BREAKING: I am not a Crook – Whaleoil crushes Crusher



“I am not a crook” – Judith ends up shooting herself

A new email has been released suggesting that Collins was attempting to undermine the head of Serious Fraud Office with the help of far right hate speech merchant Cameron Slater.




She has been forced to resign.  Cameron Slater destroys another political career!

Key’s need to sack Collins is driven by expediency not ethics – if it were ethical Ede would be gone too. Ede can’t go because Eagleson must have known what Ede was doing with Slater.

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That the Justice Minister was trying to undermine the head of the SFO is just incredible.

National’s rowing boat seems to be headed towards a waterfall.

There must be an immediate inquest into what the hell has been happening here.

National are now in meltdown. Did the leak to Key come from inside the National Party?


John Key is being destroyed by a thousand rays of sunlight.


    • The Sinking Ship: Not only Judith Collins but her partner in grime Cameron Slater. How does his predominantly rightwing online audience feel about him laying a complaint with police against the prime minister himself John ‘Teflon’ Key! John no mates apparently.

      What is going on within the right wing faction at the moment. Matthew Hooton jumping off the sinking ship, then Sean Plunket, whose next. Duncan Garner writes about the end of the line for John Key. Most of the columns on speak of the disillusionment of John Key’s performance of late. John Armstrong, the whole lot are jumping ship until the only person left at the helm of #TeamKey is Key himself.

  1. Sadly I think that this will only serve to make John Key look ‘decisive’ , , ‘back in control’ etcetera. Ultimately polls won’t move to the left because of it. It’s the mirage of #JK not his minsters that the peps in the middle are voteing for.

    • Sadly I think you need better trolling skills, Slater does classes and apparently he’s got no one calling him so he should be relatively cheap right now.

      • Obviously that came across wrong. I would love to see National get kicked out of office. I just don’t think this is going to do it. This can be spun in John Keys favour.

        • In the end, alas, you are right Dan. There is a core group of habitual National supporters out there that will vote National come hell or high water. They are not interested in politics, or morality, or the good of the country, or any of that stuff. Cognitive dissonance being what it is, they simply rationalise the dirt into non-existence with self-deluding statements like “There is dirt on both sides” etc. etc.

          They are SOLELY interested in preserving their wealth, in avoiding tax, in keeping the tax rate on their family trusts at a lower rate than their personal income tax (whatever little they have to pay ‘cos it wasn’t fully exempted via various other tax dodges or tax loopholes).

          They have no OPTION as they see it, to vote National, or perhaps, at a real stretch, Conservative.

          Preserving their wealth is their prime directive. Nothing much else matters to them.

          National will take a knock, but if the huge group of disenchanted non-voters out there fail to vote again (like they did last time)0 then National will still barge through, crap-laden boots and all.

          Alas, we can’t yet count our unhatched chickens.

      • From reading Nicky Hager’s book, Cam ‘Slug’ Slater always was cheap.

        Not, by the way, that Mr Hager says any such thing. I rather admired his last chapter, which seems to suggest that Mr Hager was prepared to see that there was some good in the guy – or at least acknowledged that others might do so.

        The Hon. Judith Collins is dog tucker – a particularly toxic brand of dog tucker – and good riddance. Would the same could be said of the rest of this incompetent and corrupt National administration.

    • If you keep putting off a decision for most of the year, you’re never going to look ‘decisive’ when you finally, grudgingly do it. Too little, too late, too bad. Even some Nats who have been happy to be led along like blind sheep have finally realised the slaughter-yards are dead ahead and it may be wise to stray away from the flock.

  2. Sadly I think that this will only serve to make John Key look ‘decisive’ , , ‘back in control’ etcetera. Ultimately polls won’t move to the left because of it. It’s the mirage of #JK not his minsters that the peps in the middle are voting for.

    • It’s the mirage of #JK not his ministers that the peps in the middle are voting for.”

      I’d tend to agree with you there – it’s incredible how many people are still clinging to the Key mirage! What will it take to move them – Key announcing a 90% tax on middle incomes might do it, but, honestly, many of the “Oh I don’t follow politics or read about that stuff and John Key is still such a nice chap” make me want to push their stupid heads down the toilet!

    • Dan He is past used now.

      Remember every time people pass his billboard seeing him will provoke some unease now.

      Just that his Justice Minister has resigned/pushed that was his and Collins friend slater caused it all and what is coming for key now.

