Why Internet MANA are the best political friends the Greens could ever get



Metiria at last nights #GreenRoomNZ: standing on the shoulders and camera cases of giants 

NZers, regardless of political spectrum or apathy level, have a wonderful beach cricket egalitarianism about us. If we can objectively conclude a winner, then that person should win. Cunliffe’s solid performance last night in the leaders debate will have challenged the media projected perception of him to viewers and Labour are now contenders again.

So consideration needs to turn to how a possible new Government will operate. In this, Internet MANA are the Greens best friend.

The Greens are on the ascension of political power and in a new Government must be given real policy muscle and the ability to generate sustainable change by greening the economy. If the majority is Labour + Green + NZ First, the Greens can kiss goodbye to real change because Winston will use his leverage to block much of the Green agenda, and it won’t be the first time Labour have used NZ First for this purpose.

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That’s where Internet MANA step in. If the majority is Labour + Green + Internet MANA, then that ensures the Green Party can get real change while allowing NZ First to join the Government post a supply and confidence arrangement with Internet MANA.

If the majority isn’t dependent on NZ First, the Greens gain real voice inside Cabinet.


  1. If left wing politics was Bebop Jazz, the Greens would be “cool” like Miles Davis, while IMP woud be “hot” like Dizzy Gillespie

  2. Well, duh. Of course they are. According to Vote Compass NZ 2014, they sit right next to each other on the political compass. And they’re closer to each other than any other two political parties other than National and the Conservatives. The only possible problem is that they could take each others votes.

  3. Yes, I agree, Internet Mana and the Greens would make good political friends. They both lean towards being dictatorial communist parties and both have a healthy disrespect for private property rights.

    But before jumping into bed with the Greens, it might pay to have a word with Russel Norman. As far as leaders go, there can be only one!

  4. “NZers, regardless of political spectrum or apathy level, have a wonderful beach cricket egalitarianism about us.”

    Not any more, unfortunately. They don’t play cricket on Hawaiian beaches. Tories holiday in resorts away from the rest of us. They pretend to join in around election time, but they really don’t like being near us. I think you’re talking of an Aotearoa that used to exist before the first ACT government began to poison our culture.

  5. Peters said today he will not enter a Govt. Involving IMP. He categorically ruled out the IP specifically. There is no way Labour plus the Greens can get across the line, and even with Peters it seems highly unlikely. The four headed monster is totally unelectable, and you’ll find that out come election night.

    • You’re right that the four-headed monster – the Gnats, Conservatives, Maori and UF are totally unelectable – though in fairness you should include Jamie Whyte’s ACT party – his ‘family friendly’ policies are the crowning folly of a hydra so stupid and vicious only Judith Collins could properly lead it.

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