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Nicky’s book is now doing what I suspected it would do, create a shockwave of revulsion. Andrew Geddis over at Pundit Blog sums up this attitude best, and it’s reverberations build with every single new person who reads the book.

This is the outrage and the uproar caused by a mere 10 000 print run, what level of crescendo do you think we’ll hit when it becomes 20 000? 30 000? 40 000? What the headlines miss is the stinging hatred that shines through all the messages of those involved and that spite is shocking people. Politics can be angry, politics can be loud – but hateful? Hate politics has no place in a modern democracy.

Slater & Co are not bloggers, they are political sadists.

If there is still ANY doubt about the legitimacy of what Nicky has done, read his lawyers blog explaining Hager’s side of the issue

As many of you know, I act for Nicky Hager. I vetted his book, Dirty Politics, and the three before that.

It is a surreal experience watching what happens to Nicky’s books in the days after their publication. It often seems as if the book that’s being discussed by politicians and in the media is entirely different from the one I’ve just spent weeks vetting.

What’s more amazing is that politicians who admit they haven’t read the book and don’t intend to are given free rein to speak authoritatively about its content. Often they say things that are completely contradicted by evidence that’s set out in the book, but aren’t even challenged about it. Nicky is often accused of being a “conspiracy theorist” as if this is an answer to the evidence he sets out in the book.

This time around, though, my sense is that things are different. The government’s denials are such blatant flannel that they are being seen as beyond the pale, even by our most grizzled political journalists, who have seen plenty of spin in their time.

I want to go through some of the spin.  I want to do that because the Prime Minister is claiming repeatedly that Nicky has “made stuff up”, that he’s in cahoots with the “Fuck John Key” mob and the “Planet Key” song-writer and the effigy burners, and that he’s done it to distract attention from the real issues.

What is happening now is that the media pundits are turning on Key. They have all read the book, they have all felt the wave of revulsion, they now want utu and Key’s shockingly weak display on Radio NZ yesterday morning with Guyon Espiner has to be heard to be believed. Add the voices of the Auckland media like John Armstrong, Duncan Garner, Rachel Smalley, Marcus Lush and it’s only a mater of time before the Wellingtion Press Gallery are forced dump their cheerleading for Key as well.

Claire Trevett may need counselling.

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When Matthew Hooton is abandoning ship and attacking Key, you know National are in terrible trouble.

Not all media mind you, there are still National Party stormtroopers desperately trying to justify Key, it’s like Mike Hosking, Sean Plunket and Paul Henry are all playing instruments on the deck of the sinking Titanic.

‘At the end of the day’, the credibility gap between Key and the rest of NZ grows wider with every passing hour. Pause for a moment and consider the astounding fact that Judith Collins & John Key still haven’t read this book.

Key’s got 99 Problems – Lusk, Collins, Ede, Farrar, Odgers, the SIS and Slater are 7 of them.

Dirty Politics is a vital read for every NZ citizen before they cast their vote because at the heart of this book are abuses of power. That’s what this book is about, abuse of power. The NZ Herald held me up in the weekend as the ‘closest thing the Left have to Whaleoil’ – in the light of this book that’s kinda defamatory, but from the Left side of the blogs let me say we don’t do anything in the same stratosphere of barking mad that Slater & Co are doing here. I have fights with people and block them on twitter, Slater has fights with people and trawls brothels, talks about blackmailing MPs, helps others hack computers, moves prisoners around, gets SIS access, savages public servants to get death threats and manages to exhibit the kind of ethics that would make drug cartels blush.

I’ve always described Slater as a far right hate speech merchant, it’s time the rest of the country recognised that and demanded Key either treats this cancer with napalm and sacks Ede, Collins and shuts Slater outside of Parliament forever or he gets judged alongside Slater and damned at the polls.

Whaledump is going to show little of the restraint Nicky did and I suspect the sleaze will generate a whole new wave of revulsion. Just when you didn’t think you could be more disgusted, another set of allegations will astound you.

How people use power is as important as how they gain it. John Key and the National Party may have won two democratic elections, but they did not get any permission to abuse that power in the ways that have been outlined in this book. The crass, vicious, hateful language is one thing, the dark deeds they set out to do are another.

