Maggie Barry slags Laila Harre & blogger, audience erupt



The Coalition for Better Broadcasting held their public meeting in Auckland last night and it became a fiery shouting match when Maggie Barry decided to slag Laila Harre and me off.

250 people packed into the Pioneer Hall off High St to hear the Greens, NZ First, National, Labour, Internet MANA and Conservative Party put their public broadcasting policy’s forward.


Guy Williams was the MC, and he did a remarkably funny and smart job of hosting the meeting.

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Kris Faafoi was first. God he’s boring. I want to be a champion for Labour Public Broadcasting, but Kris puts me to sleep. The idea that RNZ would be made to start a public broadcasting TV station means that Labour have given up on forcing TVNZ to be the public broadcaster. It’s a nice idea, but Radio NZ can’t run a bloody website properly, asking them to start doing TV isn’t credible.

What it will really be is a camera in the studio filming RNZ interviews mixed with re-runs of ‘It’s in the bag’. Yay. All the vision of a blind cyclops.

The next Government should take back the 3 Kiwi Fm stations and make them ‘RNZ 2’. It would have the best next generation of broadcasters hosting talk news radio where NZ Music has a strong place with a far better online presence.

Julie Anne Genter got stuck into National for destroying Public Broadcasting and talked about how vital it is for the quality of our democracy. They wanted a properly funded public broadcaster and extra money for Kids TV.

Colin Craig was funny. I’ve interviewed hims  number of times and he comes across well on TV, and he is very, very good one on one, but I’ve never seen him speak live  and god it’s awful. No one who can make you cringe that much should be able to get over 5% of the vote.

Laila Harre was brilliant. She focused on the revelations in Dirty Politics and argued a strong fourth estate was essential for a healthy democracy. She was the only candidate who understood how the structures within Journalism that help guide the ethical culture has been ripped apart by media organisations who have de-unionised and degraded career development.

Tracey Martin was a delight as always. She’s just in the wrong Party. Someone send her a membership form for the Labour Party.

Then there was Maggie. Now i admit, she had bored me more than Kris had. She spoke for 7 whole minutes and did not mention ONCE any of her Party’s broadcasting policy. The closest she got was telling us that she went to the US in 1988 to study public broadcasting policy there. Guy Williams pointed out he was born in 1987. That means Guy Williams was one year old the last time Maggie Barry was relevant to public broadcasting.

Her garden would have ore to say on National’s lack of a public broadcasting policy than she did last night.

So I wasn’t going to let her just traipse through without getting challenged.

I asked, “In light of the dirty, filthy, media manipulation tactics of the National Party and allies, as revealed in Dirty Politics,  how important do the candidates think a properly funded public broadcaster is for the quality of our democracy” (or words to that effect)

Laila answered and Maggie got up and decided to slag me and Laila off. The reaction was pretty brutal…

…as the CBB press release went on to state…


Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 7.13.23 am

Dirty Politics shows us how easily our media has been manipulated. If we are serious about countering what the book has revealed, we need a properly funded public broadcaster and a Minister who will take it seriously.

Footage of last nights debate will be posted online today.


  1. The comment about Paul Holmes is very wrong.
    He was a supporter of the Paralympics, not the Special Olympics.
    One is for physically disabled, one is for intellectually disabled.
    The cause he supported, the quadrennial Paralympics, have more tv coverage now than ever before.

  2. Good report Martyn.

    Ooh that Maggie Barry – almost sounded jealous there when she accused Laila. Interesting. Be good to see the video – not of the boring ones as you highlighted though.


    • Morning Report on Radio NZ this morning gave a very inadequate report of this meeting …. highlighting Maggie Barry’s bitchy attack on Laila Harre and Harre’s funding by KimDotcom

      …a very good case in point for better Public Service Broadcasting.

      Hope the new Labour Coalition Government overhauls Morning Report

  3. During my tv watching days I always found Maggie Barry’s smirk to be the most nauseating on Parliament tv and that’s some achievement.

