Labour Policy vs National Policy



John Key’s favourite defence spin at the moment is people want to talk about policy and not hear answers on the ethics of trawling brothels, why Slater was given SIS information, blackmailing MPs into standing down, rigging candidate elections and hacking political party computers.

So let’s have a gander at policy then shall we?

National Party Policy

Housing policy that will actually inflate prices, not reduce them.

Signing the TPPA to rob NZ of its economic sovereignty for American corporations.

Pretending to be better economic stewards than anyone else based on a TeamKey cult of no personality for a Prime Minister currently knee deep in whaleoil sewage.


Labour Party Policy

TDB Recommends

– Economic Upgrade package

– Pro-growth tax reform including R&D tax credits and Capital Gains Tax (excluding the family home)

– Universal KiwiSaver

– Monetary policy reforms to boost exports and lower interest rates

– $200 million regional development fund

– Every young person under 20 in work, education or training

– Increase the minimum wage to $16.25 in our first year

– Reduce unemployment to 4% by the end of our first term

– Assist people from welfare into work through an increase in abatement thresholds

– 100,000 new affordable homes over ten years through KiwiBuild

– Crack down on speculators by stopping offshore purchases and introducing a CGT excluding the family home

– Remove LVR restrictions for first home buyers

– Ensure every rental is warm and dry with our Healthy Homes Guarantee

– Reduce power bills by hundreds of dollars a year with NZ Power

– Free GP visits and prescriptions for over 65s, under 13s, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses

– Lower class sizes by hiring 2000 more teachers

– Affordable digital devices for every child

– Replace school donations by giving schools $100 for every child if they don’t ask for a donation

– Best Start payment of $60 a week for most parents in the first year of a baby’s life, continuing up to age 3 for people on low-middle incomes.

– 26 weeks paid parental leave

– 25 hours free ECE


One would think that policy is the last thing National would want to talk about. Screaming that Nicky Hager is a left wing conspiracy theorist while pretending that when someone, including John Key himself, refers directly to informing the Prime Minister of something, they are actually referring to an empty room,  is far more amusing.


  1. I agree in principle, but this is not a fair summary of National policy. You would be better off laying it out in more detail so we can make an informed comparison.

  2. Well, when you put it like that… ;-).
    I did the TVNZ Vote Compass today, and it came up with a dead heat for Mana/Green Party at 69% (which is somewhat surprising, because the “compass” put me pretty much right on Labour.
    As for the question regarding the “Most important election issue”, I simply put “Getting rid of John Key and his Government of cronies”.

  3. Well there you go then. National does have some policies after all does it? And here was me thinking they had run out of steam already … oh wait a mo … !

    I hope David Cunliffe is able to shame the crap out of FJK during the leadership debates.

  4. As I’ve commented several times before, Key HAS NO policy. His government is there to ensure the maintenance of the status quo.

    So of course he will endeavour to stop the debate heading in the direction of a discussion of policy. His government is there to look after the interests of the rich and the super-rich, both at home and abroad. Their interests are best served by maintaining the economic status quo, woefully outmoded though it clearly is.

  5. A list of what they may do not much detail and some have been postponed already.
    Cunliffe will come unstuck because he will not be able to speak the detail.
    He will resort to the “dirty politics ” book which will turn people off because the country is well over it.

    • @Jim47 – on the contrary.

      I think you will find once the going starts to turn sour for FJK, he will resort to his “left wing conspiracy theory”, as well as his usual nasty, arrogant, name calling behaviour, to derail the debate from focusing on the issue of policy.

      Ever watched him in Parliament? If you have, you will know what I’m referring to here!

      The gutter politics will come from FJK, as he’s well practiced in the game, just as Nicky Hager’s book already confirms!

  6. I agree with others on this thread, you have represented National policies poorly, Martyn, you appear to have missed their two main ones:

    National guarantee that they will
    1. Obfuscate at all times.
    2. Shirk responsibility for every mess they have made in this country – and preferably will shift the blame onto Labour or ‘The Left’.

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