Dirty Politics – Audio+Text Why It Is Essential Raw Data Be Released Immediately


MIL OSI – Source: RadioLive – Sunday Panel Analysis

Headline: Dirty Politics – Audio Analysis by Selwyn Manning + Rodney Hide + Mark Sainsbury

MIL Video: Selwyn Manning, Rodney Hide, and Mark Sainsbury discuss and debate the explosive details revealed in investigative journalist Nicky Hager’s latest book: Dirty Politics. This debate took place on RadioLive, the Sunday Panel, August 17, 2014.

Important points raised by Selwyn Manning include:

  • The public Interest demands that access be given to the raw information, the raw emails.
  • Adding to this Manning said: to serve the public interest all data acquired from the source should be released chapter by chapter every two days from Monday. This would keep the discourse, and any third party analysis, focused on the public interest elements of the claims presented in the book.

    Given the methods used to attack opponents, and the connections revealed between at least one representative of the Prime Minister and the Whaleoil site, Manning raised this question:

  • Can the Prime Minister categorically deny that no communication had occurred between the National Party and Whaleoil relating to and relevant to the Whaleoil hit job made against alleged rape victim Tania Billingsley?
  • In light of this week’s revelations (particularly considering the methods used to attack the Government’s opponents) it raises questions on whether the Prime Minister’s advisor and representative of the National Party, Jason Ede (or another individual of similar connections) was coordinating the hits against Billingsley, facilitating it, driving it on the Whaleoil site.

    And thirdly; Manning raised the questions:

  • Will National Party MPs Sam Lotu Inga, Jamie Lee Ross, Mark Mitchell publicly announce that they have severed ties with the Simon Lusk and Cameron Slater group?
  • And likewise will Justice Minister Judith Collins announce that she too is appalled with the nature and motivations expressed in the correspondence between Simon Lusk and Cameron Slater regarding their activities?
  • If these members of Parliament will not publicly state their distaste and desire to distance from this group, it will be interesting in the extreme to hear their reasons as to why not.


    1. Yes, Selwyn is right, we need the absolute proof and some documents released, because there is a counter attack being planned already:




      There is something going on that looks more than bizarre, and while all this may be coincidental, the government and Slater and others involved will do all to portray this as a nasty, criminal, suspicious activity, which can only mean that Dotcom has something to do with it all, and they will try to create a hypothetical scenario, claiming Hager did after all have sources at least close to Dotcom.

      But it sounds as if the “source” is not cooperating with Hager now, and either wants to release the documents himself, or perhaps after all keep it all locked away.

      This can still backfire, if the players involved do not watch it!

    2. Cactus kate posted here on The Daily Blog and called or compared the attempted sexual assault on Tania Billingsley to “unwanted attention”.

      Cactus kate is the Cathy O who wanted pissed of bent chinese men to have Nicky Hagers home address for a bit of ‘chop chop”.

      But combined with Key going all hard and cold in his refusal to apologize to Tania Billingsley( after saying he would), we then had the slater sleeze crew including Cactus insinuating Tania had made it up.

      The whole thing reeks of dirty politics and if I were a gambling man I’d say national grubby hands are all over it.

    3. haha ohh dear rodney no wonder you are a ex poly… if you cant even get this saga right in a prediction its time the media stopped putting you up for comment, you have no idea how to work the game, no thought of being truthful, just spin spin spin,

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