Can someone in the media please ask the PM of NZ to categorically deny any National Party staff worked with Cam Slater in the smearing of Tania Billingsley?



Now we see the MO of Slater & Co, the setting up, the digging for dirt, the use of staff to dig that dirt, can the Prime Minister of NZ categorically deny any National Party staff worked with Cam Slater in the smearing of Tania Billingsley?

The disgraceful way Slater attempted to blame Tania for the attack she faced and his insinuation that she made herself bait so she could scream ‘rape culture’ for the Green Party is one of the most offensive things Slater has ever written and now we know how he actually operates glove in hand with Jason Ede, the question must be put directly to the Prime Minister of New Zealand if any of National’s staff had a hand in that filth.

Force him to go on the record!

On the weekend, Selwyn Manning took this issue to Rodney Hide and Mark Sainsbury on the RadioLive Sunday debate (listen here).

He said:

    Given the methods used to attack opponents, and the connections revealed between at least one representative of the Prime Minister and the Whaleoil site, Manning raised this question:

  • Can the Prime Minister categorically deny that no communication had occurred between the National Party and Whaleoil relating to and relevant to the Whaleoil hit job made against alleged rape victim Tania Billingsley?
  • In light of this week’s revelations (particularly considering the methods used to attack the Government’s opponents) it raises questions on whether the Prime Minister’s advisor and representative of the National Party, Jason Ede (or another individual of similar connections) was coordinating the hits against Billingsley, facilitating it, driving it on the Whaleoil site.

    And Manning raised the questions:

  • Will National Party MPs Sam Lotu Inga, Jamie Lee Ross, Mark Mitchell publicly announce that they have severed ties with the Simon Lusk and Cameron Slater group?
  • And likewise will Justice Minister Judith Collins announce that she too is appalled with the nature and motivations expressed in the correspondence between Simon Lusk and Cameron Slater regarding their activities?
  • If these members of Parliament will not publicly state their distaste and desire to distance from this group, it will be interesting in the extreme to hear their reasons as to why not.

Manning was right. John Key and those closely affiliated with Slater and his henchmen need to publicly state where they now stand.

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To hide in the shadows is no longer acceptable.


  1. Digging up the dirt or making it up on anyone who publicly questioned, criticised or opposed Key, as she dared to do. A pattern that looks increasingly like the reason for these smears.

    Good stuff on Campbell Live tonight regarding the family of the West Coast guy who died and who was trashed by Slater.

    And on the gap in the budget that is the EQC funds being about $2 billion short however this is not included in the budget. The broad inference here is the books are cooked by National, there is no surplus. Brownlee and English failed to front for this. Collins AWOL also although that had nothing to do with this subject but funny nonetheless.

    And I reckon the Christchurch accountant who has researched this would have been in line for a thorough smearing too were it not for Hager lifting the lid on this governments tactics of dealing with anyone who dared to challenge them.

      • @Weepus Beard – yes and neither can msm rely on Slater anymore to supply them with ‘tid bits’ to smear the opposition.

        After this, we could see a cleaner, more objective media. However, I won’t be holding my breath just yet!

  2. I can only hope my sis will be too disgusted by Sam’s association with Slater’s group to vote for Sam. She’ll still probably vote National, unless she reads Dirty Politics. Maybe.

    • Guesting – I was speaking with two women; both apolitical; one of whom has never voted.

      Both witnessed Key’s performance on TV3 and both came away with the distinct impression he was lying. (Or as one put it, “He’s hiding something”.)

      The non-voter was so annoyed that she’ll be voting this year and will be getting enrolled.

      The other one? No idea if she’ll still vote National (she follows her hubby’s lead). But she sure as hell wasn’t impressed with Dear Leader.

      If those two are any indication of the Greater Unwashed Masses, then the Nats are in serious shit.

      I’m expecting Collins to be gone by Friday, lunchtime. (Maybe afternoon tea-time, latest.)

