It has to be a full independent public inquiry and Key MUST front



010914DIRTYCHARTYou know things are bad when images like this start appearing in the media. 

It isn’t a ‘left wing conspiracy’ to point out the over whelming evidence of what is clearly a right wing conspiracy! If it looks like a conspiracy, sounds like a conspiracy and has anything to do with Cameron Slater, Cathy Odgers, Simon Lusk and Carrick Graham – it’s probably a conspiracy.

In the wake of the horror revelations that Slater & Co were attempting to take down the Serious Fraud Office, the enormity of what Key has done by using the spy agency to release information to a far right blogger to attack a political opponent is only now sinking in.

The media have never understood the significance of this and so have allowed this issue to bob along in the sea of  other allegations. I’d go as far to suggest that Collins resignation had far more to do with distracting attention from this issue than any new developments that came to Key’s office. This email that Odgers handed in was in circulation early last week, I’d suggest the timing of its release was event driven, that event being the announcement of the inquiry into the release of the information to Slater.

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The reality is that information like this is sacrosanct from the highest of the highs and bound in strict civil service rules. Key has breached the guidelines and there is now a price to pay. In light of the allegations of blackmailing MPs, hacking Labour’s computers, trawling brothels, crucifying public servants, rigging candidate selections and now astounding claims that the SFO was a target, the inquiry MUST be independent, MUST be public and MUST include Key to testify.

Allowing the PM to set his own parameters of investigation would be a whitewash farce at this stage and completely unacceptable to the magnitude of charges against him and his Government.

We have never seen anything like this in NZ politics. Ever. Just one of these allegations would be worthy of such investigation, but the combined weight of them? This is a moment that the full range of our community needs to be assured that our political system, if not free of hate politics, can at least reject this mutation and cast it out of the body politic.



  1. Listening to Hooton on Morning Report we are now supposed to believe that Wayne Eagleson is in fact the real Prime Minister who sets the tone, who sets standards and by the looks of it is responsible for all decision making.

    This means John Key is nothing more than a moving wax work whose buttons are pushed to make him form sentences and to smile. He is a hollow man in the extreme, a genuine ventriloquist’s dummy.

    It is now abundantly clear that Key and his bover boys are looking for a convenient fall boy and guess what Wayne, your times up sunshine, thanks for the good times while they lasted.

    So there we have it folks, an automaton PM who is totally dependant on a cast of thousands, incapable of decision making and who takes no responsibility for anything.

    Why don’t they mention this when polling voters on their preferred leader?

    • I always knew John Key was America’s boy down under, his job would have been finished when he signed the TPPA which will really “Take The Peoples Power Away”.

      I say “would” in the hope he is not re-elected to be the CEO of National Inc.

  2. Martyn, there is something I cannot understand, if Odgers is part of the Filthy Few, why did she release the email that was used to evict Collins?

    Or is this just an assumption that she handed this email over?

    • That worries me too. Either she’s gone rogue, or she part of the highly organised two-track strategy still operating out of the 9th floor. This strategy being to put some distance between the damage (Slater, Odgers, Graham, and Collins) and the prime minister and to make the prime minister seem decisive.

        • Absolutely on the nail Seagull The Sunday Star Times article “All the financier’s men” was due out and the Tories needed to ringfence it, so Key needed to take decisive action and act on the last, last, last, last warning he had given Collins. She was gooooone by Saturday lunchtime, hoisted on the petard of her arrogance.

          They couldn’t give any credence to a leaked Whaledump email, or by using Hager ‘dirty politics’, so they manufactured an anonymous email leak of their own….

          Cameron Slater, Cathy Odgers and the slimy supporters of #teamkey couldn’t save Collins. She was sacrificed on the altar of #teamkey

          Her epithet will be a past tense version of Aaron Golmore’s. “Don’t you know who I was?”

        • Well you could say it’s about going rogue, however I’d suggest it’s more about her now freaking out having forgotten to engineer herself an escape hatch.
          Harm minimisation.
          Bullies are often like that.
          “I’ve taken into account your attempts to rehabilitate yourself Ms Odgers ….. Stand down!”
          “Thank you your honour”

    • I wondered if the Prime Minister’s contacts in the world of finance knew Cathy’s employers and had a quite talk.

      Got rid of the both of them together.

  3. Wayne eagleson Keys chief of staff and head of the prime ministers office used to be a top marketing executive in the corporate booze industry.

