Panic setting in for National as they realise what’s about to happen



And the terror starts to set in. I’ve never seen blind panic like this before  and it’s spreading as the enormity of what’s about to happen starts to sink in.

Hager’s book is a mere entree, Nicky’s personal ethics wouldn’t allow him to publish the more disgusting elements of what the emails revealed, sadly for Slater and the National Party, the hacker who has taken these emails has no such qualms. Their position seems to be ‘when my enemy is drowning, throw them an anvil’.

One anvil incoming.

Whaledump has the potential to reveal the full picture and the full picture is just so much more disgusting and damaging than what is currently out in front of the public, that’s why those within National and the Right who are being informed just how vile that picture is are putting as much distance between themselves and Slater as they humanly can.

It’s why David Farrar who was so gleeful that Kim’s staff were leaking but cried like a baby when it happened to him is now all of sudden promising a new leaf. He know’s what his mates have been up to and he is feeling that wave of revulsion as he walks through Wellington and he needs to put distance between him and what comes out next.

That’s why Bill English has come out and put distance between him and Collins.  He knows what they have said.

The pressure is getting to dear wee Slater who today slagged Ede off…

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Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater has described his man in the Beehive as “squeamish” and “gutless” for not fronting up to the media and talking about their relationship.

…clearly ties have been cut and Slater is finding out what the cold shoulder feels like.

I love how every time he opens his mouth he manages to make himself seem like even more of a dead eyed monster…

“I play politics like Fijians play rugby. My role is smashing your face into the ground.

“Politics is a nasty despicable game and its played by nasty despicable people. Where’s the surprise in this?

“There’s a lot of people want to be involved in politics but there are not very many people who want to say and do things. The vast majority of people are squeamish.

“The squeamish people are gutless, they run for the hills, they don’t speak to the media. And you have to question that – look at all the people who are running and hiding and not talking where I’m the one speaking to the media. If it all comes down to me I’m prepared to front.”

…let’s hope the stress doesn’t lead to a gun rampage.

Key of course is screwed. If he removes Judith Collins, she will go rogue and do everything she can to destroy National’s chances of winning ending his run as leader so no matter how radioactive she is, he has to stand by her.

It’s hilarious that his claim now is that poor wee Judith is the victim of a smear campaign – John, providing evidence to showing how awful Judith and her evil little henchmen are isn’t a smear campaign,  it’s telling the truth!

I predict checkmate in 3 moves.




  1. The only thing National have got left is to try to drag Labour into the fray, throw the dirt at Labour and try and provoke them into saying something that they turn against them. Cool heads must prevail here. Labour will certainly be pleased that their political opponents are committing hari-kari before their eyes but they must resent any temptation to publicly rub it in. Labour must keep focussed on policies, after all their policies are mostly very positive and good. This must be their message. Let John Key make a bigger ass of himself each day, he can do that without Labour’s help but keep your distance, stay positive and take charge of the campaign. Notice how the Greens have said their bit about it and then moved on, smart move! By keeping moving on you make your self a more difficult target.

  2. Key is cracking!!!

    Re NZ Herald.

    “Judith Collins was “unwise” to pass details of a public servant to blogger Cameron Slater and she is now on her last chance, Prime Minister John Key says.

    They go on; “His warning comes just five months after an earlier final warning to his Justice Minister”.

    We can always be safe in the knowledge that John Keys word is utterly meaningless.

    It has to be his relationship with Slater over the tenure of his government and all those skeletons barely able to be kept in the closet that is causing him to buckle under the pressure.

    So folks no leadership shown here, just self servicing insipid weakness. What does she have on you John Key???

    • @XRAY – Yes, agree with you.

      Also the fact that today FJK in stating Collins was “unwise” to pass on details of a Labour staffer Simon Pleasants to her mate Slater, he (FJK that is) unwittingly is conceding Nicky Hager’s revelations are correct!

      Let’s hope some sharp journalist challenges FJK on this one.

      As it was, Pleasants was vilified and received death threats, against him and his family, his reputation damaged, courtesy of Collins passing on information to Slater to publish on his blog site!