  3. This sort of ruthless , aggressive Mafia family type of character assassination is a hallmark of these elements within the National party and their associates …..

    It borders on criminal…certainly it is … unethical. That being an understatement.

    Defamation , for a start.

    The question really is…..Do we really need this Government? There are better options out there. They are not the be all and end all of the NZ political environment . Far from it !!!

    This Billingsley situation ,….bears all the same manipulative traits as the Paula Benefit matter….when she was caught out misusing her ministerial position to publicly humiliate and pressure two women on benefits…dredging up information designed to attack , discredit and vilify members of the public

    It bears all the same characteristics. Information on the latter also appeared on Slaters blogsite. So perhaps the minister of social welfare might also be included in the emails which will be released.

    She has been strangely quiet as of late….

    It seems very much like the same methodology being used…..but then again…now that all this has been disclosed by Mr Hagers book , and the heralds release of the hackers emails…..we can hardly be blamed for having suspicions that foul play has been the modus operandi all these years symptomatic of a rotten to the core government .

  4. How is it that Key thinks that he can keep getting away with changing his story all the time.
    Slater – a while back he was, according to Key, in contact with him about weekly, then this comes out and hello it’s 3 or 4 times a year. As someone pointed out the other day, do we need to check that he knows how many weeks make a year.
    Last one, last one chance for Collins, and then when quizzed on that, he went on to say that the last chance spoken of yesterday was actually the same last chance he was on after Oravida and that she was still on that. I wonder if he thought we might have forgotten about that, I mean after all, a memory like a sieve seems quite natural to him, I guess its fair enough to think that a lack of memory is perfectly natural among the rest of us.

    • I’m so glad someone else caught that backtrack. He did publicly say he and Slater were in contact at least more than once a week.

      Then it was suddenly 3 or 4 times a year.

      How does math work again? Maybe Parata is undermining the mathematical situation as well.

      I’d like some bold confirmation on that backtracking.

  5. Our government can now legally spy on us.

    Its now proven that they will use information gathered from spy agencies to publicly discredit and humiliate individual citizens who publicly criticise the government.

    And still, so many NZers think and say “if you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear”.

    I think… many NZers are rather stupid.

    • Everyone, and I mean literally every single person, has something in their past that they would prefer not to become public knowledge.

  6. always GOOD TO SEE YOUR WORDS ON TDB Martyn.

    I heard a retraction on RNZ this morning that they have corrected the earlier comments made by RNZ that Martyn Bradbury had received “an advanced copy of “Dirty Politics was wrongly reported.

    Good for you, was that a smear campaign again on the free speech side of politics?

    “This sort of ruthless , aggressive Mafia family type of character assassination is a hallmark of these elements within the National party and their associates ….. It borders on criminal…certainly it is … unethical. That being an understatement. Defamation , for a start”.

    We are behind Wild Katapo on this, and send you now my rough transcript to you for further cover of Key’s likeness to Nixon in History channel’s “Nixon the den” that screened last night at 8.30pm.

    Transcribed from the following, hard transcribing it word for word unless you can add to it someone.
    (not all was exactly word for word)
    except the introduction called “Near the end in 1974”.

    Spot the similarities.?

    History channel screening 19/8/14 release of the Nixon history

    Nixon in the den. – History Channel Tuesday 19th August 2014. Excerpts
    “I’m not a crook”. Nixon 30th July 1973 was described as someone who wouldn’t quit.

    “He couldn’t resign as it would be an admission of guilt”.

    “Near the end in 1974”.

    (Quote) From Nixon, “the den”)To save himself the president had had to sacrifice most of the Key Aid’s that had been at his side since the beginning.

    Alderman & Eichmann were forced out.

    And he was loosing all authority..

    Nixon constantly harried in press conferences, about the tapes the cover-ups, and even his personal finance.

    “People have got to know whether their President is a crook or not, “well I’m not a crook”

    Now the lone ranger really was alone.

    Forced to release the self incriminating tapes and face imminent conviction, Nixon finally resigned.

