How @whaledump might destroy the popular vote for National


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Dirty Politics is now creating a meltdown and National are in danger of a total vote collapse.

The real threat for National was if Nicky had all the emails released via the anonymous hacker who took them. That danger is now a reality with Whaledump.

What many have forgotten in their attacks on Nicky Hager is that he is a highly principled journalist and one of our best investigative reporters and his ethical standards are FAR higher than many others and as such he has not released the dirty nasty stuff that Slater and Co have said.

The anonymous hacker who has taken all of Cam’s emails however is not so discerning and I wonder what will happen to the popular vote for National when they hear what Slater and Co really think and have to say.

What do they have to say about women? What do they have to say about the defamation case Slater is involved in and what were Cam’s motive for helping out with the moving of a prisoner?

I think things are going to go from bad to worse for National in a very short period of time. Look at Guyon’s interview this morning, Matthew Hooton’s damning attack Key on 9-noon, Marcus Lush’s attack on Key and Rachel Smalley’s attack.

The tide of media opinion is quickly turning as pundits read the book themselves and are horrified and furious at what has been written.

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National are in meltdown, they just don’t know it yet. Who had any idea that whaleoil is so corrosive to teflon?

PS – I love that the address is the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is living. Nice touch. Classy.


  1. Whaledump @ Wikileaks obviously has a sense of humour, I’m expecting a “whale meat, again” reference next!

    • @Whaledumps last tweet of the day was a picture of a Carpenter’s record album – called “Close to You” . The first song on that album is “We’ve Only Just Begun” ….

  2. “The Twitter handle carries the address 3 Hans Cres – the address of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is exiled.”

    “The handle also includes an encryption key which resolves to Winston Peter’s email address.”

    from the Herald, what does that last sentence mean?

  3. It’s like all our Christmas’, birthdays and wins at the pokies have assembled as one saying, “Now is YOUR time of awesome!”

    And a quote from the movie V is for Vendetta:
    “People should not be afraid of their Government; The Government should be afraid of their people.”

    • I’d say you’re painting with a broad brush there mate. Sure the narrow minded ‘I vote for National’ as a status badge types don’t care but I’d like to think there are many good people (albeit naive) who voted National in ’11 that won’t this time around.

    • Like Club Connector says. There are a good many right wing voters who are good people, at heart… who genuinely believe that with a bit of hard work anyone can do alright (after all – it worked for them).

      Such people will be genuinely horrified at the revelations within Hagar’s book; at first they just won’t believe it but as days go by and more evidence comes to light… well they’ll be in a bit of a quandry. At the very least they’ll want, nay need Key to sack Collins and Ede, so that they can reassure themselves that nice man wasn’t really involved in all that nonsense… but as he continues to back them, oh, what a dilemma. And Act keep getting themselves in trouble with the law or promoting incest, so really… I’m picking NZ First and the Conservatives might pick up a few extra votes from disillusioned right wing voters?

  4. Just viewed the documents @WhaleDump has released, and I am appalled. The threatening behaviour of Cameron Slater and co is beyond revolting. Targeting Greens activists! And then Slater goes and “likes” one of my Tweets, presumably to let me know he’s watching. Nasty piece of work. Key should be ashamed of himself aligning with such a character. The sooner this lot are out of power, the better.

      • I was thinking the same thing aaron. This is a decription of a psychopath- no empathy, no shame, shallow morals, will lie if cornered, will deflect blame, etc. Reminds me of the govt, alll of them!

  5. Looking forward to Kim Dotcom, Hone and Laila speaking in Masterton tonight. Once again, Masterton is the centre of the universe!

  6. Hey Bomber,

    I can confirm that national are indeed in melt-down according to prediction market ipredict. Odds of a national win used to be above 82%, now the odds have dropped below 73% and plunging! Support for Labour and IMP is surging.

    It would be quite remarkable if the left (Labour/IMP/Greens) actually pulled this election off! It would be the first time in NZ that hackers and internet-related stuff (social media) actually altered an election outcome!