      Now by his own doing, knowing full well what the situation was, FJK has implicated himself, through stating for almost a week, he stands by his justice minister, believing her when she said previously Hager was lying! FJK knew the story alright, but was too weak and lily livered to stand up and make an honest statement about the issue!

      This issue is becoming bigger by the day! FJK and National are unravelling as it gets closer to the election! The implosion on itself isn’t too far away.

      As Bomber would put it … tick, tick, tick ….

  3. Slater is an awful person. The way he views the world and other human beings is so warped, but I think it is indicative of the fact that he is a truly sad and scared little person. He is clearly not someone who should have been given as much power as he was by National.

    I really hope this is the end of Whale Oil.

  4. I was thinking Collins has to go if National is to have any chance of coming back from this. Depending on the hateful bile that may well come out of her emails to Slater, I’m predicting she’ll “resign” before the election. What could Collins possibly say or do to damage the PM at this point? Either by force or free will (who, other than maybe Slater, would vote for her now if she was leader), she has to go. Her career in politics is finished.

    • To add to that, I see now the media’s leading story is that she leaked something to Slater she shouldn’t have, and are calling for her resignation. Prediction: she is gone by the end of the week. She will likely make a deal with John Key to secure a cushy high-profile job in exchange for not taking down the whole party with her.

      • Collins goes to the cushy job, then Key says he sacked her ” at the end of the day” as PM I can’t stand for this sort of carry on,

    • “At the end of the day” queue the millionaires of the National Party having a whip around whereby they’ll give her a suitcase of cash with a leaving card if she promises to go quietly.

      But it will cost more than they paid for Shane Jones, thats for sure!

    • I reckon there’s another whopper of a scandal on Key still to come out. It will be a money game like the rail shares. Oravida might be a good place to look. If Key drops her he’ll wear it.

    • “What could Collins possibly say or do to damage the PM at this point?”

      I appreciate the question is rhetorical, however I don’t think the answer is “nothing.” He has had little to lose sacking her before now over her previous outrageous behaviour but he hasn’t. There has to be a reason for that, personal rather than party related. Collins has a personal hold on Key, the nature of which will only be revealed if her sacking were to happen.

      • Key is likely on the phone with her at this very moment, asking her what it will take to secure her “resignation” without the wrath. Everyone has their price, including Collins. I’m thinking something along the lines of NZ Ambassador in Beijing? That I’m sure would suit her just fine.

        • Yes…and maybe we can send Ede and Slater there as well as her personal assistants…..they might come in handy in ‘influencing’ the Chinese communist party selections….

          I hear the Chinese take a dim view of that sort of thing , though…


  5. Farrar is in this mess donkey deep and no amount of pretending to be the nice guy now should save him from the deserved revulsion coming his way. He didn’t actually carry out the dirty work himself but he has stood by while good people have been the subject of the hatred, bile and vitriol of Slater. He mustn’t be allowed to escape the fall out. Politics needs to be tidied up and there is no place in principled politics for the likes of Farrar. In my view he is as guilty as Slater.

  6. I see Collins is now on her 2nd ‘final warning’ from the PM.

    National really is descending into farce now.

  7. Well…there once was a time when I watched Bill English walking by himself down parliament steps after being rolled…he was subjected to obscenities and abuse by a heckler…

    I felt mildly sorry for him and felt it disrespectful to be abused like that… even after the arrogance and the ongoing 30 years of destructive neo liberalism of which he had been a major part of….But that was then.

    Now , we see English distancing himself from Slater ..and by implication , Collins…yet apparently it was she who defended him at one time…..There is no honour amongst these people.

    Long ago these people CHOSE their path, they CHOSE to pursue an ideology that they KNEW would be detrimental to their fellow countrymen and women.

    I now have no mercy for them at all.

    The above ‘when my enemy is drowning , throw them an anchor’ is apt. They created war on so many of the people of this country…they knew what the effects of their neo liberalism would mean. It was deliberate.

    And so , one by one…watching them claw and fight and deny each other like rats off a sinking ship , …is JUSTICE. Let them tear themselves apart. They have it coming.

    I look forward to more disclosure of these emails, and particularly the 15th Sept…I look forward to seeing them show their true colours as they fight it out amongst themselves for self preservation.

