UPDATE: Open letter to Radio NZ – you need to make a retraction now


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I have just sent this off to Radio NZ right now

Dear Radio NZ

Firstly, what a great interview by Guyon Espiner this morning with the Prime Minister. Great to see such hard hitting journalism.

Unfortunately I am not contacting you to congratulate you, I’m contacting you to complain and demand you make a retraction regarding an allegation made by your host Susie Ferguson regarding myself this morning.

At 6minutes 40 seconds into her interview with Laila Harre, Susie states as fact that I had an advance copy of Nicky Hager’s book and that I work for Internet MANA. Neither of those things are true.

I have explained how I came to guess what Nicky was to write about, but I did not see a copy of the book as stated as fact by your host until everyone else had.

This lie that Suzie has made in the current climate of bloggers and politics  simply adds fuel to National’s nonsense claim that all Hager reveals is politics as usual and the Left do it too.

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We will start seeing Steven Joyce using this lie as evidence. The exact type of tactics that Dirty Politics highlights.

I demand you make a retraction immediately and that this is made on tomorrow’s Morning Report.

I request you respond to me by 5pm today so I can consider my position.


Martyn Bradbury

Editor of The Daily Blog


UPDATE: I have been contacted by the Producer of Morning Report who informs me that Tony Vale, RNZ News Editor will be in touch with me today regarding my complaint.


    • After the way Radio NZ has treated Bomber? f**king oath. They deserve total contempt for their gutless sycophancy these last few years.

    • In light of your comment, I propose that any and all defamation/ libel letters heretofore include rainbows and unicorns around the border.

  1. It’s like the anti-Semitic billboards that were attributed to National Party Billboard Makeovers, which were in fact circulated by Whalespew.
    NBBM never published those splashed over the news.
    Either sloppy journalism or the big bad blogger himself is feeding the MSM journos their material.
    Brooke Sabin admitted the error, but yet to receive an apology.

    • What !!!
      I have actually laid a complaint about that . I’ve been following that page since it started , it has a GREAT engagement with young apolitical types ( and is constantly pushing them to enrol ) and i’ve watched them being very careful . At NO stage did they publish billboards with “Jew” written on them and yet, to my amazement Brook Sabin ( son of National MP ) ran a story saying that they had .
      I’m doing this because I figure they ( you ^^?) won’t lay a complaint.

      I have to say, the video showing young people having a bonfire was blown out of all proportion as well – but as I watched I saw 8,000 young people getting a perfect lesson in how msm lies and manipulates. As they say on their page, TV ONE, PRIME and Stuff all claimed that they had ‘claimed responsibility for the bonfire’ . When I went to lay a formal complaint about that , every single one of those articles had been edited ( i.e evidence destroyed )

      You’re lucky ( Martyn ) , you’re well known – I’m laying a complaint about stories about a FB page run by , who knows ?
      I don’t fancy my chances – anyway , it’s been 5 days since I complained – they are legally bound to get back to me within FOUR weeks , by which time the election will be over . Good luck .

  2. I thought MediaWorks were better than this. At least John Campbell hasn’t been nobbled yet. But think on this Bomber; if they’re fighting you, soon we will win! cd.EverHopeful

  3. You might have a complaint to the BSA but that’s all. Unless you think the allegation you work for IMP is defamatory?

  4. Response will be “So…. actually.. in the real world and at the end of the day er… left wing conspiracy…er so what you need to consider…I know nothing… I didn’t hear any interview, I didn’t read the police report er Mr Banks is an honest man. So as I haven’t read the book we all know that there are lots of dots that don’t join up. The last thing we need right now is Judith Collins as leader er…” “Is that ok Cameron?”

  5. good on you – Susie Ferguson has a lovely accent but still a tad naive in her questioning and swallowing the BS from their far right wind sources – unprofessional, unethical, very poor – bring back Geoff Robinson – he must be having kittens !