    • Actually, though few would ever acknowledge it. Cannabis has changed the Government. Repeatedly. It was missed because it always occurs at the margins (5%) and populist commentators are too offended at ever being wrong. Want examples? Worm/Dunne. Coromandel/Shipley.
      The clues are in the returns of special voters. One needs to watch carefully the conscience vote surrounding this ethical issue. It is not MSM who would notice….as they wouldn’t have anyone to ask the opinion of to verify it. There is NO OTHER CORE SOCIAL VALUE that puts so many people in jail or afflicts them with ‘label for life’ sentence for such a diminishing return yet we pretend it has nothing to do with the outcomes. Cannabis is about othering, ‘controlling the agenda’ and maintaining political power. The law has nothing to do with health or it would have been long gone.

      The connection between those who have held the ‘warrant’ for all cannabis arrests have a close affiliation with Justice/Police/Law… Mmmm, Tony Ryall anyone?

      Has ANYONE ever asked him why he (as Min of Health) sees ‘good value’ in putting people in jail for health reasons?

      This is a bigger boondoggle than Bhatnagar’s cushy number, Slater’s Well I’ll Be Fucked attitude or any or all those who fawn at his feet and all that “Dirty Politics” has come to mean.

  7. Better not get carried away Bomber. Remember the old adage about a wounded beast being the most dangerous. The right are wounded at the moment but expect a vicious counter-attack soon with all the dirt that can be mustered.

    • That may be so. However, National’s success has been based around carefully cultivating an ‘honest John man of the people’ image around Key. That gloss is now starting to look tarnished and National engineering new dirty tricks is not going to change that fact.

    • That’s true in nature… an extent…we’ve all seen footage of wolves hunting moose where the old bull turns to face off the pack….but this time…the wounded beast is the moose calf.

      Its over.

    • So, National players get caught slinging mud and your favoured solution is for them to shift gear and sling yet more mud? Hmmm…might be that may backfire a touch; the whole fighting fire with fire thing at this particular time and media environment. In addition, it seems from the evidence that the further left one heads along the political spectrum, the less muddy it gets overall: certainly the same can’t be said when heading in the other direction.

  8. Just listened to those interviews you flagged Martyn. Key’s cageyness is remarkable – trying to draw parallels where none exist and, for the life of him, not being able to dumb down the conversation like he normally does. Trying to hide behind ignorance is an untenable strategy that will blow up in National’s face.

  9. Campbell Live did well tonight showing Dear Leader repeating “at the end of the day” a few dozen times on different media.
    Keys looking stupid today.

    • How naive some people are. Politics are not for the faint hearted john key has guided us thru some pretty tought times globaly. Who else is there that can deal with the rest of the world. Majority of people are not shocked its business as usual. Most national voters are out there working not waiting to put a tick in the polls. It seems that since mr schmit has been in the country the whole place is falling to pieces. Hypocrisy at its highest how can a criminal even be in the country let alone be part of the political system. All other parties are so busy slagging we are not hearing many of their policies.

  10. The national party dirt machine could not handle whale shit and it has exploded covering them all in their own slime.

    Slater their attack dog is wounded and off the leash but everyone can see John Keys blue collar around its neck.

    From now on each new batch of slater sleaze will always come with the question ……. is this sourced from the prime ministers office ?.

    And how are we reconciling John Keys statement in parliament that he had a top draw full of secrets on his opponents with our knowledge that he rings slater for “chats”.

    And how does the head of the SIS and GCSB get to know the secrets of his political opponents ?.

    This is what happens when you let a Wall Street Banker type take the top job in Government.

    I personally think he enjoyed what slater was doing and got personally involved in the action.

    Birds of a feather …………..

    • @ Reason…..two points you made always seemed to puzzle me…..JUST HOW did FJK have a ‘draw full’ of secrets/information on his opponents, ……and as you said… did the SIS / GSCB come to have that information unless they were spying on them?

      Extreme co incidence? they just got bored one day and decided to have a look at a few political leaders , then thought just for a giggle we’d pass them on to FJK?

      How very convenient.

      But as you pointed out…from henceforth…Slater is a cooked Christmas turkey… are 100% correct that now anything he blogs will be marred by this.

      Even his die hard fans will have at the back of their minds now that this is probably just another directive at muckraking straight from the PM’s office.

      They will now have to choose to believe a lie…or slowly creep away and pretend it didn’t happen..all those embarrassed people who believed in the chump. Therefore ..expect Slaters site to suffer a drop in popularity.

