BREAKING: Rumours Judith Collins gone at lunchtime



Brook Sabin first of the mark with rumours Judith Collins is about to resign – PM announcing a statement at 12.30pm…

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 11.24.26 am

…Paddy follows…

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 11.25.45 am

…Vance confirms..

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…if Collins is gone by lunchtime, it will be because the PM understands the amount of damage #whaledump has still to wield and it will be because their internal polling is haemorrhaging. Key has to cauterise the legacy of Dirty Politics somehow.   Key does this as a new smear campaign against the Green and Labour funded by the right is being exposed.

The question now is that when John Key says Judith Collins will resign – does he mean her or her office?

Details at 12.30pm


  1. Judith Collins and her office becos they will be contaminated!! AND while he’s at it take Parata and her MOE as well on the way!

    • Even if so, she’s toast. I can’t imagine she’s going to fare at all well in her electorate. If she and National were to win, they’d still have to sack her post election, forcing a local by-election, which could anger voters into switching to Labour or Greens. There really is no happy ending here. Well, not if you’re a member of National anyway.

      As for the rest of us… Party on, Garth. Party on, Wayne.

  2. Judith Collins has been ‘Whale Dumped’.

    As more details of sleaze are released. Judith Collins may not be the last, as National try to distance themselves from the toxic Cameron Slater.

  3. How crooked is this government?

    Collins cannot just be written off as a rogue element, she is the face of their culture surely!

  4. Stuff has a headline stating Collins thinks she’s a ‘victim’ of a 2 year smear campaign.

    She’s a victim of nothing.

    The people she hurt while in office, however, are actual victims.

    I’m stunned she thinks she can pull a cry now and everything will be sorted.

  5. Such wonderful news!

    This has made my day happy, knowing she is gone.
    They can use the ‘resigned’ label all they like.

    FJC got the boot, and about time!

    Now lets see if we can get our Justice and ACC Ministries fixed sometime soon.



  6. ‘Victim of a two year smear campaign’……hahaha !…more like all the spoonfeeding she gave to her obnoxious little wayward child at Whalespew spat it all out back all over her face 🙂

    She has only herself to blame for all the grubby , dirty muck now smeared all over her own countenance.

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