MANA hit speed wobbles – why Annette Sykes will win Waiariki


MANA are my favourites. But of late, their transition from crawling to sprinting has hit some speed wobbles.

Hone’s and Pam’s aggressive attitude towards the media recently is very understandable in light of how connected many of the media were to the Whaleoil hate machine. Their suspicion of journalists is justified, but in their haste, their interactions have generated more attention than the issues they wanted to discuss.

Georgina Beyer’s silly outburst is further proof of those speed wobbles for a 3 year old political movement. As those inside the MANA machine are stretched to capacity, communication channels are getting stressed. I’m sure Georgina will have had those communication channels well and truly cleared today and we won’t be hearing too many of her concerns for the rest of the campaign.

MANA can move through these speed wobbles, the phenomenal turn out to the Internet MANA tour is proof that they have an ignored momentum building that will surprise on election day.

What is most amusing however is the claim that Te Ururoa Flavell will win Waiariki.

No he won’t.

These landline polls in Maori electorates are more corrupt than in the general seats because the intense poverty in Maoridom means having a landline puts you in the upper classes. Remember the last landline poll for Hone’s by-election? Maori TV claimed then that he only had a 1% lead over Kelvin Davis, what ended up happening? Hone beat Kelvin by 9%.

The 2013 census reports that over 30% of people in Waiariki do not have access to a landline alongside the fact this poll was taken in bloody July – well before the Dirty Politics revelations means it’s a worthless poll. MANAs own internal polling using cellphones as well as landlines paints a completely different picture.

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Annette has been tireless in Waiariki. She took Flavell’s 7000 majority and crushed it into 1800 with only 6 weeks worth of campaign. She has been campaigning there now for 3 years.

Annette Sykes is one of the most passionate, brilliant civil rights crusaders we have in NZ and the chance to see her represent Waiariki and be inside Parliament should make every progressive stand tall.

If MANA continue the pressure in Waiariki, Annette Sykes will win.


    • And, cross my heart, so do I!!!!
      This 67 year old white boy will be party voting Internet/Mana!!!!
      Sorry Greens but I wish you every success as well!

  1. Even in the dodgy msm polls Internet Mana is solid on 2% and rising as high as 4% and regularly at 2.4%, 2.7% etc while ACT, Hairdo, and Māori Party languish at 1% or less.

    So hopefully there is under the radar support for IMP. People should have paid more attention maybe to Hones efforts in 2013 to rapproach with the remants of MP membership as opposed to politicians, he knows some of the enduring feelings there that must be addressed to unify the movement for the future regardless of elections to the bourgeois parliament.

  2. Whatever you do, don’t tell Georgina you disagree with her, friend of mine said on GB’s facebook page that “we’re effin’ suffering out here and if you don’t like the party then walk away ” BANNED

  3. It’s interesting to consider this in light of the recent poll that showed the breakdown of seats in the house. The word on the night was National/Act/Maori/UF combined would have 61, and the potential coalition of Labour/Greens/IMP/NZF would have 61. Everyone was so excited about the possibility of a hung parliament, but no one was asking, what if Maori / Act / UF don’t win those 4 seats, leaving National with only 57? And what if National don’t even win those 57 in light of everything that’s been crawling out of the woodwork? Some are saying that when Tariana Turia retires this year, her votes go with her, which puts her seat in question. This article raises the issue of Flavell’s seat. Speculation is, those were the only winnable Maori seats, and both are now just maybes. Then there’s Epsom and Ohariu, and whether their constituents are prepared for more bullshit games, or whether they will ignore tactical voting and party vote otherwise simply out of spite for the process. Cunliffe’s performance is getting stronger, and the media are starting to take him seriously now. There is still an enormous amount of room for change in so many places.

  4. I have pointed out before that Georgina Beyer is a suspect candidate for IMP. Hopefully it will work out for her and the party in the end, but I think they rushed in thinking she was gold without knowing her recent back story well. She is pretty fickle. She should have had the nous to know how her latest comments were going to be presented. She’s been in politics long enough.