      I suspect this latest ‘acting in the public good’ attitude were seeing by some in the media is because of the same …embarrassment that they too, have been lazy, slack and impotent at their jobs…and people know it…so , to save face , their getting in on the act to be SEEN to be the ‘hard hitting ‘ journo’s that they havent been.

      • expect Slaters site to suffer a drop in popularity.

        That might be an interesting thing to keep an eye on.

        If his traffic statistics just reflect an inflated bogus readership due largely to bot visits then the figures may not be dented much at all. It may be revealing.

  11. to see brownlee in the back ground looking very aged and desheveled ,brownlee was squirming at every lie key put forth like john please don’t go their look

  12. A lot depends on how smart the Whaledumper plays it. It looks like they are going to drip-feed stuff out regularly from now to the election, which is a good way of keeping it on the front pages. Whether this was worked out in advance with Hager or not, it could hardly be bettered; especially since Hager is now at arm’s length from the process, and can’t be injunctioned or whatever.

    The question is : will the dumper exercise Nicky’s discernment about what to dump? We know that there’s a lot of very nasty personal stuff that was excluded from the book… that should stay off-limits. But perhaps there’s other stuff that would have been legally dangerous for Hager, but especially damning for Teamkey? We can hope…

  13. Wow, just been reading the @whaledump twitter feed and the irony of the whole situation! Irony on top of irony. With a healthy dose of cynicism. Nice work Anon!

  14. I tried the link to the dump, and got a message saying the file was not available, and the last tweet was a one word message “BYE” over a picture (of the Carpenters I think).

    Nice Scarlet Pimpernell/Superman touch – dump and vanish and then (hopefully) re-emerge.

    Did anyone make a backup while the file was online?

  15. Well, my admiration for the Whaledumper increases. Seen the Herald? They are now getting raw info directly from the source… Some really scabrous personal stuff, from Slater’s ex-prostitute friend… Stuff that Hager couldn’t put in his book, but the journalists at the Herald can redact the names and put it out…

    Masterful. Also explains why John Armstrong is on board: Whaledumper has been in touch with the Herald since before the book came out.

    Great media management. This gift will keep on giving.

  16. Oh, and Whaledumper : If you’re reading this… Getting the Herald onside is a class move. But you’ve got to get inside the beltway too… throw some fish to the trained seals in the parliamentary press gallery… Find a sympathetic ear at the Dompost?

  17. National would have won this election on their own merits without any sleaze. They threw it all away in a moment of nastiness that seems to have been never-ending. Why? Were they bored with the exercise of mere political power in a democracy?

  18. Brilliant Trickledrown,

    “to see brownlee in the back ground looking very aged and desheveled ,brownlee was squirming at every lie key put forth like john please don’t go their look “-

    My take was he was actually seeing his career light above his right eye slowly dissipating, it was a very strange look wasn’t it.

    Looking at these emails and the Dirty Politics book we now see that the jails should now be emptied of a great number of those who have committed lesser crimes than we see throughout this corrupted underworld of their National Government. (Not mine) we disown them.) and filled with all of them and their accomplices.

    “Time for an overhaul:” (jim Mask.)

  19. When she was in china promoting the company in which her husband is a director Collins official reason for the trip was a chin wag about “corruption”.

    Was she teaching the Chinese how national party ministers do it ?.

    Lets not forget Collins using her staff to sanitize her Wikipedia page and remove things like her nick name “crusher” or any criticisms she did not like. They are literally altering recent and real history.

    Lets also remember Hagers book is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Nats abusing the powers of government.

    John Banks was the first national mp of this government to be convicted of a criminal offense.

    And before anyone goes ‘ but he was Act’, the simple facts are John Key and the Nats got him elected …… he’s one of theirs through and through.

    With the Hager revelations I’d expect the police to get involved and a few more of them to go the same way as banks .

    There’s a huge karma hammer coming down on them.

    Finally slater sewer would have had wet dreams about being the decisive factor in a general election ……….. who could have known he’d be so wildly successful. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. A new conspiracy theory!! If can discredit national and labour we will end up with all the rest that will look like the mad hatters tea party!!

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