      Whale dump tomorrow is dumping to press the whole email chapter between Collins and Slater, you now know was the Minister Key stuck by through all that time?

      If he was in contact with Slater also it doesn’t take a clever person long to figure why did Key not know Collins was so deep in with Slater?

      Doesn’t stack up see? Then Key shows weak as well with how he did not deal today with the herald issue using leaked documents between Inside ops’ and the press, that’s another New of the world look alike scandal. we will see if he orders a enquiry there.

  3. I suspect FJK would have used any material at hand to try and plug the leak in his rowing boat, however, he might find JC can walk on water.

  4. This is great news.
    Collins gone. Yay, this will have made the day for many!

    So who looks after our Justice and ACC ministries now?
    Do they remain in limbo until after the election?
    Or will she still have her dirty hands on them somehow?


    • New Justice Minister will be Chris Finlayson.

      New ACC Minister will be Craig Foss.

      Shouldn’t expect to see any changes as they were both her right hand men already!

      “With the news that was proved that she had been feeding garbage to blogger, cameron slater, it was a real deal that after the slanting Auditor Generals remarks in forward to their Review of ACC (78% failure rate) and the UN’s interest in our right to Justice, she was going to have to go at some stage soon.”


  5. Well I called it. Collins will “resign” before election. Was frankly astounded Key kept her on this long. The question is, will she bring down the party with her in a sort of Hindenburg event? We can only hope.

  6. How about that. I didn’t know the Herald was passing smears they wouldn’t print themselves onto Whale Oil to publish.

    So much for journalistic integrity at the Herald. Judith Collins is not the only person who will have to fish their reputation out of the toilet.

    • This is the disturbing bit. Savage was the one carrying the Liu affair in smearing Cunliff and now he’s been implicated literally working hand in glove with slater in smearing the Serious fraud office.

      • Could this be a case for the Serious Fraud Office to investigate? Or maybe pass on to the Serious Burn Unit…?

        • Go in hard, Frank. The Herald has been actively cheering for this sordid mob for far too long.

          The Herald’s role needs to be exposed so they can be ridiculed and marginalised, which is no less than they deserve.

      • @Bastables – Savage has written a piece, attempting to justify his association with Slater, re the SFO issue! This is followed by some incomprehensible drivel from Fran O’Sullivan, trying to worm her way around any involvement with WhaleOil.

        Given the footnote, it seems the directive to publish these two articles today have come from the Chief Editor Tim Murphy and Editor Shayne Currie!

        First Fisher, now Savage and O’Sullivan, from the NZH. Perhaps Armstrong, Trevett and Young might follow suit, to save their own rotten backsides!

        Seems the hierarchy of the Herald might be getting a bit restless now, as more revelations come to light!

      • the herald has a lot questions to answer as well we need a royal commission into the role of the media and probe into the national party and the key government this is true face of corruption at multiple levels it is a cancer and it has to be removed

    • British dealt with news of world scandal well and wonder if Key will do anything to NZ Herald as they have the same owner Rupert Murdock???

      • @cleangreen – you jest of course! FJK taking action against the NZH, one of his main propaganda mechanisms?

        Can’t see it happening anytime soon somehow, because FJK is too weak and insipid to stand up for Kiwis, those he’s supposed to represent!

        Self serving traitor he is!

  7. How about that. I didn’t know the Herald was passing smears they wouldn’t print themselves onto Whale Oil to publish.

    So much for journalistic integrity at the Herald. Judith Collins is not the only who will have to fish their reputation out of the toilet.

      • Jared Savage needs to be investigated, along with the Herald Editor, for their role in the ‘black ops’ capaign against Cunliffe and the $100k bottle of wine.” THAT dirty event should not be allowed to just quietly disappear!

        • while national is in government nothing will get investigated there not going to investigate themselves the cure is a new government with a brisk sweep but I be leave this corrupt smell is rooted right at the heart of the national party and its cronies a royal commission with the power to access records will be required. franklin d Roosevelt formed the corcoran commission to root out corrupt bankers
          we need something similiar to remove this corrupt stink from society

  8. It also seems that Cameron Slater worked with Mathew Hooton to use Ipredict to game public perception against the head of the Serious Fraud Office.

    Watch this space.

    • Exactly, lets see a British style drag the rotten MSM over the coals with Rupert Murdock and break his grip on our press.

