Nicky Hager Public Meeting LIVESTREAM 7.30pm tonight on The Daily Blog


VIDEO ON DEMAND of this event will be available Thursday August 28. Nicky Hager’s public meeting was filled to capacity. Message from Nicky to the audience: If you have a copy of the book Dirty Politics, share it among your friends and acquaintances, so more people can get to read it…

* Your contributions will go towards those who organised this live streaming event.


As part of our commitment to the 2014 Election debate, The Daily Blog will Livestream the Nicky Hager public meeting in Auckland, 7.30pm live from the Mt Eden War Memorial this Wednesday on this site.

The phenomenal backlash created by the revelations in Nicky’s book means this is one of the must see public meeting’s this election. First in, first served at Mt Eden War Memorial tonight, so don’t be late.

Live stream will kick off at 7.30pm sharp.

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Doors open at 7pm. It is chaired by Sir Edmund Thomas.



  1. Nicky Hager should be our Prime Minister.

    Since all P.M.s’ are all supposed to have real inspiring credible strong messages that move us to change and improve our democracy as all PM’s since Savage, Nash, Kirk and Clark have moved us, there has been a decided change backwards to a self centred society where every one for themselves is the sole preserve of our ideology.

    Nicky Hager has moved us to remember that self interest is not the method by ways to change the slippery slope our society is descending to currently.

    When Nicky decided to bring a highly critical book out into a hostile political environment he did so knowing we had placed himself right in the centre of the flames swirling around a toxic political scene we have been mired in since this divisive Key Government took total control and
    ruled over us all with arrogance.

    I only knew of Nicky Hager as a mind mannered person with a axe to grind, but the subject we are involved in this election is far wider than his previous subjects centred around similar political issues in the Hollow men and Seeds of mistrust, “Dirty Politics has brought out evidence that places the current Government as guilty of corruption that will eventually cause a failure and change of Government, so he has placed his life on the line for our democracy.

    No other person deserves more support for public support than Nicky Hager and if I was living within 200 Kilometres of this Hager public meeting Wednesday evening my whole family would be there to support his and our cause for a return to a honest fair caring , kinder society I grew up with in the 1950’s under Walter Nash.

    Nicky for Prime Minister one sunny day please N.Z.

    • It felt like I was watching something of historical importance, but then went to 3news and stuff…and not a word on a blog.

  2. And Mike Hosking will dismiss the event as much-to-do-about-nothing, and then interview Judith Collins and ask her how she manages to be such an awesome person and when will she grace us mere peasants by becoming our PM?

  3. Woohoo…..35 minutes to go…getting excited! Thanks TDB for organising this live stream so we can all partake!!!

  4. Thank you for posting this. I’ll be watching… If Nicky still stood for the Values Party, I’d vote for him. When I was eight years old, he inspired me as a Values Party candidate. I filled in a form at primary school: Ambition – Values Party Politician. They weren’t ‘politicians’ in the modern corrupted sense of the word. They were passionate, compassionate, empathetic environmentally conscious socialists. Humanists concerned for truth and justice. As a creature of the sea and a lover of nature and fairness, Nicky spoke for me – and still does. Thank you Nicky for daring to tell the truth – it’s a radical revolutionary thing to do in 2014. I LOVE NICKY. TAUTOKO!!

  5. I see the greatest challenge now is how to get more people actually reading the book for themselves in its entirety, rather than relying on what the mainstream media say, because then they cannot fail to be disgusted with the behaviour of the National party, its senior MPs, staffers, and the toxic Cameron Slater. I’m sure there are still some reasonable MPs in National’s ranks, but they’re not acting. I’m guessing there is not enough public pressure yet, as I estimate there are still less than 20,000 physical books and downloaded kindle e-book versions out there, and Key’s spin doctors know this – hence the denials, playing the man not the issue, and then flatly refusing to discuss it further. I believe it is essential that a majority of voters should read this book before casting their party vote, in order for the public to collectively decide what punishment needs to be meted out for indulging in these gutter politics. Since Key refuses to sack Collins as of 27 August, the voting public must do it for him – people must vote tactically to give National so low a party vote percentage as to return *not even one* National MP from their list, i.e. only voting for good MPs in their electorates and bumping the corrupt ones by having more electorate MPs than their overall percentage of the party vote allows. As this is probably a pipe dream, I’ll settle for National receiving a sufficiently low party vote as to be clearly in no position to form a successful coalition, so they can spend at least one term on the opposition benches. It seems no-one from the PM down has the guts to do what they should have done already, and sack Collins, making her independent and thus subject to the will of the voters – so that she will not return to parliament on a party list ranking and her electorate will dump her unceremoniously. Key deserves the same, but somehow I think he will still teflon his way back into parliament. Still, a term on opposition benches will be good medicine for him, assuming he doesn’t throw a hissy and resign to go back to money trading.

  6. TO NICKY HAGER AND TDB. 28/8/2014.


    From all of us who have been so very worried about the erosion of our democracy over the last six years since the Key Government began dismantling our fairer kinder, gentler Government of Helen Clark, a heart felt thank you for everything you have all done to bring a bright ray of hope back to us all, in our darkest hour, of our freedom & democracy.

    As we watched Nicky speak at this hallmark location where our hero’s of our past fought and gave their lives for our freedoms and democracy, Nicky’s powerful words resonated as stark memories of why we were there listening to how we can save our Democracy again from what seemed certain defeat, this event raised our hearts that were lifted up again, as hope filled both our hearts & minds as this extraordinary gentle soul stood in front of the podium and washed away our fear with gentle compassion.

    These extraordinary souls such as Nicky Hager is, only come forward so very seldom in our lives and we now have a true leader in Nicky, and our hopes, dreams and gratitude go out to all involved with TDB and Nicky’s family for our safe future and return to the future free of tyranny, fear & corruption, to a precious egalitarian society again.

    God protect and keep our Nicky safe and well for the long journey we are now about to go forward with in the name of humanity.

  7. This man is an inspiration.
    Although I will never give up being cynical I have never stopped fighting the Tory mindset in my own way . Hager despite the magnitude of filth oozing from the beehive these days maintains not only an optimistic outlook for NZ society his decency is humbling.
    Thanks so much TDB

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