  6. These revelations are doing wonders for david cunliffe. Without the media smearing him constantly (the backlash from slater and co is directly aimed at kimdotcom) it gives him so much additional time to focus on the campaign trail, so he isnt wasting obscene amounts of time and energy fronting up for media on the defensive. Brilliant. Its also gotta look great for the guy to be himself a bit more (as opposed to the ‘tricky’ media-manufactured cunliffe that couldnt distance himself from being backed into a corner) as the only association labour has to the narrative is as innocent victim and the very prime ministerial position of confident objector, from a moral highground. Keep it steady on the home stretch and we may have this in the bag!

  7. Good one Martyn. Went from thudding heart in chest with Guyon and the Prime Minister to fury at Fergussons run at Harre.

  8. I was hating Guyon’s style up until this morning but it was a treat to hear him chewing away at John Key and the “you’re not going to get away with that” line almost made me spill my tea with excitement. at fucking last! The telfon is finally flaking off.

  9. Excellent Martyn! Will be interested to know the response. She didn’t even *ask* about the truth of it – just stated it as fact. Who wrote her script??

  10. Good on you! National (Party) Radio – you are NOT being balanced by by reporting some wrong doings by the right, then blowing up something trivial – or reporting some lie (how about checking your sources, hmm) about the left. If I did my job to the standard the Lamestream Media jornalists do theirs I’d be bloody stacked!

  11. I remember when Sue Bradford was debating on the national program last year and was saying john key was following orders from his New York banker masters when the show went straight to the ads half way through the sentence. the debate was then curtailed and they went to an unrelated item. A bit off topic but could anyone elaborate?

  12. I’m having to go to work but as of 7.45am there has been no apology, correction or anything – and Ms Fergusson was being ‘bad cop’ to David Cunliffe again (or rather ‘bad journalist’!).

  13. Talking of lying media, I have just sent off a formal complaint to the Herald over their false reporting of my speech given to the Epsom village candidate’s debate.

    Formal complaint to the Herald:

    In his so called “live” reporting of the Epsom Candidate’s debate, Herald correspondent Brendon Manning has badly misquoted me.

    I wish to lay a complaint over the publishing of the remarks falsely attributed to me by Brendon Manning that falsely reported that my speech was about racism, and linked that to the false claim that I called Winston Peters the greatest tory of all time.

    This was a complete and total fabricated lie.

    I demand a retraction.

    If Brendon Manning still maintains that this was the nature of my speech then he is a complete and total liar.


    The sole topic of my speech was the coat tail gerrymander in Epsom which I urged the voters of Epsom to reject. To make my point I said, I would like to quote from probably the greatest tory of all time, Winston Churchill. Who on finding himself on the opposition benches after leading Britain to victory in WII, said, “Democracy is the worst way to run a country, apart from all those other ways that have been tried”.

    My purpose in quoting the British wartime conservative leader Winston Churchill was that I was hoping that the people of Epsom would take on board my message to vote with their conscience and not be directed to vote for a candidate they did not want. I also said that if this cost National the election then “that is democracy and like Churchill the people of Epsom should take it on the chin.”

    Brendon Manning reported none of that.

    Reporting on my speech Brendon Manning wrote:

    He became impassioned when talking about racism seen in the lead-up to the election so far, giving particular mention to “the greatest Tory of all times” Winston Peters.

    (note the quotation marks)

    I did not mention racism or Winston Peters in my speech.

    I strongly resent this misreprentation of the whole direction of my speech, which gives a completely wrong and damaging implication that I was attacking Winston Peters and New Zealand First in this speech.

    I said nothing at all like that.

    I made no mention at all of Winston Peters or New Zealand First or racism in my speech, which had nothing to do with the topic of my speech, which was the coat tail gerrymander in Epsom. Even if Brendon Manning was completely asleep during my “impassioned” speech, (which I find hard to believe) I did not give “particular mention” to Winston Peters as the greatest tory of all time. This is a complete invention by Brendon Manning. And gives totally the wrong impression of my remarks.

    With this total and complete misrepresentation of my speech Brendon Manning has created unnecessary mischief between Mana who I represent, and the New Zealand First Party and in particular their leader Winston Peters.

    I expect the Herald to issue a public retraction and an apology.

    I require a reply as soon as possible by return of email, so that I can consider my options.

  14. thanks for the reply mystery. Yep am up to speed on that, was just astounded by the powers that be instantly pulling the plug.

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