Press Leaders Debate – Round 2 – 7pm tonight


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This debate is live in a Town Hall, Key has done well at these in the past, but since the hate politics exposed in Dirty Politics, expect real fury directed at Key.

My guess is that Key will attempt to use whatever he can to win the upper hand, so expect wild allegations and nasty below the belt jabs from Key.  Cunliffe needs to show some genuine disgust for what National have been doing and needs to denounce it in the most strident language. The pressure is off Cunliffe after his win in the first debate, but he needs to start capitalising on Key’s current woes a lot more if he is to pull those votes walking to NZ First his way.

I doubt this debate will focus very much on policy, it will be the scandal, the dirty politics and the sleaze that will dominate with a live angry audience.

It will get messy.


  1. Here is a jab you can make to Key, sign the petition to Governor General to hold a royal commission inquiry to fix these crooks.

    I just signed this petition — will you join me?

    Governor General of New Zealand: Investigate all the allegations of corruption in the National government
    To: Governor General of New Zealand

    The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign:

    Thanks so much,

  2. Hopefully Cunliffe will remember the “Rumble in the Jungle” from his youth where Muhammad Ali soaked up all George Forman’s punches and then came out with some killer jabs of his own. Key will be all fired up, wanting to prove himself. Cunliffe should soak it all up, remain disciplined and as gentlemanly as possible, then aim some punches at Key’s weakest spots. The debate will be won by what happens in the last few rounds, not the first few on this occassion.

    • agreed…but a few killer punches at the beginning as insurance would not go amiss

      ….how about dropping on him from a great height ?…and cracking his shell

      …or grabbing one of his crabby claws and munching him…before he can skitter off to safety

      • maybe I was thinking about Winnie…agree it is not Cunliffe’s style

        ….but good debate by Cunliffe tonight and he is looking Prime Ministerial….Key is already looking out the door

  3. jonky , like most industrial psychopaths , will be hard to rattle . He’s not fettered by the same emotions as normal , mentally healthy people .
    Having said that , he’ll be easily trapped . It’s just knowing where , and how to set it .
    I agree with @ Fambo . Wait and watch as his arrogance spells his own demise . Then put the boot in .

    The truly exciting thing is that the fog is clearing from the Sheeples eyes . The Hobbits is stirring ! Hobbits’s see the Golem .

  4. John Key’s new job after the 20th will be stand-up comedian, that is what he showed himself to be tonight. He made a total jackass of himself with his American-sitcom one-liners and his shameless patronizing of Cantabrians. The choices are clear: Cunliffe or Krusty the Clown.

  5. It was interesting watching the vote meter go from 42% to 50%, for Cunliffe, in a minute or so after the debate finished. I guess a lot of Key people made thier decisions early.
    I really thought Key being described as a ‘school yard larrikin’ is, has been and always will be a fitting description.

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