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I am getting this all second hand at the moment as I don’t bother listening to Radio NZ (except for that wonderful Wallace Chapman in the weekends) but there is a claim that Suzie Ferguson just insinuated on Radio NZ that I had an advanced copy of Dirty Politics.

I want to state in the strongest possible language, hand on heart,  that insinuation is a complete fucking lie. I NEVER had an advanced copy of Dirty Politics, go ask Nicky Hager, my copy was couriered to me AFTER the launch.   Any attempt by Radio NZ to claim otherwise is a barefaced lie.

Why were my 3 guesses on what would be in Nicky’s book so much closer to the mark than the rest of the clown pundity in NZ? I guessed what would be in the book BECAUSE Nicky had contacted me after he started working on it in relation to the Jordan Williams deception in 2011. He asked me specific questions about that interaction and gave me no other information at all. My small role in all of this is in the book, page 72 and 74 – THAT’S how I guessed what was in the book, Radio NZs insinuation I had an advance copy is bullshit and beneath what was once a fine public broadcaster.

I’d appear on Radio NZ to clear my name,  but unfortunately as we are all aware, I was banned from Radio NZ after criticising the Prime Minister.

False insinuations I had an advance copy and then hassling Laila Harre over that are the sort of poor quality journalism we expect from  ZB, not Radio NZ.


  1. ZB is a public broadcasting mouthpiece for National, in particular FJK!

    I know Martyn has no time for RNZ after his experience with the broadcaster. However, this morning I listened in to Morning Report. Guyon Espiner was getting stuck into FJK. It’s about seven minutes long. Espiner begins soft, but just over halfway through, he builds up momentum and begins ripping into FJK.

    First time I have ever heard a journalist/broadcaster do this to the PM! FJK’s position was weakened and it shows in his pathetic repetitive, echo chamber responses to Espiner!

    • That should be essential listening for the whole population. Perhaps with some comment afterwards to explain what happened, to those that still don’t get it.

    • Oh that was luverly wasn’t – Espiner finally having some sort of epiphany do you think? No pretence at niceness. trouble is FJK won’t talk to him again. I have always said it would only take one journalist/broadcaster/reporter to decide to challenge some of the tripe we hear nowadays and lots more would follow – that person could make himself a real name for him/herself.

      • I’d love to believe that Espiner and co are suddenly suffering a long-overdue crisis of conscience, but my cynicism prevents it. What’s far more likely is that it’s only just now dawning on them that the tide is turning against Teflon John, and unless they wish to be openly derided as the National Party sock puppets they’ve essentially been for the past 6 years, they’d best start putting the boot into Dear Leader quick smart.

      • “Trouble is FJK won’t talk to him again.”

        You may well be right – But if you are, and he adopts that as a strategy, he’s gonna be talking to empty rooms in no time. Which would actually be a pretty good result, if you ask me.

    • OUCH !!!! …That Radio NZ interview with FJK by Mr Espiner was almost tangibly excruciating !!

      Reminded me of an old Tom Scott v Muldoon biffo…..

      Espiner had him round the throat and wouldn’t let go ,…old Mr ‘plausible denial ‘ looked more and more like a boxer on the ropes getting punch drunk.

      About time and all.

      • Have to agree there.

        I cannot recall ever in 6 years Key ever being questioned like Espiner questioned him. Key was flummoxing around like a beached whale. I apologise in advance to all beached whales for comparing them to Key.

        I never thought I see the day in NZ.

    • @ Mary_A: Yep, I listened to it too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a NZ journalist give John Key such a working-over. And Key’s responses were the aural equivalent of sticking his fingers in his ears and shouting “la la la, not listening!”

      He was undignified and unconvincing. Long past time for a change, say I.

  2. You should immediately ask Nat Radio to retract that allegation on air and also ask who gave them that information. Whale Oil perhaps?