  9. I’m going to speculate a bit more. Is New Zealand now primed and ready for the dreaded “purple coalition”? I think almost all countries that have a proportional representation eventually get one. Would anyone here be shocked if National and Labour form a coalition solely to sideline the Greens (yet again), The New Zealand Party (because Winston), and of course Internet Mana (because Hone)? Which party do National and Labour have most in common with? Answer: Each other. The dominoes are falling in a way that 2014 might just be the year of NZs first “purple” Government.

    • I wouldn’t put anything past any politician of whatever colour, shade or hue. Don’t get me wrong – I still cast a vote. I admit on one memorable occasion I wrote across my polling paper “I turn up here to perform my civic duty, and this is the crap you serve up?” But I was feeling extra pissed off that year. I still insist I voted that year – just voted for nobody.

      I have already decided how I’ll vote. But I do sometimes wonder whether by voting at all I am merely encouraging them. There are two aspects of electoral politics I firmly believe:

      1.However you vote, the government always gets in (think about that).

      2.If democracy did any real good for the polity at large, it would be, to re-employ Don Brash’s deathless phrase, ‘gone by lunchtime.’

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, I think it is inevitable but 2014 may be too early. Possibly 2020 or 2023, take into account another (but more severe) global financial crisis.

      While progressives have every reason to rejoice in the demise of National, I doubt we’ll see any substantially progressive reforms with a coalition government of Labour, the Greens and Internet Mana; while the latter two parties offer a vision, Labour still seems largely committed to the status quo albeit with some minor tweaks.

      • I wouldn’t call a CGT a “minor tweak.” It may take time for its effects to take hold, but it’s a pretty major change.

    • Have you actually looked at the policies? I really don’t see there is enough commonality that National and Labour could ‘mix’ themselves into a nice shade of lilac – not this Labour, unless you believe that they are selling a line of bullsht (which could be leveled at any of the parties). Previous Labour yes possibly but not this one. Otherwise it really will be the end – you can’t run a party with no footsoldiers!

  10. Interesting that it was Jared Savage in daily contact with Whaleoil providing material the Herald wouldn’t print. The same Jared Savage who did the Donghua Liu Labour Party donation story.

    This isn’t from Whaledump evidently – so where has it come from? Why didn’t Nicky see this email (I am sure he would have included it if he had).

  11. Grant Robertson, on TV3: “This reveals a culture of abuse of power, that John Key allowed to develop under his watch…. Just sacking Collins does not resolve much of that….. And, what about the role of Jason Ede, that has still to be resolved.”

  12. I too thought it interesting the way the Herald gave the offal to Whaleoil to run with while they maintained a facade of decency.

    In this quid pro quo world, where oh where did baseless the Donghua Lui $100 000 bottle of wine Sunday Herald smear story come from I wonder, the one that did so much undeserved damage, not the least to the Heralds subscriber base?

    To quote John Key himself as he turned the knife into Cunliffe after that smear, “Politics is about trust.” Have some karma John Key, you and your party are about as trustworthy as shithouse rats!

    • Remember what Helen Clark said at the 2008 elections? She repeatedly stated that the most important thing kiwis had to consider when voting was the issue of trust. How true that has come to be.

  13. Why is it that these people, who are paid exceptionally well to do their jobs always ruin it by wanting more….talk about ungrateful, their type of behaviour wouldn’t be accepted in most jobs… since she has resigned, is she still entitled ministerial benefits????

    • Actually Dadi, I don’t think JC is fit to represent the people of a Municipal S..thouse let alone the people of Papakura.

      It remains to be seen whether the National Party would want her to be destroying that seat as well. She should be out full stop – and no political perks what so ever.

    • It is called corrupted press and civil service or cancer.

      True corrupt Murdock press see below. We need an investigation into MSM as well as Government now.

      Herald run a story last year claiming “NZ among the least corrupt in world.”

      while a NZ group here said the opposite.

      Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand
      National Integrity System Assessment

      The Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment was released by Transparency International New Zealand on International Anti-Corruption Day, 9 December 2013.

      This landmark report reveals that serious and urgent action is needed to protect and extend integrity in New Zealand. Recent incidents and investigations of corruption, and increasing public concern, provide a compelling case for a more pro-active approach to these issues.

      According to Co-Director Suzanne Snively “Our report finds that the mechanisms that support a high integrity and high trust society, and that facilitate social and economic development, remain generally robust but are coming under increasing stress. There has been complacency in the face of increased risks”.