  4. With all due respect Bomber, when you ask a question like that you can hardly expect a civilized answer from a government MP! But it was clear that Maggie got absolutely squashed (figuratively) by Laila. From her apparent lack of preparation it doesn’t sound like Maggie ventures much beyond the adoring toryphile atmosphere of North Shore. When she does she gets a taste of the real world, not the National fairytale world. Did they really come close to blows or is this just a journalist getting a bit excited?

  5. I think the Nats are finally feeling the pressure that they have been putting on so many others for so long now, the cracks are starting to show. Perhaps Maggie realizes her job and money are NOT safe after-all. Even tame cats when cornered do attack !!!

  6. Also, would love to the see the modicum of ‘own what you say’ applied to adults.

    We expect kids to act sensible and with maturity — perhaps one should suggest that adults do the same.

  7. I find it concerning that Labour isn’t planning to restructure TVNZ and turn at least one of its channels into an independent, advert free TV channel. Who wears the pants – TVNZ or a Labour lead government? To expect that RNZ would start such a channel shows Labour isn’t really serious about an independent TV channel.

    • dont think so on her contribution to the debate broadcast by Morning Report….she should stick to gardens and flowers on tv…she was very good at that …so was Jim Mora as her partner

    • The difference is the hypocrisy of the left. They hate the rich, but are very happy to take their money. And no one person owns National. The Internet Party on the other hand is bought and paid for.

      • IV what you and the rest don’t like is that the left has a large chunk of money, that makes a change, unlike the right everyone, everyone knows exactly where that money came from – Dotcom. What is more this money was given without any strings attached. However it is not open to the public to know who exactly the funders of the right are and who the right will be working for when they are next in power.

      • Dear Intrinsicvalue,

        Can I ask you to take your head out of the sand for a moment and consider this for a moment.

        I should point out that I have left wing sympathies, and I do take exception when someone presumes that because of my left wing sympathies I must therefore hate those who are considered rich. I won’t philosophise with the various meanings of richness but I will assume your understanding of wealth (richness) is limited to the accumulation of great monetary volumes, however I should point out that richness should not be limited to just monetary worth.

        When considering wealth, I think not about how much a man (or woman) is worth but rather how they made their money, was it ethically sound.

        If your head is still out of the sand could I point out that in my left wing way, I don’t mind that John Key is a wealthy man but I have serious reservations about how he made his money. It is my thinking that the big players such as Merrill Lynch (where Mr Key worked) contributed to frenzied speculative investment where an ethic of greed prevailed. It is my belief that such greed caused what has become recognised as global financial crises. If, in your eyes, this makes me a hater of the rich, then I feel somewhat sorry for you.

        You may put your head back under the sand now.

        • Key was a currency trader. Currency trading was and is a legal activity conducted between willing sellers and willing buyers. The GFC had nothing to do with currency traders. It was the result of Govts trying to get low income people into housing and the resulting prime lending driven by greedy people and greedy banks. But if you want to believe the left wing drivel most thinking people have long ago rejected, keep sucking in the sand.

          • Oh yes… market capitalists spawned by the discredited neo liberal monetarist policies …..the same neo liberal policies that:

            A ) facilitated those conditions … (and the Great Depression )

            And B ) created a poverty class in the first place.

            Give it up mate…come on over to the Keynesian based Social Democratic side….the very side that enabled you to have good health care, education , and a good salary in the first place.

          • Bullshit.!!!! the derivatives market created by the currency traders of Lehman Bros et al was the cause of the GFC. A repeat of the 1920’s , this arose because of the repeal of the Glass Steaghal Act. This came in 1933 under Roosevelt to prevent a recurrence of the conditions that lead to the Great Depression. The whole House of Cards of selling housing mortgage investments by currency traders like Lehman Bros and Merril Lynch and JP Morgan is clearly documented.These were onsold through out the banking system at every fucking level. The Wall street infested government of the USA let it happen because they have been running Washington since Reagan became President. John Key was a hand picked lobbyist by the Federal Reserve after he left Merrill Lynch (one of four)who worked Washington contacts to have the Glass Steaghal Act repealed. This was done by the first Bush Presidency .But being a member of the left who has good research skills due to real academic study means I can’t possibly understand the vagaries of the free market.You know fuck all about anything real IV.All of this has been published by the New York Times and Vanity Fair and numerous other mainstream publications.
            currency traders are parasites and criminal scum who produce nothing but misery.

