Hager’s Dirty Politics – Is Jordan Williams deceptive enough to blackmail Rodney Hide?



There are so many issues raised by Nicky Hager’s book, that any one of them would be worthy of total focus on. Let’s chat about the claim in the book that Jordan Williams bragged to Slater and Lusk that he had info on dodgy texts supposedly sent by Rodney Hide to a young women. The 3 of them talk about using this info to force Hide into resigning. Now it must be noted that Rodney has come out denying any such thing occurred, but – Hide would say that wouldn’t he?

The question isn’t whether Hide would deny the allegation, the question is whether or not Jordan Williams is deceptive enough to do it. The discussion between Lusk and Slater clearly shows they believe Williams has it and Williams was Don Brash’s attack person who of course ended up replacing Hide.

In my opinion, Williams is certainly deceptive enough to blackmail Hide. I appear briefly in Dirty Politics as an example of the deceptions Williams is prepared to go to. I had outed a member of his anti-MMP team in 2011 as a white supremacist and to follow that up Williams created a false identity and sent me information under that false identity in the hope to promote their anti-MMP adverts.

Williams willingness to falsify himself to me in the hope of manipulating me leads me to believe that he is certainly capable of being as deceptive as he needs to be to get what he wants, including blackmailing an MP.

I’ll never believe anything the Taxpayer’s Union every say again.

What we are seeing here in this book is a orchestrated tournament of lies that seeks to inject a venom into the political process that amounts to abusive fascism. A ‘snap’ poll by TVNZ claims NZers don’t care about this, allow it to sink in and let’s see it impact the election. No NZer can seriously vote this election before reading Dirty Politics first.

In 2011 Jordan Williams invited me to ‘go hunting’ with him & Simon Lusk – after reading #dirtypolitics I’m eternally grateful I declined.

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  1. I think the book indicated that they were prepared to go as far as blackmailing Hide if necessary, but didn’t actually do so, hence Hide now being able to deny that he was blackmailed.

  2. To think my/our tax money pays these bastards .

    It’s Sunday . I’d like to drive to Roxburgh for a Jimmy’s pie and a coffee . Up the Clutha river , spend a pleasant day with my dog .
    But I can’t afford to .
    $80.00 in imported fuel . ( Where the fuck is our LPG ? )

    RUC’s ( To pay for the road transport cartels who chew up our roads but expect light diesel vehicle owners to haemorrhage cash into a corrupt system for THEIR profits )

