Crusher Collins caught out lying about Privacy Commissioner – is this her last, last, last chance again?


Crusher angry. Crusher smash own career. Crusher more angry.

You would think that after getting outed as such a nasty, vicious piece of work in Dirty Politics, that Crusher would be scrambling to dial back the lies and manipulations.

Apparently not…

Collins forced to backtrack over claim she’d been cleared
Under-pressure Justice Minister Judith Collins has had to backtrack this morning, after mistakenly saying the Privacy Commissioner had cleared her of wrong-doing in giving the details of a public servant to Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater.

But Privacy Commissioner John Edwards did no such thing, and suggested that he would investigate if the public servant in question, Internal Affairs official Simon Pleasants, laid a complaint.

…put aside the gleeful irony that Collins has the audacity to ‘champion’ cyber-bullying legislation, you would think that she would go out of her way to check her spin before blurting it out.

Is Judith lying about being cleared by the Privacy Commissioner to denigrate a public servant part of her last, last, last chance or is this a new last, last, last chance?

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This train wreck is becoming a weeping infected wound that will drown National in an ocean of pus. Not pleasant imagery for sure, but accurate.


  1. “That is the nature of friendship. You put up with your friends no matter what if you’re a loyal friend. And I’m a very loyal person.”

    John Key is clearly not one of her friends, or she would have resigned by now out of loyalty. Surely.

  2. Obviously Key is the only person in this universe who thinks Collins should remain in parliament.

    But good on him, she’s an absolute liability and as you say a weeping infected sore and the sum of all things National.

  3. After this latest incident from Collins, I’m convinced now she is completely unhinged and needs to be dismissed from her positions of MP and ministerial portfolios quick smart!

    No one in their right mind, let alone a public representative, would behave in the manner she has done over the past year, possibly longer!

    Who knows what she will try next. She is a total liability to the country. A time bomb perhaps, waiting to explode!

    If FJK fails to sack Collins after her comments today, then it’s a foregone conclusion she is holding something over him and whatever it is, he is terrified she will bring it out into the public domain, causing him humiliation, embarrassment and ridicule!

    Wait for it … FJK will have Collins on her very final warning of all warnings … until 20 September, that is!

  4. Interesting how the Herald write, “mistakenly saying.” This wasn’t a mistake it was another clear attempt to fool the public.

  5. How did someone so inherently dishonest get so far in politics? We seem to need some sort of psychological screening process for prospective MPs before they are given positions of power where trust and morals are so vitally important. Or am I being naïve ?

  6. This is not in the best interests of New Zealand that Judith Collins credibility interfares in the way NZ services the public with democratic interfarences from associate that are facing possible prosecutions for breaching privacy laws in NZ. Overseas Countries are appalled at this rightwing antic that America, Australia, UK and Canada show concerns about PM Mr John Philip Key’s involvement. NOT A GOID LOOK AND EFFECTS HIS CREDIBILITY.Good Job JK.

  7. ” This train wreck is becoming a weeping infected wound that will drown National in an ocean of pus. Not pleasant imagery for sure, but accurate” ……and so very joyous to behold.

  8. Collins is clearly showing all the signs of disconnect….frankly it looks as if there is something wrong with her mental state now.

    Is this really normal behavior?…something just doesn’t seem right…she is cunning enough to have a handle on revengeful acts and words…but seems to lack the intellectual cognitive reasoning ability to see the direct consequences of the methods she chooses to use.

    Her thought processes seem a clumsy and blunt tool now. Certainly not one of a perceptive , sharp or intuitive individual….more that of one whose world is becoming narrowed, dark and walled off.

  9. Key can not sack Collins because he was hands on and enjoyed taking part in what slater was up to.

    Why else was he ringing him regularly?.

    Either he was friends with slater or it was ‘work’ related.

    And maybe he was just friends with slater ……. for as others have said

    “So he pokes fun at dead children, engages in character assassination for cash, contacts prostitutes seeking information in order to blackmail or attack journalists, and colludes with ministers and prime-ministerial staffers to smear political opponents and innocent bystanders alike. None of this matters because Cameron Slater is a good bloke.”

  10. Remember the old Tern Trip bus tickets? Drivers would clip each of the segments every time you took a trip.

    (I think you know where I’m heading with this…)

    I think Collin’s Ten Trip-Up Ticket has about two or three clips left…

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