A brief word on 100 Top political Tweeters



The NZ Herald has put together a very useful list of top 100 political twtter accounts, what is most interesting from the lists is that the right wing all work hand in glove with each other where as the Left hate each other as much as they despise the Right.

The Rights vision is to stop the Left from getting into power, the Left’s vision is to attack each other for language crimes, supposed anti-semitism and daring to take political risks like starting MANA and then putting Internet Party and MANA together.

The right look for converts, the left look for traitors. It will be interesting to see what happens if the Left win the election and whether we manage to co-operate together after that.


  1. Absolutely correct. Do you know anything about the so called time bomb which is going to hit the TV screens at 6pm tonight? Everyone on the Whale Oil blog is avoiding the usual Sunday chores and racing off to get in the bubbles and popcorn. Sunday roasts are being cooked complete with all the trimmings. Please advise.

  2. And the Left thinks it can come together to form a government ! The Polls suggest the electorate has already decided on this issue and totally accepts what you say.

    • Labour must get off their high horse and acknowledge that they have a lot of fence-mending and bridge building to do to restore the faith of their traditional supporters. Going by the Daily Blog August Poll, whether or not D.C wishes to have any truck with Internet Mana or not will be taken out of his hands it seems.
      August Poll: What party will you likely vote for at this year’s General Election?
      Green Party (26%, 592 Votes)
      Internet Mana Party (24%, 528 Votes)
      Labour Party (23%, 522 Votes)
      National Party (17%, 382 Votes)
      New Zealand First (3%, 57 Votes)
      Conservatives (2%, 49 Votes)
      ACT (2%, 47 Votes)

      This raises some fascinating questions, not the least of which is whether or not Labour will betray us yet again and form a grand coallition with Nazional to keep the great unwashed hordes beyond the gates of the citadel of power.

  3. I see the internal fighting as a good thing . The good people are ferreting out the neo liberal scum still hiding in there .

  4. Yes.
    Every party must co-operate AGAINST National.
    And they need to show a public unity – rather than antagonism.
    They need to all show the public they CARE – because care has become a dirty word under this National regime – and we are all definitely UNDER!

    FJK and his gang of abusive thugs must go.
    I hope NZ has not already reached the point of no return – it often feels to me nowadays as if we have.


  5. The simple centralising , quasi religious framework of neo liberalism is an easy one to adhere to. Does it make money?…do you enjoy making money? , and can you overlook societal inequaility in the drive to continue making that money.

    As such , …anyone who endorses that ideaology , is more than welcome to join up and become stooges for those leading the ponzi scheme.

    Its that simple.

    Humanitarian , environmental issues are either ignored or else incorporated into the dogma if it facilitates making even more money. Hence , it is no wonder it is such a broad church.

    The Left,…will always suffer the consequences of having a conscience on these issues. Thusly…this in turn leaves ample room for dispute and debate. Its prime ideaology is based on societal equity…

    It is a strange paradox that as the Left does this….it is in turn a true representation of democracy at work , inasmuch as in a social democracy , … but therein also lies the method by which it opens itself up to the manipulations of the Right.

    And as the neo liberal Right is governed by individualism (and within this individualism it is expedient for them to band together as a collective )…with its more base characteristics of personal gain – often at the expense of others…it is this capacity which enables them to sieze power, legislate and manipulate laws that benefit their avarice.

    The Employment Relations Act is a case in point. And who had a huge but behind – the – scenes role in all that ?…..the Business Roundtable.

    It is an evil little dogma straight from the Mont Pelerin society that will shapeshift to adapt to any political landscape….and use all and any method or social condition to advance and entrench itself …..

    In order to defeat it…this has always to be recognised, and kept first and foremost when dealing with them , it is how these people operate.

    It is shown it is in general a hostile influence over every country in which it is practised , hence why so many countries in South America have rejected it.

    Therefore to stand against it , …to redress the damage to democracy it has already done in New Zealand , this election …..

    VOTE LEFT !!!

  6. True, but it’s because people on the left believe in things. We value the battle of ideas, of hearing everyone’s voice above simply conforming to the whims of the elite.

    That’s what the left is. If it’s not fighting itself, it clearly doesn’t value everyone’s voice, and it’s not really left wing. Asking people to play follow the leader is asking them to be right wing, and we don’t need two right-wing parties again.

  7. Consider what we have learned, (many already knew), from Nicky’s book. Could it be that the right infiltrates the left, places agent provocateurs, deep moles, practices blackmail?

    That the left harbors, and should recognize the value of, diverse opinions as to how a humane and human culture should evolve for the benefit of all can be a strength.

    The Labour ABC’s should be viewed with a critical eye. When the so called left, well actually right of centre Labourites, are willing to have 3 more years of Key rather than support Cunliffe, well one must question their allegiances and motives.

  8. Correct me if im wrong, but inet/mana doesn’t need to reach 5% threshold to put them in govt/get seats on party vote….theyre coatailing. So msm quoting that are misrepresenting electors under current rules by not quantifying that fact.
    Also inet seem to be dragging young and new demographic plus disaffected maori party,and nz party,plus some nat and lab lost non voters,so effectively theyre not taking anything from the left,but adding 5% to the left coalition,and in fact probably adding 10% if you consider optimistically where theyre getting the votes from.Im trying to tell david this…but either im wrong or theyre not listening.
    Tell me im wrong?

  9. The problem isn’t that the right work closely together and the left hates each other, the problem is that left and right is not a spectrum.

    The right work with summaries of peoples interests in the form of corporations, whereas the left works with real actual peoples interests.

    On the left the models and explanations will always be more complex because it is closer to reality and the right will be simpler because of the models they use and the scales of complexity involved.

    Its more of a hierarchy than a spectrum, like comparing high school math to university level. Highschool is easier to understand, but that doesn’t mean it is correct.

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