    Then I might have a five dollar coffee . Five bucks ! For a coffee which is usually weak in the knees anyway .
    I took a friend for lunch at a restaurant in Clyde . A beautiful little town at the down stream end of Lake Dunston . You Auckland people might have heard of Lake Dunston ? It feeds electricity into your air con units . It supplies the neo liberal myth that is Auckland and it’s equally mythical economy . ( Sorry Auckland . I love you guys , and I love Auckland . But thems the facts . ) There was the tiny matter of having to flood an entire , and I must say , spectacular river valley and the best part of historic Cromwell and a lovely old swing bridge , reminiscent of something from Italy . With it’s small orchards supplying fruits to the road side stalls , and the views ? Amazing . Now , it’s just a harsh man made body of water to sate greedy Banks in the final analysis .
    But anyway . We had six oysters , a few thin shards of Blue Cod , some chups bro
    and three glasses of wine by the fire of an afternoon .
    $92.00 dollars ! I seriously thought of vomiting it all up into a bucket , giving it back while saying I’d changed my mind then left . Luckily , my friend had gone to the toilet while I paid the bill . She missed my tirades and rants . My eye rollings and Oh My Goddings ! I’d returned back to a semblance of normality before she came back and sat down with a waft of Issey Miyaki Pour Femme . I really did consider stealing the table and chairs .
    The reason for such a vast sum of money exchanging hands for what was nothing more than fish and chips is because who the fuck can afford to live in the provincial towns anymore , therefore costs to local business persons is disproportionally higher , which , of course , they must pass on the the brave ‘ consumer ‘ who throws money away by daring to travel the highways and byways of his / her own fucking country ! ? Seriously poor people , of which there are many , must never go into their own country just for a look . For ‘ fun ‘ . With the kids ? I remember seeing working class people out picnicking of a weekend all the time when I was a kid in the ’60’s . Now , you just see the odd silver 4×4 speed by with the windows up and the air con on . The 1.5 kid in the back , face down in a tablet , or an i thing .
    Local Government rates are outrageous ! The Capital Value on my house is $57 k yet I pay $ 2012.00 in rates per annum . I asked QV ? But Why ? Their answer was straight from the mouth of a rocket scientist . ” Aw probably ’cause there’s not many people there for your services . ”
    Roads , lights and rubbish collections and there are 850 people in my town ? It’s not NYC I’ll grant you that but seriously ? Council work is of course undertaken by a private contractor for their profit over public service .
    Neo liberalism has fucked an entire country’s infrastructure . It’s sabotaged our economy’s engine room , the provincial towns and rural service centres . It pulled up rail way tracks , laid down with tax paid for labour and materials and yet I hear people still swooning over that horrible little cunt muldoon .
    The perpetrators of the direct assault on us , our lifestyles and our standard of living are coming unstuck . The rock they hid under has been over turned . Yay ! Nicky Hagar and TDB !
    And yet they still get paid six figure salaries to continue to fuck us over . ( I know , preaching to the converted . But it’s Sunday morning and I can’t afford to do anything else much . Except walk on my beach , write in my huge house built in 1911 and look forward to a holiday with my lovely friend in a few days time .
    All is not lost . But it might be one day if we’re not very , very careful . We must purge these dirty little creatures out of our lives this September . Comb them out like the head lice they are . No disrespect to actual head lice who must have some use to us .

  3. Its Sunday morning, less than 4 days after this pristine sheet of brightly painted corrugated iron was pulled up from the floor of the barn exposing a nest of National Party rats running over each other for the nearest sewer.

    And the best they have come up with from the unified song sheet thus far is …..”most of the assumptions and accusations he’s made are dissolving before his eyes” Led by Key as is everything overt or covert and now being parrotted by his ministers. Good one guys!

    Perhaps if TVNZ had asked questions like: “Do you thinks its appropriate to be mislead by our government ministers as a normal daily routine”, the answer I’m sure would be a resounding NO.

    Or “do you think its appropriate that the Prime Ministers office is overseeing the collection of sleaze, dirt and anything else that may be used to blackmail or embarrass any opponent of this government into silence”, again I’m sure the voters would say NO!

    But they don’t, they ask something pathetic like “Does dirty trick politics move you” and of course they don’t care. It all depends on the question. Does Hosking write them for TVNZ?

    And yes, good old Rodders took a hit for the team with his denials but somehow those blackmail allegations would make most people want to deny them too!

  4. ”I’m off to drill holes in little bunnies” – either Lusk or Williams, bragging about hunting in Dirty Politics. I too think this is all just taking awhile to sink in, he’s made a lot of enemies.

  5. Someone has tweeted that according to the notes in Dirty Politics, Jordan Williams wrote this post about Labour women:


    I have lent my copy of DP out so can’t check the notes. This post is shocking (& the comments) it’s very disturbing and extremely degrading to women.

    This disgusting blog that publishes anti-women crap like this was used by the Ports of Auckland to push their bullshit narrative against the wharfies, one of the many lies they pushed was that the wharfies were sexist! God these people are sick.

    • That’s actually why a lot of women* are never going to believe that “The Standard”/”The Daily Blog” and the “Whale Oil” website are in any way equivalent. On Whale Oil site the hate against women is palpable and scary but on these left websites it feels inclusive and it actually has people who write from the women’s perspective.

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