  3. Heard the interview Laila held her own and then some. Really sick of journo’s talking over their subjects, don’t mind questions but when they are commenting on the issue it’s not right. I wanted to listen to what Laila had to say not what Suzie thought. Even when it is a national person you hear a lot more when Joyce is allowed to rabbit – he starts to say things that the inside voice should warn him about.

    • Fergussie trying to do a double “Act” with Arsepinair? He gets a little ‘tough’ with shonKey while she interrupts and harangues Harre with rumour and innuendo. Suggest she shuffles back off to Edinbugger and join the “No” vote. She obviously would fit in well there.

  4. That was a jaw dropper (I cherry pick some interviews) and was so obviously Susie’s “gotcha” attempt for the morning, a pathetic display.

    What ‘operator’ delivered that little gem of a warm fart on cold toast to RNZ one wonders?

  5. Guyon Espiner interviews jonky . Quite good . ( Thank you for sending this , my lovely friend xx )
    Espiner actually rolls his sleeves up .

    Jesus jonky’s a slippery bastard . He’s the Queen of fudging it , fading in , fading out . Hearing him speak on radio is like having a valium / prozac cocktail poured into your ears .

    I can’t listen to RNZ either . Hideous Kathryn Ryan , her sad cow voice droning on , entire continents falling into her caverns of ignorance . Kim Hill is quite good . Can’t say with certainty that I’ve heard Wallace Chapman . Will listen out .

    jonky’s gone once the pit bull media turn on their masters .
    I watched cunliffe on TV 3 this morning … Oh God . I dunno man . I think he’s straight up but he always looks like he’s doing the dishes . You know that look you get when you do the dishes ? A kind of solemn , meditative reflection tempered by the fact that you have your hands in warm , soapy water ?

    Lean back David . Please don’t keep going on about being positive while helping the little children , kittens and fairies get fucking jobs . That’s what motivational speakers at Real Estate Sales Conventions say but with more sincerity . You must remember that you’re talking to a shell shocked population of people who’re beginning to realise that they’ve been conned by cruel psychopaths for their profit and pleasure .
    Poor Christchurch people , rich and poor are exhausted after trying to be positive about an awful four years of fear and anxiety and now they have to endure a nutter saying terrible things about them / us because he’s a carefully groomed , vicious , lap mongrel spreading his diseased fleas around for the neo liberal regime that’s tortured most of them into the gutter BEFORE their houses were shunted up , down and left to right .

    Loosen your tie , take off your jacket and get stuck the fuck in David .

    Good work Martyn .

    • jonky’s gone once the pit bull media turn on their masters .

      The truly sad thing is that it didn’t take 6 years of neoliberal lies and theft to turn them around, it is happening because they feel miffed over unfair OIA treatment and being left out of the scoop loop.

      • Yeah probably…..but perhaps they are really quite fickle….and sniffing the wind and noticing the scents changed somewhat , after all…if there’s a new govt in waiting…we don’t want to miss out on those nice big paychecks , do we now…

        I think wev’e all learned a little more about the dark affects of neo liberalism on society now…

        Just another form of fascism .

        • You’re right, if there’s going to be a new boss a lot of people will suddenly want to be sure that the new boss sees them beating up the old boss so that he might look favorably upon them.

  6. Anyway.
    What does it matter if you had an advance copy of the book or not. This has nothing to do with the content of the book.
    Just more deflecting from the issues of the content of the book.

    Hagar can give as many advance copies of any of his books as he chooses. That’s his business, and should not be any issue.

    So did radio NZ discuss any of the issues in the book, or just try to deflect focus from the content?

    • Name is ‘Hager’, mate, ‘Nicky Hager’. Helps to know how to spell people’s names when you’re talking about them…

  7. Nice to finally hear Espiner has been growing a pair. If they had the brains the good lord granted the average lettuce they’d recruit you & Selwyn Martyn. National radio cannot survive by using muppet journos.

  8. Since National (Party) Radio banned you for ‘defaiming the PM’, could they ban themselves for defaiming David Cunliffe? And yourself?

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