A brief word on National Party Rodney MP, Mark Mitchell


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MP considers legal action against Nicky Hager
The National MP says he is considering taking a defamation case after the September 20 election.
“Someone needs to be held accountable,” he said.

Oh really champ? Brothers and sisters, there is a long way to go until September 20th and many things can happen. One thing I don’t think will happen will be Mark Mitchell being in any position to take legal action against Nicky Hager.



  1. I would love this Mitchell to go to the police to lay a charge. On what grounds should be interesting. He wouldn’t have the fortitude tho. Because it would show him up as the liar.. He knows it, we know it. By saying he will, is a smoke screen to shield himself from the truth till after the election. That’s why he says he will lay charges after the election. Unscrupulous shit that he is.

    • @Robert Millar – I agree with you. However Mitchell is a former police officer himself, so will likely still have some “friendly” contacts in the force.

      Given this fact, the outcome of his complaint will be very interesting, considering he has nothing to back up his claims.

      Living in the Rodney electorate, I have the misfortune of having this village idiot as my MP!

      Useless git he is. Only good enough for asking the patsy questions in Parliament, when the going gets tough, to protect the side!

    • People with such extreme views like you weepus are the poison in this country. Your policies are a failure, they wreck countries, incentive, hope and become defunct monsters of supression. Wow Venezuela’ doing great for a solialist country, about the same kind of behaviour that you lot would impose if given the chance going on the amount of nasty spiteful writings found on this blog site.

      • The views of the ex-poaka who infest the NAct party and the Rambo fantasies of their allied bloggers are the real poison. You don’t see the left making death threats and trying to ruin the careers of innocent public servants, yet it’s par for the course on the other side.

        I also doubt if you know a thing about Venezuela except the lies spread by the anti-democratic rich of that country, most of whom identify more with the US and A than their own country. A bit like Blubber Boy and Lusk really.

  2. I agree with Mark Mitchell when he says “someone needs to be held accountable”.
    How about we start with John Key/Judith Collins and work our way on from there?
    Accountability seems to be a very rare commodity these days. Perhaps it’s time the prefix “The Right Honourable” was revisited and abandoned if the holders don’t believe they can live up to its promise.

  3. Mitchell had best be careful. If he loses a defamation suit (which is likely), he will be paying for Nicky Hager’s legal fees. Plus, Nicky Hager can counter-sue.

    I’d also be interested where his complaint about his Parliament Office being “burgled” has gone. False complaints can bring the full weight of the law down on a perpetrator.

    • No one was able to sue Nicky Hager over the Hollow Men, and the same will apply to Dirty Politics. Hager is too clever for these bimbos. It is just a bluff, and bluffs sometimes need to be called.

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