Collins inquiry a whitewash before it has even started


The farce whitewash that Key is trying to push through here for the inquiry into Judith Collins role in a hit on the SFO should enrage any NZer, regardless of how they vote.

Whaleoil won’t be forced to appear, it’s happening after the election and the scope is as tiny as Key can make it.

It’s a farce, a whitewash, a joke.



…demands more than a weak inquiry. It demands napalm.

Vote these filthy scum out on September 20th. They are making a mockery of a democracy.


  1. Vote these corrupt operators out but please sisn up on this petition to have them properly investigated by a proper Royal Commission.

    Hi, The Petition to the Governor General is already over 3 000 so join us by signing it please.

    I just signed this petition — will you join me?

    Governor General of New Zealand: Investigate all the allegations of corruption in the National government
    To: Governor General of New Zealand

    The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign:

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  2. I guess the thing to do in the internet age is for the public to crowdsource the inquiry and keep it going. It’s a kind of democratic solution.

  3. There is also the fact that Cunliffe stated on Radio Live that if he becomes PM, he will be reopening the inquiry and wants a full royal commission, and wants the police acting in an investigatory capacity rather than just an observational capacity as they are in the current one. He also wants the terms of reference to be broadened to include all relevant linked events, including the OIA release, anything involving Jason Ede etc, and anything involving Oravida.

    Want a real inquiry, NZ? Party Vote Labour / Greens / IMP.

  4. John Key asks, do you prefer “Persil” or “Surf”, I got both available, and the wash will be “clean”, “cleaner” than anything seen before during my time in government.

  5. This is John Key, so why would anyone be surprised. Its up there with Al Capone paying off his jury.

    The man at the top of this corrupt pyramid, who is so very connected in all of this, is setting the parameters. The conflict of interest is gigantic. Did Nixon get to set up his own enquiry?

    This was always, always going to be a whitewash and yet I am surprised that Key has made such as ham-fisted job of making it as obvious that this is an official cover up. I assume overnight polling told him its the way to go! Cunliffe should be screaming from the rafters about this. At least Winston has made it a bottom line but time will tell.

    You are right, this scum need to be exorcised from the political landscape but yet there are so many vacuum headed people who have taken 5/8 of fuck all interest in this subject. They have had years of good news rags to riches John Key sound bites, they have been told we have a rock star economy and as far as they are concerned these tiny snippets they absorb are beyond any further thought processes much less question.

    Honestly if Nixon had done the Watergate number in NZ nowadays he would still be President for the next 50 years.

  6. If anyone has ever read declassified CIA documents regarding pertinent incidents in Americas history they will find a murky world of ruthless, manipulative opportunists busily setting people / groups / countries up to fall without any form of public knowledge or accountability….particually during the 50’s ,60’s and 70’s……

    And their still at it.

    These thugs , – THESE THUGS , – we currently have dictating terms in this farcical parody of an inquiry …..are laughing and smirking not only at their political opponents but also the public of New Zealand and the whole constitutional democratic process that undergirds this nation .

    THIS – IS AN OUTRAGE !!!!!!

    Who is this man who thinks he and he alone has the mandate to select the terms, incidents , conditions and the individuals to be sworn under oath and the individuals to be conducting this affair?

    Who is this man who defies the public interest to hold some clandestine behind closed doors inquiry without the benefit of due process under public and proper judicial scrutiny ?!!??


    Lieutenant General Sir Jerry Mateparae – you are the Queens representative… under the Letters Patent 2006 you have the ability to appoint and dismiss any Cabinet Minister and even the Prime Minister if the Prime Minister looses confidence of the House of Representatives.


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