NZ First candidate – homophobic, bennie bashing anti-intellectual clown



Oh God, apart from Ron Mark, Tracey Martin, Curwen Rolinson and Winston before midday, the woeful cavalcade of political circus freaks NZ First seem to attract has picked up another hitchhiker. This time Epsom candidate Cliff Lyon who said this about Labour…

“If you have a look at their supporters they are really gays, lesbians, the unemployed who they throw heaps of money at, and what I might call the loony intelligent left who sit up in Auckland University.”

…that’s remarkable. Homophobic, bennie bashing and anti-intellectual all in one comment. Who’s Cliff Lyon’s charm coach? Cameron Slater?

NZ First’s desperate need to promote comments like this shows the Conservative Party’s play for NZ First is taking their more religious dusty voters and Winston wants them back.

If there is a God, Winston and Colin will battle each other to under 5% each.


  1. At last some one who is prepared to tell it as it is. It’s the very reason I won’t vote for Labour.

    • Funny: I fort it woz OK to be gay and lesbian these days. Y’know, after the law reform – when woz it now? – Oh, musta been well over 20 years back now. 1986, my spies tell me. So I dare say any major party would be more than happy to include gays and lesbians among their supporters.

      As for the unemployed: funny, I fort the amount of money being flung at dem had been declining in real terms since – oh, I dunno – 1975? Of course, no one is going to quibble at the billions and billions more being flung at the wealthy. Even Bob Jones allowed that New Zealand was a welfare state for the rich, and that was before the Neo-Con artists like Roger Dougless and Ruthless Richardson took over the Finance portfolios, and issued their licences to loot.

      But not being one of them there inter-lect-yool types, I dare say Art will be happy to see dumbasses like him occupying the Gummint benches in the House. Any political party wishing to get some sort of handle on important issues, who wish to discover what these issue are, even, to ensure they have access to real information (instead of hiding themselves away from reality as they have done these thirty years and more) – you would think they might even seek out people with brains enough to seek and find solutions to the problems facing us.

      What we have got instead is the Right Wing Cargo Cult mentality that is totally reliant upon some serendipitous exogenous agency to rescue us (that is to say, people like Art; the likes of us, as not yer proper and akshull yumin beens aren’t, of course, deserving of even the most meagre living).

      There’s a name for people like that.

  2. I think a/the big danger for the left for this election now is that National drops significantly below 50 percent on election night after Dirty Politics but NZ First gets around six percent and decides to go with National. I can’t see Ron Mark for instance wanting to be in a coalition with Labour and the Greens in a million years. He’s a very conservative person.

    • Entirely possible, but with the recent Lochinver Station sale to Chinese buyers, and Winston’s steady anti-Asian sentiments, he may just side with the left as a salt-in-the-wound gesture to Key. I’d prefer that the left didn’t require him in the coalition, but if they do, I think there’s a good chance he could go this way. Time will tell.

      • That assumes he has principles, but to me he’s always been a sell out. He will join National and argue that New Zealand First will act as a brake and keep them honest, which will be true to a very insignificant degree. I don’t think there will be any harm if Labour and the Greens point out a vote for NZ First is a vote for National. Winston will still join a Labour/Green coalition anyway if that works out as the better option. He’s that sort of a guy.

  3. Okay, so the ideological wing-nut element of the right are traditionally anti-intellectual. Who needs empirical evidence to explain our society when “I can just feel it in my guts.” However, “loony intelligent left who sit up in Auckland University,” is a bit too specific and a contradiction in terms, and makes the Lyon sound somewhat neanderthal. Hammering the victims of the neoliberal policy regime which gave up on full employment 30 years ago is always a winner with the under-educated and ideologically suspect. But gay bashing? A sure vote loser now that practically every family has someone who’s come out. Heck, neoliberalsim has co-opted and embraced homosexuality. Marriage in its various forms contributes to the economy.

  4. Well if he is homophobic that’s good. To me that just means he has morals and does not support perversion and pedophilia.

    • Ezekiel – you dishonor your namesake with prideful pronouncement –

      Ezekiel 16:49- “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.”

    • That’s right, Ezekiel. Because, as we all know, homosexuality and paedophilia are exactly the same thing.

      Honestly, some people are so ignorant it makes me wonder if they wander around with a visible lobotomy scar.

    • Where does pedophilia feature here. Oh maybe you are confusing being gay with being a pedophile. Common mistake of the ignorant

  5. Winston wont say who he will align with until after the election but he has already said he wont work with the greens and Mana which means he has already signaled its highly probable he will align with National.

    So it looks increasingly likely that a vote for NZ First is a vote for another National Government .

    Do all NZ first voters want this outcome ?

    A simple repetitious 10 sec sound bite from Labour over the next 3 weeks could split the NZ First Vote left /right ,and gain votes back to the left .

    A vote for NZ First is a vote for National …Its not rocketscience.

  6. A vote for Winston is a vote for National. There is Buckley’s chance that there would ever be a coalition involving Winston and anyone but Labour and the two of them won’t be enough.

  7. but this thinking is the very thinking that is so appealing to the likes of many Labour voters, who feel that the party has been “captured” by the “fringe?”……. usually the next line to come out of their mouth is “Labour needs to get back to its knitting” i.e. get back to representing the needs and desires of the working class masses….. just sayin’…. opinion

  8. Sorry on this one but we believe Winston is an ally this time around.

    He wants to save rail and our land for a start and the Nat’s wont do a deal on this.

    He is a straight shooter and we will need him so be careful when the race gets tight don’t burn your bridges first, but keep your powder dry and don’t show your weakness to Nat’s as a broken opposition here.

    We believe the voter will want a mix of left and conservative, it’s there choice not ours. Germany did this and it works get over the fighting please .

  9. I think Martyn is right – NZ First and the Conservatives will fight their way to mutual oblivion. Think of the wasted votes that entails. The perceptive voters wont even risk that happening so they will park their votes elsewhere, NZ First will go to IMP, which is safe. The Conservative vote will go back to National because there isn’t anywhere else that doesn’t also risk wasted votes. I doubt if they will get 5% between them.

  10. NZ First is a xenophobic party

    It is a right wing racist party. Winston Peters is anti migrant. A racist.

    This is not new story. Actually white supremacists like NZ First

    • You know, it is possible to be anti-immigration and NOT be xenophobic or racist? It’s called Nationalism.

      • Nationalism is the ideology of the xenophobic and racist people.

        They dislike so much the idea of migrants living with them in the same country so they want them out.

        Nationalism is based on the absurd idea that NZ culture is better than others because you were born in NZ. It also based on the absurd idea that you must like NZers and not people from other countries.

  11. No wonder he is the candidate in Epsom, as he must be ranked so lowly, they put him up there, where NZ First have a shit show of a chance to get many votes.

    The only hope is for a clear win by Labour and Greens combined, and avoid other deals, I suppose.

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