GUEST BLOG: Denis Tegg – When Did We Agree To Our Data Being Shared with CIA?


New shocking evidence has emerged from Edward Snowden’s trove of documents about a program called ICREACH under which data collected by the GCSB is shared with 23 US spy agencies.

Under new sharing agreements which appear to have commenced immediately after John Key’s government came to power in 2008, data collected by the GCSB is shared with internal US spy agencies including the CIA, FBI, and US military intelligence.

In fact the GCSB and Key were so keen to please their US masters that in 2008  they agreed to the sharing of data with the CIA and FBI before any of the other Five Eyes (Second Party) partners did so.

Included in the sharing arrangement were “telephony call events”.  6 years ago the program had already collected 850 billion records and was growing at 1-2 billion records a day.   The Five Eyes, including New Zealand’s GCSB had by 2008 provided 126 billion “call events”
The GCSB Act passed last year is full of loopholes which allow warrant-less spying on New Zealanders. Just before the GCSB law was amended in 2013, a “Special Source Operations” site for US spies was set for installation in New Zealand.
Few kiwis believe Key when he says he/his office was not involved in dirty politics. Even fewer will believe his assurances that their data is not being collected by the GCSB and shared with US spies.

Denis Tegg is a Lawyer, Activist, (former spokesperson ) of environment group Coromandel Watchdog for 35 years. Successfully kept mining companies out of Coromandel conservation land.  Researcher / writer on state surveillance and erosion of civil liberties.


  1. When 2.8 million Kiwis go to review their Vodafone activity (voice, text, Internet), why does resolve to an IP in Melbourne?

  2. This is crazy! I’m waiting for the big announcement from Dotcom and Snowden on 15th September regaurding spying on NZ. I will be highly dissapointed with Key if this is the case. Thank you for your blog, really interesting read.

  3. I have been watching a tv drama called ‘Secret State’ which, along with ‘Nikita’, gives a lot of visual information on the deployment of the spying apparatus. Sure, sure, there are plenty of other quasi-realistic spy dramas, all of which chart the maxim of: ‘if it’s imaginable then it’s do-able’.

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