It is the threat being carried out.

    So far as I am concerned, the GCSB and the SIS, in concert with this National Party maladministration is morally guilty of treason. Do not imagine I exaggerate. This misgovernment has demonstrated its willingness to sell off – if not give away altogether – New Zealand’s sovereignty to US predator corporates; to give over ordinary New Zealanders to wage slave exploitation by US corporates; to give over New Zealand’s wealth, both public and private, to US corporates. This oligarchic plutocracy has renewed the raid upon the livelihoods, the homes, the assets and the well being of ordinary New Zealanders begun by the insane kleptocracies that were the fourth Labour and National administrations.

    The blatant flouting of the law by the likes of the GCSB and the SIS (together, incidentally, with the continued threat to arm the police against an unarmed population) simply shows that the government will brook no interference with its programme. What programme? It is the stripping New Zealanders of their livelihoods, their homes, what wealth has remained to them after 30 and more years of government sponsored robbery, and at last their very dignity as free-thinking persons.

    God, I want them gone!

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