      • Nah mate….we just don’t like excessively greedy neo liberalists who attempt to stack it all in the super rich’s favor by legislation and media control.

        Nothing hypocritical with the Left in that…just good old egalitarian ‘giving a bloke a fair go’ here , mate.

      • “The left hate the rich.” Bullshit. What the left hate is the abuse of power that is so often and brazenly displayed by the less scrupulous members among them. Whether that be finance companies shafting investors, or the government shredding employment protections or what have you, the issue is not with the fact that people have money, but how they treat other people.

      • No one person has to own the National Party. Just as long as their collective donors are happy with the environment that maximises their profits first & foremost.

    • My mates can’t afford $5000 a head meals at Antoine’s to raise funds for National. That’s a fifth of some lower income yearly wages.

  8. Maggie’s seriously deluded if she imagines the big business-bankrolled Nats can claim the moral high ground over matters of funding. What a hoot. Next time, she needs to send her garden gnome in her place. We’ll get no more sense out of it but at least it won’t spout a load of unbelievable BS.

    • Have you watched the full video? If so you’re an idiot. This is not some side show about Dot Com its about our current media situation depicted in the book “Dirty Politics”. Oh wait you haven’t taken the time to read that in full either. Change your handle to Psuedovalue it would make more sence.

    • So Dot Com’s lot is buying it’s way into power because they have the money?

      And Colin Craig’s mob? The amount you’ve heard about them is to do with the amounts of money too.

      • Colin Craig has set up his own party and is sitting for parliament. KDC has been the country 5 minutes and is trying to buy an election to stave off extradition. If you can’t see the difference, well I can’t help you.

    • Too bad she’s now backing the wrong horse…oh well…she can always go back to her garden and spray the blight that National have put all over her tomatoes…

      : )

    • Why are National Party supporters so comfortable with casual bigotry? What’s wrong with someone being German? Would you explain this type of rationale because I just fail to see how someone’s nationality makes things better or worse?

  9. Maggie Barry makes a habit of talking long and saying nothing. At an electoral forum on women’s issues, she spent several minutes answering a question about parties’ policies on women’s health by mentioning nothing except breast cancer. Cringe-worthy stuff.

  10. Good for you Maggie….. It would take guts to walk into that bunch of misfits and speak the truth. Kim Dotcom ( the fat controller and his freak show of paid candidates) Laila Harre, John Minto, Hone n Co. I want MMP gone and this bunch flushed out of political existence.
    This lot are not good for NZ

    Lance Coupland

    • Get your facts right, Minto is not being paid and has never been paid by Dotcom. And who are the fat controllers of the right that are paying to ensure their policies are pushed through next time the right are in.

  11. Baggy Mary will be looking for a new job soon enough and I think she will regret her parties demolision of public broadcasting because you can bet the bank on the fact that no one else will have room for her.

  12. I dont understand why there is intense animosity towards kimdotcom for funding internet-mana – from the right’s perspective what is the difference between him and a lobbyist or one of the many political donors to the national party?

    • The policies are different. IMP policies are not specifically designed to make the rich richer, so Tories just can’t understand. What they can’t understand, they hate.

    • And Kim is out in the view of everyone. Not hiding behind a vicious blogger being funded via the back pocket to foist the foul spew of right-wing alliances onto the internet.

  13. Oooooooh !!! Quick Maggie !!!!…..some of the National party’s blight has ended up on your tomatoes !!…

    Better get out that chemical muck an spray em all over good !!

    Oh wait !…National supports things like environmental pollution – perhaps a Green solution would be better.

    A Labour / Green /IMP solution.

  14. I see that everybody’s favourite scumbag, John Office, thinks he can get away with an inquiry with narrow terms of reference… No fucking way Scumbag ! We, the people of New Zealand want and deserve ALL of the facts regarding the nazional party and ALL of the dodgy shit they have been getting up to in the past 6 years.

  15. @ Intrinsicvalue . You poor lamb . You should pull your head out of the sand and start banging it on a brick wall . That’s kind of what you know . Defending the creeps is a lonely pastime .
    It’s not too late to do a U turn and come over to the Light side .

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