    And perhaps Paula Benefit will be seen sitting at the WRONG end of a WINZ desk struggling for a food voucher, a rent top up , a bus fare, having to fill out never ending forms to justify her unemployment benefit in a public open plan room under the public gaze…

    Nay….the slimy arrogance of these people deserve nothing. They are fortunate they live in a still compassionate country. So very , very fortunate.

    • Half of those thirty years of neo-liberal gutting of the country was Labour destroying the unions, floating the dollar, selling assets and removing the protection of wages and jobs. I am not convinced Labour have any commitment to workers beyond putting them on posters. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Is anyone keen on being fooled again?

  8. I believe Cameron Slater is genuinely mentally ill and therefore reserve slamming him personally. His behaviour is unacceptable for sure, but the almost self-destructive aggression is symptomatic. There’s a huge cache of resentment and anger built up in the man and he really needs help to deal with it. Senior politicians using his propensity for nastiness to their advantage is all the more reprehensible. It’s analogous to funding terrorists on a smaller scale. If you dump them after their use-by date … then expect some pretty nasty blowback. I can see Slater turning his ugliness back on them … and if that happens, it’ll be more than checkmate … the pieces will fly off the chessboard.

  9. Yes, speaking of Paula Bennett, Wild Katipo, were there emails of her organising the msm public flogging of two women on taxpayer support who dared to take her to task for removing training support from them that had previously helped Bennett to become a well-paid beneficiary with an upcoming pension package we will be forced to pay for?

    Did she do that dirty work herself or receive help from Slater?

    • That happened well before Slater started Whaleoil; in fact I think he was still working legitimately when that all went down. S,o I actually think Bennett is in the clear on that one.

  10. I think that on grounds of stupidity and/or arrogance they all need to go, 3 moves sounds about right, burned to the ground a week out from the election.

    Is it weird that I find the most disturbing part of this whole event that they are using traceable communication to do anything that the public would even remotely frown on? FFS Get some burner phones, fake email accounts, whatever… plausible deniability.

    I’m just a bit confused about their lack of observation skills… just more proof that they aren’t breathing the same air as the rest of us.

    I don’t have to think too hard to imagine what Machiavelli’s advice about the internet would have been. Shouldn’t it be a prerequisite for the job to actually understand politics?

    But for once I am fucking ecstatic that the right-wing are out of touch and don’t give a shit about what anybody things. Since day one DonKey has been finding it harder and harder to disguise his disdain for… well pretty much everyone and everything…. the mask is off and there is no putting it back on.

  11. I see the disgusting Farrar is STILL on afternoons with Jim Mora, where good old boy Jim pitched a few softballs to David who proceeded to pretend yes, he was a National supporter but had nothing really to do with it all, and sometimes helped out the Greens and Labour.
    Unbelievable. RadioNZ needs purging urgently! They are just providing cover and enabling that weasel to escape from the justice he so rightly deserves.

    • Yes, but yesterday he was avoiding all mention of you-know-what (Don’t mention the war”) and talking about the nutrition ethics of Burger King! Vital stuff eh?

  12. Then there’s Kim Dotcom’s promised “dots” for us to join up too…. Can”t wait… it’s like Christmas, only much much better

  13. “I play politics like Fijians play rugby. My role is smashing your face into the ground.”

    How racist is that? When I read the first sentence I thought his next sentence was going to be bragging about being lightening fast, not about being unnecessarily violent! The first stereotype I jump to? A positive one. The stereotype(?) he uses? Is a negative one, one that I didn’t even know existed. Maybe you have to be an Aucklander, or is it just a racist, to know Fijian rugby players are real rough necks?..

  14. I hear on the radio this morning that John Key says he wants to debate policies, not personalities. After recovering from a near fatal dose of laughter it occurred to me that this would weaken National even further because their policies are not really policies – just vague ideological statements of intent with not much steel and concrete to reinforce them. If he wants to debate policies with David Cunliffe then bring in on! Even if that pathetic Mike Hosking controls the leaders debate it might still be worth watching. How long will it take in the debate before Key abandons policy and starts ranting about left-wing conspiracies? I give it about 3 minutes.

  15. And let us not forget either that Kim Dotcom and Glenn Greenwald will have more damning information on FJK and the Natsies!

    15 September should seal the deal nicely folks 🙂

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