Bomber, Laila and Maggie – a highlight from Auckland Broadcasting Debate 2014


Bomber, Laila and Maggie – a highlight from Auckland Broadcasting Debate 2014


  1. It was definitely the most entertaining debate I’ve been to yet, and Guy Williams did a stellar job of ensuring that. I wish it was possible to see the outrage from the audience rather than only hear some of it.

    • I can be satisfied with hearing the outrage!!! That is enough…though yes, moving pictures would have been great!

  2. did M Barrie (who does get a brief mention in the Slater/Lusk discussions actually debate the policies like John Key says National wants to do, or did she just mouth off?

  3. Amazing how so many Nats keep dwelling on KDC’s criminal back ground, or N Hager whistleblowing on politicians dirty or unlawful dealings.

    Sounds as though Ms Barry thinks that we NZer’s think the behaviour of the National Party politicians is acceptable. WE DO NOT.

    Let her be reminded that those of us paying her wages, expect a much better standard of workmanship.

    What is happening between our Prime Minister and the rest of the National Party members and their ‘Friends’, is the type of behaviour one would find amongst sewer rats.

    National have 19 days to concentrate on cleaning up their acts before it is too late. I don’t like their chances.

  4. Classic. Completely unwilling to engage with the content of Dirty Politics, National Ltd™ has no option other than to continue to smear in the hope that people can take comfort in a decision to remain ignorant by choosing not to read a factual account of the goings-on of those ostensibly charged with furthering all our best interests.

    Tory Ideology 101: When confronted with undeniable facts and/or irrefutable logics, apply ad hom

    The frustrating part is that Natonal Ltd™ can get away with it. Its almost as if many, many New Zealanders are pleading for anyexcuse to ease the near over-whelming cognitive dissonance echoing in their mind. “Oh, Kim Dotcom is behind the book, he’s a criminal, Nicky Hager used *stolen* emails . . . whew! No need to worry, then.” Frustrating, and kinda sad.

  5. Jesus ! What’s happened to Blabbie Barry ? Oh my God ! Is there a fiendish machine out there turning plain women into Golems ?

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