Are Whaleoil’s traffic stats a bloated illusion?


Dim Post has done a critical analysis of just how real Cameron Slater’s traffic stats are. TDB has only been around for a year with a fragment of the digital footprint of the older blogs, yet we have managed to become the largest left wing blog driven purely from our current blogs, and I have always suspected that Slater’s astronomical numbers are click bait induced puff from gun porn and kitten videos with few real readers.

Those suspicions have become larger now Kim Dotcom has done an analysis of Slater’s traffic…



…it looks like it’s all a farce with pumped up stats and bots running most of the actual traffic. It looks like many corporate are secretly paying Slater for nothing more than a bloated illusion.

Seeing as everything else Slater seems to do on his site is a tournament of lies and twisted manipulations, that he would game his own site to pump up traffic isn’t difficult to believe.


  1. *aaargh*! The graphic’s textis too small to see.

    But I concur, Bomber, Whaleoil’s traffic stats are cookede.

    As I wrote for “The Dim Post” a couple of days ago,

    Danyl, you’ve raised a very interesting point. It’s an issue I’ve been pondering myself, to the extent of looking into how “pay-to-click” services operate around the world.

    The thing that made me curious? On 16 November 2011, I posted a story on a Horizon Poll that I was answering. (

    Interestingly, Slater commented on it on his own blog, linking back to my story. As a result, my traffic climbed; 395 by 2.42pm; 436 by 3.59pm; 514 by 6.57pm and 584 clicks by midnight on the 16th, from Whaleoil.

    584? Out of one million-plus views per month on his blog?


    I am suspicious of the high figures that he posts for his website.

    Comment by Frank Macskasy — August 15, 2014 @ 12:44

    If I read KDC’s graphic correctly (and the text is small), much of the “traffic” comes from an unknown source. This would tie in with pay-to-click services where traffic can be artificially increased.

    If Slater is doing this, and if he’s receiving money for advertising based on rates for “high traffic”, and this can be proven, he is in a power of shit in terms of defrauding advertisers.

    Because as I wrote above, if he’s getting a million-plus hits a month, it beggars belief that only 584 people from his website went to mine to look at a blogpost he was trenchantly critical of.

    I also wrote a follow-up blogpost called “Whaleoil goes porno”. From memory (I can’t find any data I kept on it), I had about 910 (?) clicks from his site to mine.

    Again, if he has one million-plus viewers per month, I should have been swamped by clicks. 900 clicks out of one million is a fraction of 1%.

    I’d like to see more of KDC’s fugures. And if traffic has been deliberately manipulated, this may be a matter for a police investigation.

  2. Tweet from Kim Dotcom :
    “My phone rings non-stop. Apparently Mr. Slater is upset about my traffic analysis of his blog & has published my private mobile number.”

    A wag has responded posted Slater’s mobile number and suggests ringing him… He’ll be paying roaming charges in Israel…

  3. “The Hollow Website”
    The giveaway is 81% of clicks come from Safari browsers… I think it’s clear that 95% of the 81% come from bots with Safari set as the user agent…

    Slater ought to know better, he should have paid for a higher quality of faking.

    • Slater ought to know better, he should have paid for a higher quality of faking.

      Two things:

      1. He obviously doesn’t know any better and
      2. He’s a Tory which means he’s cutting corners left, right and centre to increase profit

      End result: Fake stats that look fake.

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