Soz Cam – PaknSave boycott of whaleoil continues – time to start a boycott list of companies supporting Whaleoil beginning with Canon NZ


Cam is so carcinogenic now, not even his mates in the Tobacco Industry are talking to him any longer. I suspect only the Israeli Defence Force propaganda department are paying for content on whaleoil now. Cam says that PaknSave have dropped their problems against him as outlined here…

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.09.17 am

and claims PaknSave are back on board.

No such luck for you Cam. Your radioactive hate means no one wants to associate with you, no matter how much you urge your whale army to attack any of those companies with the ethical compass to walk away from you in disgust. I called PaknSave today and was told very clearly that PaknSave are still blocking their adverts from appearing on your blog and that they won’t be reviewing that position until after your inquiry and after the election. I questioned them on the appearance of their advert on your site and was told that if it had appeared again, it was purely a mistake and they have immediately contacted Google and expressed their wishes again to block your blog.

As the full extent of the hate politics agenda continues to be exposed, I think readers should start listing advertisers on whaleoil who need to join a boycott list. Let’s start with Canon NZ who still refuse, even after Slater has been subpoenaed and after being outed conspiring a hit against the SFO, to take Slater’s award off him. If readers wish to take screen shots of advertisers who need to be added to the boycott list, please leave them in the comments section.

Boycott advertisers who enable Whaleoil’s hate politics list: 

Canon NZ

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 1.25.14 pm

TDB Recommends

Firestone NZ

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.11.02 am



University of Auckland


Symbio Yoghurt

Auckland Memorial Park Funeral directors


Abbey Employment Law Specialists

Brian Edwards Media

Anton Heyns

Trend Antivirus

Capital Hill accounting

Queenstown Jet boat




  1. Yes please, let’s see a list of those shameless corporations and companies that think backing and advertising on a site that tries (and some would say, has succeeded) in corrupting NZ politics.
    I for one won’t buy ANY thing from Cannon for a very LONG, and the longer they back such hatred media, the more likely I and others will NEVER ever, buy anything again from Cannon !!!
    Brand name has HUGE value, multi millions for such big companies. If they don’t care, maybe their share holders might.
    It takes a life time to build up a reputation, but only seconds to ruin it !!!!

  2. We phoned Foodstuffs South Island about their ( New World iirc ) advert on whaleoil and after a 5 minute conversation they pulled their advert .

    Most people run their ads through Google ads and don;t know that they’re even on Whaleoil – however , once it’s pointed out to them it’s easy for them to get google ads to NOT advertise on Slater’s Sleazefest.
    Another company is Mag & Turbo ( you know, the arseholes who have filled NZ with “noisy mufflers ” …F**k them ! ) but I saw an email circulating on FB , a reply to a South Islander asking them not to advertise on Whaleoil and their reply was basically ” F**k you pal we’ll do what we want ” – can’t think of a better company to petition actually 😉

  3. Does Brian Edwards advertise on Whaleoil’s blog. That’s the equivalent of calling Jesus an atheist! I was sure Edwards would loathe Slater and anything about him. I’m really rattled at this one.
    Am going to Google it and leave a comment. Have already emailed Canon, they refuse to move, I won’t be buying another Canon camera.

  4. I’ve just visited Brian Edward’s site, you’re right, he’s got the Lizard’s blogsite on the web page. I’m nearly speechless with rage. Always admired Brian Edwards because he’s had the guts to speak up and tell it like it is. My bubble is totally burst, have emailed him, hoping for a reply.
    Thanks for the information, Bomber.

  5. Take note of all the businesses you drive or walk past that have National or ACT Party posters or billboards on them. After they are quietly taken down and the owners are pretending that they are once more politically neutral you can remember them when you want work done for you or want to buy something. These people talk a lot about the value of individual choice – well we can make choices too.

  6. Shame on BNZ.
    I’m a customer and WILL be telling them what I think of them advertising and supporting such ‘hate and corrupting journalism’

  7. Whale Oil advertisers Sep 3, 0900, via iOS

    1. BNZ

    2. University of Auckland

    3. Bridgestone & Firestone Tyre Company

    4. Symbio Yoghurt – Fonterra

    5. – (Dating agency)

    6. Canon

    7. Auckland Memorial Park – (Funeral directors)

    8. iSentia

    9. Abbey Employment Law Specialists

    10. Brian Edwards Media

    11. Anton Heyns -

    12. Trend Antivirus

    13. Capital Hill accounting –

    14. Queenstown Jet boat

    15. The Sound – owned by Media Works

    Google Apps – Gmail
    2-Degrees – mobile phone provider – Dion Nash
    Power Farming Deutz Fahr
    20. Evo Cycles – Pukekohe store
    21. Life Cell – South Beach Skincare


    23. Vistaprint


    25. Fit dating

    26. Magnum – mobile food trailers

    27. Fairdinkum Sheds

    28. Hi-Tech Enviro Solutions – Dairy Effluent Specialist

    29. Gaze Architects

    30. Discover Me – Made in New Zealand


    32. – NZ Herald / APN publication

    33. Visa credit card

    34. Godfreys vacuum cleaners

    35. Barefoot & Thompson

    36. Transitions Adaptive Lenses


    38. – dating website





    43. Fertility Associates


    45. Christmas at the Races

    46. Polident toothpaste – Glaxo Smith Klein / GSK

    47. Crown Relocations





    52. Z Card


    54. Zoffoli school stationary

    55, Bachcare

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