The rumour mill is going into meltdown behind the scenes – I’ve never seen pure panic before and National are in free fall.  Trying to claim ‘the Left do it too’ and ‘Nicky is a left wing conspiracy theorist’ just doesn’t cut any mustard with those who want answers. The Left need to start focusing on what the first 100 days of real change looks like because National will lose this election, there’s just too much more dirt to come for them to survive.

Who knew whaleoil was so corrosive to teflon?


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  1. Actually Martyn one interesting question is how if Jason Ede went to National Party in 2011 who authorized his parliamentary access card for the last 3 years.

  2. The question that needs to be asked of Jonkey now by a journo is, “Mr Key, since you have stated that Nicky Hager has just made stuff up and that his allegations are unfounded, when can we look forward to you commencing legal action against him?”
    You know what, we will be waiting a veeeery long time before that happens, yessir, a veery long time indeed.

  3. What damns National is that they didn’t take Slater out behind the shed and break his legs after his failed attempt to take out Len Brown.

    OK they would have lived with it if he had succeeded… amoral, but everyone likes a winner… but to play the sleaze and fail… and then the Nats turn around and continue feeding him as if nothing had happened… that is not only amoral, but frankly weird. So no mercy should be shown.

    • But Slater’s attack on Len Brown only partially failed. It deprived him of a lot of political capital and for example stopped him pushing forward on a living wage for council workers.

    • The Len Brown affair that won Slater his award!

      and what is sleazy Slater doing in Israel? Is he hoping to add the title of War Correspondent to his CV?

  4. I have finally had an emotional gut level reaction to this sack of s**t arrayed in some mockery of human form.

    Whale was detestable and loathable on a political level certainly. The–enough is enough!–trigger for me as a life long unionist was him attacking already low paid parliamentary cleaners on behalf of Crestclean an industry rival averse to even the minimum wage.

    Being party to driving down wages and potentially taking food off the table of families is scabby behaviour to the max as was lying for POA. Many will be touched by some aspect of “Dirty Politics” I guess and for possibly years to come.

  5. The funniest thing from John Key is that we should all be focusing on policy rather than Dirty Politics – given National hasn’t actually bothered to promote any of its policies for the next three years up to now.

    I’m sure one of their policies which they don’t want to say till after the election is that they plan to sell off all of Auckland City Council’s assets – worth $40 billion

  6. No way could they take him behind the shed. How much do you think he has got on the Natzis. There is no honor among thieves. The obese slug wouldn’t hesitate to turn on his donors if they dumped him. The last thing they can afford is that scumbag turning feral on them now.

    • @ George Ryde – yes, you got it quite right there.

      Hence the reason FJK is reluctant to sack WhaleOil’s friend and political informant Judith Collins, despite the public now calling for her resignation! If she is forced to go, then she will turn Slater onto FJK and he will shred the PM to pieces, like a pack of rabid dogs!

      Yep, it wouldn’t take much for Slater to turn feral at all on his own filthy kind!

  7. I have also noticed that the media are taking a much more critical stance than before. After six years of letting the nats get away with murder the tone of media coverage is now strikingly different. I’m sure that most people are noticing the change.

    • It’s quite a turn around, I’m sure a lot of people must be wondering why the key fan club has suddenly changed sides so dramatically..

      • @grumpystilskin – I’d say because they know the political tsunami that’s about to descend on FJK, Collins and National is getting closer and are fearful of becoming contaminated by the toxic flotsam and jetsam which will float around in the aftermath.

  8. As one of the people you’ve blocked on Twitter, I’m glad that’s how you fight. There’s no moral similarity there.

  9. Don’t get 911> NWO> Zionism’s agenda> 1984 + some>
    War, out of control right when the atmosphere can handle no more, the great human race. Look at NZ politics 2014, when we need more than ever wise and compassionate leaders, a farce.

  10. No mercy, and FJK and his cronies – Your days are numbered – just over 30 to go!

    And as the song goes “God of nations at they feet, in the bonds of love we meet. Hear our voices we entreat. God defend New Zealand.”

    • Sock it to ’em ,MISTERY ….and that’s an anthem that’s talking about the SOVEREIGN state of NEW ZEALAND – something that these globalist neo liberal treasonous bastards would never understand – and hate !!!