    However, I was wrong in a previous comment saying she had lately reneged on supporting the legalisation of sex workers. I later saw that was a poor headline that gave me that impression, whereas she was saying she had been “naive” in regards to laws dealing with streetwalkers.

    • Having Georgina Beyer as a candidate is what happens when you are careless enough to let Jevan Goulter anywhere near your organisation.

  5. I’m not convinced that what Beyer said was that bad, it was more about who she said it to.
    Beyer’s comments have been taken out of context. Having said that, Beyer needs to sharpen up because she walked straight into the trap of Whaleoil’s echo. Tova has been twisting everything from IPMana over the past few weeks.
    Just the other day Tova accused Hone of ‘flip flopping’ over weed, but Hone’s stance hasn’t changed – Mana members asked for weed decriminalisation and Hone doesn’t decide Mana’s policies
    Pretty much everything coming out of Tova O’Brien’s mouth is bullshit. I don’t know what her problem is (other than being Paddy’s protege).

  6. Ae tika tou korero e hoa … the tide has not only turned but is surely coming in to land squarely on the doorsteps of Waiariki this coming 20 September with a massive crash all for Annette. There’s been enough of this current government and its rubbish politics. Its time for MANA Movement and its leaders to get in the mix and make changes our people and this country need. Mauri Ora!

  7. Here is a comment from a very young lady,and an opinion not canvassed on a landline poll.
    *********************************************************everything i see on tv about internet mana is bad. but makes me laugh because its way too obvious it is purposely portrayed that its a “dumb” idea of internet mana coming together to stand up against the current corrupt government. the people can see through the lies of media. and will vote accordingly. MANA MOVEMENT OF THE PEOPLE!
    inet/mana view is that independent opinions and views are free to have in a democratic party,and encouraged. But each member interviewed thus far does not share her opinion on dotcoms motives.
    Simple as that. I personally can respect that.
    My own view is that dotcom has exhibited far greater honesty and transparency than the sitting prime minister and his sycophantic followers,and has done a terrific job in exposing much corruption,whilst attracting total vitriol and biased media coverage despite actually being a mortally wounded victim financially,matrimonially,and betrayed in his dealings with national party members and nz govt regarding his immigration and subsequent investments,and payments/favours to said party. That he be accused of criminality in this regard,by the very people who bypassed normal procedures getting him passed in here, absolutely redefines hypocricy definition.
    For that reason ,and notwithstanding his total lack of any actual position in nz govt,i give him a pass on basis of “whistle blower”
    Secondly,he is so extremely selectively quoted on everthing negative and nothing positive or human,by mainstream media he highlights the right wing bias for us,the nz people to see.So beneficial.imho.
    Thirdly,as abused as he has been in Nazi fashion,for his choice of mein kamph book,has illustrated exactly how retarded the pm and mainstream media are as to the historical relevance of “book burning” and points historians at who the real Nazis representatives are.
    Fourthly as he has shoved our twisted legal/political/financially biased system straight back up keys posterior on 8 occasions I give him a medal.
    And lastly,he has raised politics to a level that has kids interested in democracy and taken it to the people on foot. When I tasked him personally at a public meeting why he didn’t just fly out(cos he can lol)? his reply seemed genuine. ” Because apart from everything you have heard or already know,when I was locked up ,scared to death and deprived of money,freedom and family,heaps of ordinary nz people offered help,food,and any assistance they could.NZ people showed me support and loyalty that money cannot buy,so I want to return that favour”
    In the banks trial summing up the judge pointedly said that banks testimony differed from that given to police originally,and basically on all points dotcom,his wife and staff told the truth,and that banks,his wife and support witnesses all lied. Key says Dotcom lied…but I believe the judge myself.
    Theres my opinion,apparently I am entitled to it,but 3 more years of national socialism will see that right gone I am sure.

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