    I’m not sure what influence he had in national subverting our countrys recent review of our alcohol laws ……….. but national certainly sided with the booze pushers and protected their profits before all else.

    Between Key the Wall Street Banker type and Eagleson with his booze industry ethics we have seen this government plumb new depths in sleaze and abuse of power.

    Eagleson will be the next one thrown under a bus by the nats.

    The country will sack key at this election.

    ……. and then the full investigation can begin …….

    A few of them are going to go the same way as John Banks.

    This national government will go down as the most corrupt government in our history.

  4. Yes @ Kim Dandy . Bang on indeed .

    Fabulous to see you sharpen your adjectives and show no fear Martyn Bradbury .

    I do have one personal and somewhat selfish request however .

    Lets extend that Public Inquiry to include the dark , dripping dungeons of the old Labour Party . Lets include the mid 1980’s Labour Party in that inquiry .
    I write that with a breath stalling elation resting in my lungs as I think of the joy I’d feel as roger douglas and his filthy little cronies might shrivel in dread as they received their summonses to appear because , as in all things , everything is connected to everything else . And I would add , ‘ to infinity and beyond ‘ .

    Please bare with me . ( I nearly wrote ” Please bear with me ” . A whole other thing . Hahaha ! )
    The link below is a clue to just how deep , immense and long-time-a-lingering The Great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie is .
    It started here , in my humble view . With the worlds first refrigerated shipping . Yes , another Kiwi World First .

    ” The Dunedin was the first ship to successfully transport a cargo of refrigerated meat. In this capacity, it provided the impetus to develop the capacity of New Zealand as a major provider of agricultural exports, notwithstanding its remoteness from most markets. ”

    The moment the winds struck The Dunedin’s sails , the first plot to swindle would have hatched . A vital resource ( Food ) was able to be delivered to a hungry market . ( Europe , UK , USA and beyond . )
    To this day , farmers never really know how much is done got for the produce they produce . They just know they must go and produce it because of the debt to banks and the lies they be told .

    And Inquiry you say you want aye ? Best be careful Boy . You don’t know what you be up against .

    Is that hail on the roof ? Or is that the paper shredders working overtime ?

    The GCSB and others will be monitoring this , and the many other comments and Posts of the many other, others so while I have your attention , you guys should check out the frenzy of cash withdrawals from numbered Swiss Bank accounts by Kiwis also ordering up one way plane tickets and multiple passports to strange places whom we don’t share extradition treaties with .
    Lets gather the 250 K hungry kiwi kids to wave them goodbye at the Airport . Or should we just pop them [ the swindlers ] onto a prison ship and drop them off at the Auckland Islands ( Oh the irony ! ) to eat themselves once they run out of fur seals ? TVNZ could run a new reality TV show . ” The Swindling Rich Eating Themselves ” I can just see Aaron Bhatnagar picking his teeth with one of Cathy Odgers painted toe nails after a particularly gristly feast of judith collins .

    Bravo us all ! For bringing these scumbags down . So far , so good .

  5. Martyn,
    No public inquiry going ahead now according to Key tonight?
    What options does the opposition have to get this dirty politics out of NZ system now that the P.M. has overridden with a sledge hammer every attempt to engage the opposition in this filthy politics that make Nixon look like a choir boy?

    Since the P.M is not giving any consideration to all this labyrinth of filthy political black ops in the public interest, where can opposition go?

    Can they call for their own royal commission?

    How come the guilty get to set the rules on this inquiry or any number of inquiries?

    If key doesn’t kill this rot we will never be free again until change of Government.

    • Why the hell is the Governor General not taking an active part in the setting out the rules for a public inquiry etc. Is he another puppet also? This is serious business, and needs to be investigated seriously as well.

      • Lieutenant General Sir Jerry Mateparae, Govenor General…

        1) Can appoint judges and ministers,

        2) Can appoint / dismiss cabinet ministers – and if the House of Representataives loose confidence in the Prime Minister the Govenor General can dismiss that Prime Minister .

        3) This is done under the Letters Patent 2006

        4) He is the de facto Head of State .

        5) All duties carried out in the name of the Queen.

        So yes, …it is totally feasible , but under extreme circumstances…and these events are fast approaching those requirements.

    • Good thinking Cleangreen, I have just emailed Campbelllive Team, we need plenty of others to do the same, Key can not be allowed to get away with a National Party driven whitewash.

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