Hager’s Dirty Politics – Labour release emails proving Key has lied



Labour have released emails proving Key has lied about National Party involvement into the hacking of the Labour Party computer

The Labour Party has released documents it says proves its website was hacked by people working for the National Party.

It follows revelations in Nicky Hager’s new book, Dirty Politics, released this week, that National accessed confidential donor and member information from Labour’s server.

Speaking to media this afternoon Labour leader David Cunliffe said: “The Labour Party is today releasing correspondence from the National Party, dated 2011, which confirms that at least one of its staff were involved in infiltrating the Labour Party’s website.”

A copy of the email correspondence was sent to media this afternoon.

It consists of an email from National’s general manager Greg Hamilton, to Chris Flatt, then Labour’s general secretary, dated June 13, 2011.

“We do accept that one of our staff visited your public website via URL http://healthyhomeshealthykiwis.org.nz and read files that were publicly available,” it said.

“It appears that he downloaded a file named Labour Newsletter and several compressed files with the view of reading later. In fact the compressed files remain un-opened.”

“The National Party has not and will not be publishing any of it and has not and will not be releasing any personal information.”

Mr Cunliffe said he expected Prime Minister John Key to apologise to New Zealanders.

“I would now like to see an apology from the Prime Minister and an admission that he misled the public in the last 48 hours.”

So John Key has lied to the nation about National not having any staff members hacking Labour’s computers because National privately apologised to Labour back in 2011 for it.

Let’s be clear on this hacking – Slater claims he was tipped off and didn’t share the info with National and all he did was walk through an open system. That’s simply not the case. Read what Hager has and the timeline established shows more than Cam accessing the site and the dialogue occurring between those accessing it including Ede who thanks his ability to hide his IP address . They then  download vast amounts of Labour’s private details. Stealing from a  house just because the door is unlocked is not a defence.

Key has lied and he’s been caught out lying. No amount of denial and mainstream media apologists will justify this, there must be an inquiry into this and it must happen before the election.


  1. What’s with the rumour floating around that the reason Tony Ryall is resigning from the National Party an parliment due to his dissatisfaction with these very underhanded dirty politics? Carried out by National.

  2. The information Labour has released into the public domain, will no doubt have to go through a ‘sanitization’ process by msm, before publishing details of proof of National hacking Labour’s database!

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