  14. I note in that press conference Key still thinks its quite acceptable for a the Minister of Justice to leak a public servants details from her privileged position to a well known nasty blog site to expressly damage that individual. Keys rationale was that it was already in the public domain which is not quite true and even if it were what the hell is a Crown Minister up to that kind of shit for?

    It shows Key has no moral compass or ethics either

    • More to the point, “akshly” shows him up “at tha end of tha day” to be anything but the sharpest pencil in the pack. No doubt the inner-circle hawks are sharpening their claws, ready to swoop on his corpse too, IF Natz polling continues to dive … “leadership in free-fall” if ever there was !

  15. Thinking of unsavoury and politically fatal connections (sometimes literally fatal), I wonder whether anyone else here reads the respected US financial blog Naked Capitalism?

    A regular poster has contributed several well researched items on the New Zealand Companies Office and its years-long record of laxity about permitting obvious shell companies to register and remain, which is quite useful for a lot of dirty business including the big-time money launderers of the world.

    In the latest two posts he has also linked those world-class bad actors to John Key, via Cactus Kate, wondering aloud whether she could possibly be unaware of how bad the company is, that the record clearly shows that she keeps.

    (That’s in the final inches of this long post:

    At the end of the latest post (today:, one of the blog’s staff comments “Ya know, if this were some kinda corrupt third world country instead of “Five Eyes” member New Zealand, I’d be asking myself what high official was protecting the New Zealand Registrar of Companies. And why. Just a thought.”

    Maybe these things are too esoteric and complex to matter to the average voter?

  16. Such naivety on view here. Ask yourself why it was this email which only connects Collins to the conspiracy 3rd hand was the one which caused Key to pull the pin?
    The other aspect that it was in no way connected to any of Nicky Hager’s revelations is equally important.
    I’ve been counseling against focusing solely on Collins dismissal because the easiest thing for the natz to do would be to dismiss her. They have done that leaving the opposition swinging in the wind. Also there are added elements which have whaleoil’s ugly stamp all over them.
    Key can continue to ignore any of Hager’s issues because this is unconnected to them at the same time as taking credit for ‘running a clean govt’.
    Ninnies who think there is the slightest chance of Collins hitting back at Key except in the most faux manner, clearly don’t understand NZ politics.
    If Key wins re election and this resignation will help that more than it hinders it, the distance between Collins and the conspiracy almost certainly means that any enquiry, however constituted will find Collins involvement unproven. She’ll be back.
    Lastly the Herald has copped a touch up because it didn’t toe the party line closely enough.
    The slug will have been flat out like a lizard drinking searching out exactly the email to do this with and you mob are celebrating?

    • Yep. There’s been a movement to distance themselves from Slater but only in public. Behind the scenes they are still using him.

      This email release will have been well thought out at the top and come down the chain of command from there: Crosby/Textor to Key to Eagleson to Slater to Odgers. Then Odgers sends it back to Eagleson.

    • Sorry I cant agree entirely because even this lot who are the slippery dodgy leadership of National have not pulled off some master stroke here, its damage control and hope for the best.

      I cannot remember when a top ranking minister or any minister or any government MP for that matter been axed just 3 weeks out from an election. National have been pissing blood for months over her and lately its got much worse. Its a terrible look and its not going to go away for the next few days either. This government is clearly racked with internal problems to go with their inability to run the economy.

      I agree with Winston Peters that its more to do with the plot to overthrow Key than anything else and to use one of her words, “frankly” she’s been a festering boil on National arse so she had to go. I’m stunned, as are many, that it took this long but you can understand why Key would have preferred not to deal with this at all because all roads keep leading back to his “office”.

  17. Both Ede and Collins need to be fired (or at least suspended pending independent investigation ) for Keys to regain a sense of strong leadership and moral integrity.

    But even if this occurs the question still remains has the Prime Minister mislead the country about the SIS release to Slater.

    Matthew Hootons recent Metro article / Sean Plunkett radio live interview yesterday detailed Tuckers 40 plus years as the countries top SIS civil servant who served 5 Prime Ministers with a distinquished career in a measured apolitical fashion . So to release secret ,classified Govt material without the express approval of the PM was to Hooton (as a parlimentary insider) literally unbelievable.Tuckers ” I informed the PM ” Letter and Keys press conference clip of Aug 8 2011 support this. PM directly ,not PMs office .According to Hooton If Tucker had released the information without approval , he would have broken Section 4.a.a of the SIS act , which prohibits the release of any SIS information on political grounds .Key could then hold him to account , but hes not, because clearly Tucker didnt release without prior ministerial approval . KEYGATE .