  11. There is a great irony in that a key mouthpiece for the right is the very one that brings them down. I suspect Slater will be even more angry and spiteful than usual, if that’s possible.

  12. One thing that has become crystal clear from this book is that National could rely on the fear factor that Whaleoil created to silence any critics.

    Its been said over and over in this blog and other comments in various publications that the media were so non questioning of Key. It was positively weird how the MSM had gone to lunch during the last 6 years and now it all makes sense.

    Even Alison Mau admitted today on Radio Live with words to the effect that when she thought about it, she was scared of Slater and not because she had done anything wrong/immoral or unethical.

    And when you think about it for Slater anything goes and for someone who makes a living as a journalist this guy could wreck your life with anything he dared to make up.

    And who were the biggest, fattest, richest beneficiaries of the poison Slater produced, National! No wonder John Key was his bestest buddy.

    I am getting fucking tired of Key’s latest tactic of pathetic deflections saying everyone does it. No they don’t liar, nothing ever on the scale of this involving you and your party with Cameron Slater and co has ever occurred in this country before and we are so much poorer for it.

    Key is up to his eyeballs in this, it’s why he wont show the door to Collins as she’d take him with down her if he did. And I don’t think she is devious like Key or even in the same hemisphere as Key for this kind of filth.

    • Collins certainly is devious. They are as bad as each other.

      Is our Justice system perfect or corrupt?

      The AG has just announced, as the outcome of her analysis of ACC, that it has a 22% success rate – that means a 78% failure rate.

      Collins is exceptionally bad at what she is supposed to be excellent at. And Key is the same.

      What the Nats are all good at is cronyism and corruption, and feathering their own nests.

      FJK and FJC!


      • I think a good look at Lochinvar Station/Crafar Farms and the connection to Orivida and the release of Mr Pleasant’s phone detail to ‘Cam’ to see what a devious woman Mrs Collins is.
        But I do believe that there’s some dirt on Key that he’s scared of.

        • I still cannot understand why those farms were sold as a job lot instead of being sold in units. I’m sure there were quite a few local farmers interested… Always seemed suspect to me

          • It is so the Chinese can grow their own cows, and produce their own milk – likely via Oravida.

            The newest Chinese strategy is to use other countries land to grow and manufacture their own product – cutting out the middleman. In the case of the growing their own milk in NZ – it will be Fonterra who misses out, and down the chain it will go. But hey our milk should then be cheaper at the shop because it won’t be being sold to the Chinese anymore.
            Collins and Key = Oravida and Chinese/NZ corruption.

            FJK and FJC!


  13. Martyn, I would be interested in your views on David Farrars apparent part in all of this. My view is that he cannot now hide behind the fact that he is the apparent “good cop”. It appears from the book that Farrar knew that alot of dirty tactics were taking place. In particular, the book makes it clear that he knew that Cathy Odger was seeking to have Nicky Hagers address published but stood idly by and did nothing. Given that some of these people seem almost certain now to face police investigation, I think it is too eas to let Farrar sidestep his involvement.

    • Same with Matthew Hooton as he handed over Nicky Hager’s adress to Whaleoil. Seems pretty crap that Martyn is still ‘banned for life’ (for bollox -I heard the item he was banned for at the time! but anyway…) yet Mr’s Hooton and Farrar have full access to give their ‘opinions’ on our state radio broadcaster on something they are actually involved with – even if it is a periferal part. Could this be because Richard Griffiths is the Chairman of their board? Will there need to be a purge of public boards come Sept?

      • Is not that very act and the dissemination of that information in expectation of the subject of it being physically damaged if not murdered the establishment of a prima facie case for prosecution on a charge of conspiracy to murder ? At the very least it is conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm ?
        Anybody got Mr McCready’s number ?

    • BIG PROBLEM with that is that the Simon the civil servant shemozzle was kicked off by a whistleblower exposing the FACT that English was defrauding the taxpayers by claiming monies he was not entitled to.

      Key or English = Liar or Crooked accountant ? Both criminal in their own way, so neither with the mana.

      I’d pay good money to watch the slapping and slagging match that would be the contest between Pullya Benefit and Wot The Hekia..

      Maybe Bridges and Joyce ?

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