Hip hop death threats – the selective outrage of our media


PM death threat in hip hop song
An Auckland hip-hop crew slammed for releasing a song with lyrics that apparently include a threat to kill Prime Minister John Key are urging young people to enrol to vote.

Kill The PM, by @peace, depicts a golfing, luxury car-driving Key, and says he should die – “ain’t doin’ nothin’ so I’m gonna kill the prime minister”.

It continues: “I been tryin’ to get a job but they got none/so I instead I got a sawnoff shotgun/and ‘pop’.”

A spokesman for Police National Headquarters said today they were looking into the lyrics.

“Police is aware of the track – it is currently being assessed to determine any issues from a police perspective.”

The Electoral Commission was not available to comment but confirmed they were also evaluating the song’s lyrics.

A wag might suggest that when @peace sang ‘Kill John Key” – they were referring to Key’s office. I’m increasingly uncomfortable at the level of censorship the Electoral Commission are wielding this election, they’ve already banned one parody song, I’d hate for us to be limited to the following…

Approved songs from the Electoral Commission:
When I say, ‘Kill John Key’, you say, ‘not literally’
“Kill John Key” – “Not literarily”
“Kill John Key” – “Not literarily”
Now when I say, “Fuck John Key”, you say, “Only metaphorically”

…I’m not going to try and defend the lyrics of @Peace, that’s for them to do, but the selective outrage by some of our media is a tad tedious. It’s amazing that this song, which the media originally claimed was funded by NZ on Air – (that turned out to be a lie) – has received such attention when we have actual evidence in black and white published in a book that suggests MPs were blackmailed, candidate selections rigged, brothels trawled, computers hacked and secret intelligence service information passed directly to a far right hate speech merchant.

It’s interesting that the media want to focus on a Hip Hop song rather than real allegations that go all the way to the PMs office. When student chants get described as ‘Nazi chants’, burning effigies decried as hate politics and Hip Hop lyrics reported to the Police all the while a shameful culture of sadistic manipulation of our political culture is shrugged off by that same media as politics as usual, it’s self explanatory as to why youth are so utterly cynical towards the political process.

John Key demanded his daughter be left out of politics which is righteous, but it’s a pity he couldn’t extend that same courtesy to the Pike River family who had their son described as ‘feral’ by Key’s mate Cameron Slater.



  1. Someone puts a bullet through Hone’s window, nobody bats an eyelid…

    Some obscure rap group sings about wacking Key, everyone loses their fucking minds

  2. You expect idiot rapsters to come up with rubbish like that. What would really be surprising is if they came up with a real song.

  3. Has anything been done about the shooting of Harawiras office yet? Nah, didn’t think so, barely even got a mention in the news. Dumb song, but BFD. Graham Downes said it best, check out the TV3 News clip to hear his comments.

    • Harawiras office wasn’t the only place that was shot at on that night.
      Several other buildings were shot at too – with an air rifle – according to their local paper.


  4. Absolutely nasty and offensive song but at least the rapper has the defence of being being young and stupid, while we all know such garbage is par for the course when it comes to rap music.

    Not sure, though, what Cactus Kate, the NZ lawyer, writer and right-wing blogger, could offer as an excuse for — according to the leaked Slater emails — getting Slater to publish Hager’s address online while suggesting he might get a visit from some angry, dodgy-sounding people and possibly end up needing police protection.

    Has anyone questioned her about what she hoped to achieve, for example did she really want him to be put in harm’s way at the hands of Chinese thugs? Because that’s the way it reads.

  5. “A wag might suggest that when @peace sang ‘Kill John Key” – they were referring to Key’s office”

    That wag be me.

    Ta very muchly. Will use that in my next letters to the editor.

  6. You’ve got to admit though, this is a bit of a gift to John Key right at this time. The perfect distraction where others get to be outraged on his behalf and he can play it cool.

    • I don’t agree Aaron. Your comment would be correct if we had true professional unbiased news media but we dont!
      This song was evidently in the public domain last year and did we have this claptrap then? was it a news leader then? It has been pointed out time and time again on this site, there are a ton of real issues facing us in this election and what do we get?
      Our mainstream media hacks should hang their heads in shame.
      Perhaps on this site we should start mentioning those in mainstream media that do try to be professional. The only one I can think of at the moment is John Campbell. In my humble opinion he stands head & shoulders above the rest of his peers!
      Although I do think TV3 news has some-one who sneaks the odd bit proper reporting in, e.g. a small snipart of poverty and state houses in Napier recently.
      But over all I firmly believe our mainstream media is in the pocket of the Nation Party and thus are utterly irrelevant! I just hope the little hobbits of New Zealand start waking up to that fact.

  7. I don’t think it should be censored, but I think it’s a dumb move. Lyrics like that are just handing Key a free platter of sympathy from middle NZ who will quickly forget the scandals and fall in line with their beloved PM. Just as the left is taking one step forward, it’s stuff like this that is going to set us two steps back. Now the cries of personal attacks are going to be directed away from Slater and co, and onto anyone who doesn’t support the status quo. As much as I loathe Key, National, and everything they represent, I think this song is a shortsighted own goal.

  8. Oh yes,…We can have a .22 calibre bullet put through the office windows of a brown boy Left wing politician in this country and have a complete stonewalling in any journalistic investigation…

    But you even think about swearing at some bogus bullshit reporter who hasnt even the rudiments of understanding of the English language when he’s been told already

    And you’ll bring down the full wieght of the Right wing propaganda machine , its intelligence community , its blogsites , its lawyers ,its spy networks and the Electoral Commission to boot.

    And dont you even think about whistling or singing a tune ,either.

    What a fkn joke nation weve become.

  9. This banning of songs and artistic expressions is indicative of the entire draconian right wing mentalities engendering “ownership” of intellectual material bordering on theft. If there is to be freedom of expression this should include all forms of this expression. We do, after all, see freely available online recreations of rapes, murders, carjackings, hijackings, kidnaps and beheadings, mainly in the form of games which carry no censure. There is a level of journalism reflecting real world disaster-genocide and slaughter which is allowed, yet a mere song is deemed more damaging (to someone). Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  10. Mm…johnkey condones and aids ex judicial drone strike murder- msm does not object! John the buck stops with me key ruins the lives of three of new zealands businessmen (and their businesses…kim dotcom allan hubbard and russell malcolm) and msm dont bat an eyelid yet a band cant express some anger and hatred tho illegal in a song!

  11. I’m more interested in the discourse of the song at an emotive level combined with all the other media that too me is portraying peoples real disgust and anger at this natz government. Pop-culture has always been a target for politicians to suppress free speech – but I for one cannot see the difference about a song about john key and a book (biography) about john key except the author and it shows blatant censorship, and classism.
    Am I wrong in assuming the minister in charge of the electoral commissioner is one hey Jude I spilt the milk again collins under her role as Minister of Justice? – Dirty rotten filthy fecken politics!

  12. we have to condemn the articulation of the song but I can’t stop thinking I wholeheartedly agree with the general tone of the message.

    You couldn’t wish it on a nicer fellow

  13. Aparrently this song is from 2013 so why didn’t anyone say something about it at the time? Two weeks of scandal might have something to do with it.

  14. Sheeeeeeeiiiit! That shit is the mad notes! I’m listening to “Kill the Prime Minister” right now!

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