LIVE STREAM: The Green Room Leader’s Debate from 6:30pm


The Green Room will be hosted by media commentator Russel Brown, and will feature Green Co-leaders Metiria Turei and Russel Norman responding to the debate live, along with comment from thought leaders and commentators.

‘The Green Room’
6pm – 8.30pm
Thursday 28th of August
The Golden Dawn (corner of Richmond and Ponsonby Rds).

The ‘Green Room’ will stream tonight on The Daily Blog during the TV One leaders’ debate.

Use #GreenRoomNZ on Twitter to join in.

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The Green Room will feature a live NZ Sign Language interpreter.

The livestream is designed to be a companion rather than a competitor to the TV debate – a second screen that shows a different perspective.

Join us at 6.30pm

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  1. Thanks for the Daily Blog to present this. Sadly I only saw the last bit. As for the real leader’s debate, it was as disappointing as I thought it would be, and Hosking was running it in a mediocre and still slightly biased way.

    It would have been better having Russel Norman besides the two main contenders.

    It will not change my vote what I saw and heard tonight, it will be Greens for party vote now, after all!

    • How do you feel about cunliffe stating on radio live with Ali and willy that he rarely speaks to bloggers? You speak to him regularly so that was a blatant lie? Also Rob Salmond blogs on standard and others……why can’t cunliffe tell the truth?

  2. urrgh,

    Key started very badly, Cunliffe absolutely pwned him in opening section.
    Key later recovered when debate turned to figures and he bombarded the audience with mind-numbing BS delivered in his sly relaxed manner.

    Who performed best depends on your personal bias, one thing for sure – the audience and home viewer votes where completely manipulated.

  3. The leaders debate = MSM influenced, boring and old school.
    The Green Room debate = Certainly more interesting, entertaining, informative and new school.
    I know which way I will be voting.

  4. It was a great “debate” of sorts, but for Key it was less than mediocre. Cunliffe is smelling the oil now, I sense, he just needs to get the final polish and deal to Hone Key and serve him the last blow. That PM we have is hollow, shallow, full of BS and gets away with too much.

    We want and need a clean out, throw the BS artist out thanks, dear voters, and give us a truly better future, for NEW ZEALANDERS, not sell out artists from China, US, Russia or wherever from.

    Thanks, I will voter Greens, and if need be Labour for candidate.

    • Do the maths the greens have asked for auditor general because they don’t believe the labour budget, under greens a bottle of milk will be the same price as gold per once, people are now doing the maths, with Len brown doing tolls and majority of Auckland not wanting train set

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