    In August 1974.

    He told his staff in a tearful rambling farewell,
    “Never be petty, always remember others may hate you,
    But those who hate you don’t win, unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself”

    The ultimate irony with his hate had become the adrenalin of the Nixon Presidency.

    The ambition & ruthlessness that had driven Nixon to the top had spiralled into a consuming rage and mistrust of others,

    That had indeed destroyed him.

    Nixon wasn’t the first President nor will he be the last to end his tenure compromised.

    The relentless pressures of office drilled down to the venerable heart of the incumbent..

    Exposed it to the media’s remorseless gaze. ” END of quote.

    END OF “Near the end in 1974”.

    Background of Richard Nixon. (rough notation.)
    Described as “He was also a warm liable guy”
    Frank his father was a violent father, and mother showed no love, as a cold person so Richard grew up as a withdrawn person always desperate for success.
    Gloomy guy he was coined as at university.
    Nixon wanted to always make decisions in private.
    He wanted to remain as a leader of the world.
    Henry Kissinger was saying he didn’t enjoy people.
    Like as an extravert in an introvert body.
    Hard work was his forte.
    Gloomy guy he was coined as at University.
    He devoured History books.
    Loved Abraham Lincoln.
    He imagined he was a philosopher President, and he wanted to Shape the world.
    Nixon developed a relationship with USSR & China.
    He believed an opening to China was the way forward.
    The world cannot be safe with China on the outside.
    Nixon would on his first day in white house was to handwrite a plan to rewrite the future of the world with China included.
    “Nixon had early on learnt dirty tactics to win his first Presidential win”.
    “He was ruthless, and loathed East Coast rich establishment.”
    “Nixon’s background was to get his way because as a child he was left out of life with others”. .
    Nixon hated the media. He was going to screw over the press when he got into power.
    As a governor of California, he left on bad terms.
    He planned to come back and was then a ruthless mover to call himself as a saviour of the silent majority, when the Vietnam war becoming unpopular.
    He began a campaign as a nice guy but behind the scenes he arm-twisted any one to get his way he was using shady tactics to win.
    As president he had to resolve Vietnam then get on with China and Russia.
    Nixon was the key to success in politics’
    He engineered a backchannel, a spy network.
    Nixon was upset Kissinger was getting the limelight.
    Nixon used Backchannel operations and covert operations on everything he did as an advantage.
    Bugging and recording everyone, he ordered high security operations in1972.
    He was always with a smile and a tough talker but soft on face
    Kissinger went to Russia and arms and trade deal becoming first to break the cold war.
    1972 Nixon won the election after Kissinger’s plan for Russian deal and Nixon was upset because Kissinger got the credit.
    Nixon got resentful and paranoid so Nixon taped all calls, and eventually got himself in trouble for this.
    Then Nixon’s obsession with spying on everyone got him caught when after the election, the results of a court case in Washington revelled some plumbers were convicted.
    Five men were caught trying to bug the opposition Democratic Political Party’s headquarters offices.
    Nixon in response to the Democratic Party H.Q. break-in news break Nixon dismissed it as “Overzealous people always overdo things during election time!”
    Nixon had actually tried to cover it up it up. The tapes they found did place him as part of the plot.
    He may not have known Watergate at the time of the election.
    His response when they found the incriminating tapes was “We’ll get them on the fields and crush them.”
    The beginning of Nixon’s paranoia with taping everything begun after Nixon was paranoid that everyone was out to get him so Nixon in June 1972 ordered a tightening of security and surveillance was part of this plan.
    He was fending off the impeachment enquiry that tied him to the tapes showing he was part of the plan to bug the Democratic party’s HQ..
    His advisors found that we found Nixon was running himself down and drinking heavily.
    A fighter he ploughed on, and sealed his own fate with his crime with his own tapes.
    Nixon 30th July 1973 was described as someone who wouldn’t quit.” He couldn’t resign as it would be an admission of guilt”.

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