Interview Between Selwyn Manning & Sean Plunket Over SIS Release of OIA Docs = Fiery Exchange


During a RadioLive interview between host Sean Plunket and managing director of Multimedia Investments Ltd, journalist Selwyn Manning, a fiery exchange developed after Plunket attempted to “wet flannel” the issue of whether the Prime Minister has been truthful over what he knew about the release of official information by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater.

Once Manning was off air Plunket besmirched his reputation by stating that Manning runs, a left wing blog site.

The truth is the site is run by its editor Martyn Bomber Bradbury, and Manning’s company Multimedia Investments Ltd (MIL) owns a 50% stake in the blog, along with a string of other news titles.

For its stake, MIL provides server and advertising management to TheDailyBlog and Manning sometimes syndicates his work to the site, as well as publishing to the other news titles currently in MIL’s ownership, including:

Multimedia Investments’ corporate site can be found here.

Selwyn Manning also has a 10% stake in Scoop Media Ltd.

Multimedia Investments Ltd is also contracted to MediaWorks (which owns RadioLive) for Manning to appear on its political panels. He most frequently appears on RadioLive’s Sunday Panel with former leader of the ACT Party Rodney Hide and host Mark Sainsbury.

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For Plunket to attempt to tarnish Manning’s reputation, once he was off air, by incorrectly stating that Manning didn’t tell him that he ran TheDailyBlog, is gutless and incorrect.

At the beginning of the interview Manning described his company by name and stated how it owns a number of news titles and has interests in a number of blogs.

Manning also has an extensive history of live analysis on overseas outlets, such as 5AA Australia, Radio Adelaide, and provided live analysis to SBS Australia and BBC 5-Live and BBC World Service in the mid to late 2000s.

  • Click here for more information about Multimedia Investments Ltd (including Selwyn Manning’s bio).

      • Yeah, that was unnerving for me too.

        It’s bad enough having to listen to Plunket without having to put up with that as well.

    1. I haven’t heard the interview but sounds like a typical Plunket reaction post interview when Selwyn couldn’t respond. Plunket is a Key propogandist. Plunket – has he actually read the book, I doubt it, doesn’t want to face the truth. I see Key last night on Campbell live saying ‘it is no big deal, the left blogs write similar stuff’, when challenged by Campbell to name a site that writes viles stuff like Slater, he said he didn’t know, he doesn’t read them.

    2. Message for Sean Plunket about the emotive language, “King hit, smoking gun, end of John Key, well maybe…”, “…capital crime…”

      No, probably none of those. Just means that your Prime Minister is a liar. And you obviously don’t mind.

      Message for Selwyn Manning: Had you the footwork or practice at the weasel-step-side shuffle of John Key, at 9:30 when Plunket asked “…isn’t Cameron Slater doing what all journalists do?” you would not have said “…Well that all depends on what you’re going to do with it…” you would have said “It’s not about what all journalists do it, it’s what the SIS does and the Prime Minister’s part in it.”

    3. Yes, Plunket again, I am sick of his bias and only listen to his talkback occasionally. I did actually hear that interview he conducted with Selwyn, and he attempted also during the interview to label Selwyn as a typical leftie journalist, yes before Selwyn came onto air, he was called a “left wing blogger” by Plunket. Plunket was trying to portray Selwyn as just another kind of “blogger”, a bit like Slater, just from the other side, I suspected.

      Plunket is clearly a supporter of John Key and the government, and he has in the past been very soft on Judith Collins. I sent him an email a long time ago, telling him of a case where Collins told a lie, or hid something. He read my email out, and then defended Collins, after admitting he had not heard of the matter before. He conveniently diverted from Collins’ fault (in another matter), and swiftly moved onto a different topic.

      He only suggested Collins step down now, because he thinks this may save Key and the government.

      How many times has Plunket cut people off, who criticised his bias? I lost count. He is very smart in the way he “leads” his callers to feel sympathy with him, and to support his biased arguments, and so he has built up his fan crowd, of regular callers.

      Sean Plunket has criticised and ridiculed David Cunliffe and Russel Norman endlessly, but he has the cheek to claim he is “balanced”, as he is not a member of a party. I remember even Slater trying that line recently, how convincing is that?

    4. A new take on the “when did you stop beating your wife” smear…

      I wonder if Plunket asks similar questions of other journos, bloggers, ertc, who dare question the Status Quo Establishment.

    5. Yes I stumbled across Sean Plunket’s Prime Time on TV and formed the opinion that he was a National flunky, without knowing anything else about him. He chairs the discussion in the government’s favour. Who is the most right wing TV journalist? We should have a vote.

    6. Without the bloggers and ‘conspiracy theorists’, we wouldn’t know half as much as we do, would we?

      If it were up to the mainstream media to ‘report’ what is really happening, we’d be in the complete dark.

      When Selwyn Manning says ‘data’ – that’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it? The collation of data, how transparent it is, and how it can be manipulated, stored and used.

      Especially when ‘data’ is becoming such an important issue in our society. Hello TPP, copyright and intellectual capital law – we´re coming to get ya!

      I have no idea how a person, can say one thing, back track, say another, and always come out squeaky clean. Somehow, the real ‘data’ and information has to be shared with the mainstream public. Instead of relying on narcissistic politicians, and their crony mates.

      The political scene, the journos, the quality of media, needs a serious overhaul. We’re being brainwashed to believe coal mining is good business, dairying doesn’t affect waterways, fracking is safe, and a whole realm of things are implemented under publicity campaigns that support one side only – the side of the capitalist juggernaut. No oversight, no ‘corporate social responsibility’, and it’s being propagated by a gullible media and gobbled up by an ignorant public. It’s exactly as Marshall McCluhan, Chomsky and other notable world professors have described it.

      As for Sean Plunkett – just an arrogant dickhead.

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