How many taxpayer funded staff does John Key need to prepare for a Leaders debate?



John Key is currently at the Auckland Stamford Plaza with 40 staff, 4 undercover police cars and an entire floor booked out in preparation for tonights Leader’s debate.

Isn’t 40 staff including coms, flown up to Auckland for a debate prep a tad over the top?

He has effectively brought his entire Office to Auckland for the day.

Smells like the PM is a bit nervous.

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  1. And Andrea Vance tweeted earlier that he said he was going to shoot hoops with the boy child to relax!

  2. “He has effectively brought his entire Office to Auckland for the day.”

    Umm… Does that mean just him, or literally his entire office? We wouldn’t want to misinterpret the demarcations, after all.

  3. I hope he is nervous as it will show he is ready and genuine.
    He will have a healthy respect for David Cunliffe .

  4. If we fully publicly funded political parties I wouldn’t have a problem with this (so long as all parties got the same funding) but as we don’t why are we even paying for them at all?

  5. Shocking misuse of taxpayer money. I expect Jordan Williams to put out a timely press release first thing tomorrow morning.

  6. It did seem a bit extravagant……..especially as he could well have been expecting some significant help from Mr Hosking. And so it proved! Only the demented could have thought Mr Hosking could provide balance to this debate…….Mr Key had a significant advantage with such an ill considered choice of personnel for the role of a balanced political commentator

  7. But isn’t his “office” merely all the different aspects of the whole johnny? That explains all those brain fades when he’s away from it… He left that part of his brain behind on the ninth floor of the beehive.. After all, he did say that talking to his “office” was talking to him… I wonder what part Wayne Eagleson is?

  8. Forty staff with FJK is a bit excessive, considering really he is a nobody!

    It could be if he stuffs up during the debate, at least then he could blame his travelling “office” sideshow!

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