    Theres no doubt both Collins and Ede are the slowing kelp which needs to be chopped off the keel of the National Waka .

    But should the SIS Keygate story continue to cast a long shadow of “toxic constructive ambiguity ” and the PM continues to drop in the polls , National can always rely on the B Plan to Drop Keys and replace him with an honest decent National MP/PM to redefine integrity in NZ politics .Winston tells us that supposed to be Judith Collins ? Oh dear .

    I suspect the deal will be ,Collins will be demoted but not expelled.In exchange Keys will ask for her complete discretion on ” awkward ” issues regarding himself .Given her substantial majority in her electorate it may be quite possible to be returned this election even with a reduced majority to fight another day .Sounds like a fair compromise for the sake of the party . To expel her now ,would risk mutually assured destruction .

  18. John Armstrong in the Herald is spinning the resignation as Christmas come early for Key. What planet is Armstrong on?

  19. John Key insists that it was all a left wing smear campaign except the latest revelation. No, no John. You know what a smear campaign is! It’s what you were running against David Cunliffe. A smear campaign is a campaign of lies. Whistle blowing is a campaign of truths.
    We are now assured that it is going to be all plain sailing for National (John Armstrong in the Herald). After all the wound has been cauterised. The one rogue minister has bitten the dust.
    If anyone believes this isn’t a body blow, validating as it does the Hager assertions, they are living on Planet Key.
    We are now hearing that JK is sure to have great come-back in the next debate. Why? He has to defend the indefensible. We now are supposed to believe that the tactics. the sleazy Wall Street tactics are also and equally employed by the left. Trouble is, no evidence. Why not? Because the Left has policy to distract them.
    I think we can confidently predict that there is a lot more homing mud to fly yet, and that Spaceship Key can look forward to a shitstorm of Klingons on the starboard bow.
    Time for the Left to stand up.

    • Yes indeed.

      And what has FJK done about all the corruptions within both ACC and Justice Ministries – is it just bizness sameold-sameold, or will the new ministers change things? Lose all her corrupt practices and make new healthy practices?

      I dont think so. So all that has been achieved really is that FJC has gone, as the figurehead of both ministries – as she should – but these new ministers have been at her right-hand through all the corruption. She has taught them for sure! Otherwise they would have surely blown the whistle themselves.

      Nats be gone!


  20. Also “refute” means disprove. Deny is what Key and Collins mean. Can some Spin Doctor have a word in their ear. Cameron…where are you when we need you?

  21. To little and to late has been Keys handling of this most corrupt police and then justice minister our country has ever seen.

    Lets be quite clear …. Keys initial ‘bluff’ response to Hagers book was to attack in true dirty politics style.

    He called Hager a ‘screaming left wing conspiracy theorist’ and claimed that the national party’s dirt machine exposure and his involvement with it was all a big ‘Left wing smear campaign’ against him.

    Exposing John Keys and the Nats dirt machine is them smearing themselves by their very own words and deeds.

    John Key is a slippery Wall Street Banker type. He came from the industry that through deceit, greed and false accounting gave the world the GFC.

    He goes into politics and then what do you know ……. GNPC 😉

  22. I think Cam “squash that” Slater can now safely be labeled “October 22, 1844” – The Great Dissappointment. (those from his wee church who, like Slater, believe in mythological beings will understand) What an amateur, and with such a large chip on his shoulder too. Sorry, (thats how that word sounds Judith “Blusher” Collins), but I call it as I C it.

  23. I have a (conspiracy) theory to suggest: JC had decided to resign a few weeks ago but waited until after candidate enrolments had closed so National couldn’t replace her in Papakura and no-one else can enter the race either. I’m not sure if the Conservatives or ACT have a candidate there but if they do, they might be feeling a bit more chipper today. It all seems a bit too convenient that another “piece of evidence” that supposedly nobody knew about before arrives at such a time.

  24. I’ve been thinking.

    Were the attempts by Cameron Slater, ‘Cactus’ Kate Odgers, Mark Hotchings, Judith Collins and numerous others against the then head of the Serious Fraud Office Adam Feeley an attempt to pervert the course of justice (Crimes Act 1961, Section 116)?

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