Comparing burning puppets, hip hop lyrics and drunk student chants to blackmailing MPs, hacking political party computers & SIS info


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Watching the mainstream media try and obscure Cunliffe’s surprise win in the leaders debate  is a reminder the Press Gallery is in depressed shock.

The current spin line from the Wellington bubble media in the wake of Dirty Politics is that the Left are just as bas as the right

And from the Left, footage has surfaced of curse word-laden chants and burning effigies of Key, along with a song threatening to kill him and have sex with his daughter.

…let’s get this completely straight shall we? A puppet gets burnt on a bonfire and the people burning it have nothing to do with any political party + Hip Hop lyrics needing to be reported to the Police plus drunk students out on the town having their chanting described in the mainstream media  as a ‘Nazi chant’ = comparison to gross abuse of executive  power that include hacking into the Labour Party computer and downloading their entire server + blackmailing an MP to stand down using lewd details + giving a far right hate speech merchant like Cameron Slater Secret Intelligence Service information to attack political rivals + rigging candidate selections + trawling brothels for dirt on journalists + having the power to get a prisoner moved + crucifying a public servant?

How the hell can a handful of examples that aren’t the ‘Left’ behaving in any such manner as projected by the media be comparable in any way shape or form to evidenced examples of outright political corruption?

These things are not comparable and pretending it is lets National off the hook. I call bullshit on that, back on the hook Mr Key.


  1. The Key led National Party is a party without a moral compass, ethics, integrity, empathy or common decency and lacks compassion for the less well-off and underprivileged members of our society. Any party that works closely with Cameron Slater is unworthy of holding the Treasury benches.

    • I would say more of a vicious , dangerous , anti democratic autocratically minded cabal of neo liberal ‘Born to Rule’ globalists who view NZ as a strategically placed country in the 5 eyes spy network.

      These people are dangerous.

      • Dangerous but stupid.

        No subtlety and no brains – people don’t vote for people who are conspicuously stupider than themselves, and the pattern that’s emerging shows that Cam has been running National more than Key has – it’s fatal to the brand even among dyed-in-the-wool Gnats who are unphased by gross corrution and impropriety.

        Cam has been the de-facto leader of National.

  2. So the press was dealing through Slater also, to undermine our political process?

    We need a full royal commission independent wide reaching investigation into all Government and MSM collusion here, as Herald and others were partnering to undermine politicians!

    We have been corrupted. Britain dealt with Murdock over there and we have to also do this here right?

    Read this example of lies NZ Herald was peddling. last year claiming we were among the lowest corrupt in the world? This while they were part of the Black op’s?
    It is called corrupted press and civil service or cancer. True corrupt Murdock press see below. We need an investigation into MSM as well as Government now. Herald run a story last year claiming “NZ among the least corrupt in world.”

    while a NZ group here said the opposite.

    Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment The Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment was released by Transparency International New Zealand on International Anti-Corruption Day, 9 December 2013. This landmark report reveals that serious and urgent action is needed to protect and extend integrity in New Zealand. Recent incidents and investigations of corruption, and increasing public concern, provide a compelling case for a more pro-active approach to these issues. According to Co-Director Suzanne Snively “Our report finds that the mechanisms that support a high integrity and high trust society, and that facilitate social and economic development, remain generally robust but are coming under increasing stress. There has been complacency in the face of increased risks”. –

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