Hager’s Dirty Politics – Death threats or hit jobs?



Shocked selfies while reading Dirty Politics are flooding Twitter – verily the vermin value their villainous vanity* 


The beauty of Hager’s book is that there are so many horrific awful and insidious highlights, it’s difficult to know what to focus on next.

It’s like shooting whales in a barrel.

My personal favourite to date  is when far right blogger Cathy Odgers urges Slater to publish Hager’s address so that rich Chinese investors she represents will  take vengeance against Hager for detailing their tax havens…

Odgers, a Hong Kong-based tax consultant, said in the email the material Hager was dealing with involved tens of thousands of rich Chinese.

“It would be a disaster if they all knew where he [Hager] lived. He may even need police protection”, she wrote. “Those Chinese can be very vicious when they lose face … Chop chop for Nicky.”

Slater responded, Hager claims in his book, and the latter’s addresses were subsequently published in a post on Whale Oil under Slater’s name but which Odgers yesterday confirmed she wrote.

I threw up into my mouth a little bit when I read this in the book. How fucking horrific is this? They published Hager’s address in the hope a Chinese Billionaire rorting tax havens would take matters into their own hands and ‘chop chop’ Nicky.

Here is the email from the book…

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Slater has responded by now claiming he is facing death threats, but seeing the true venal hatred this guy spews, it’s hard to know if he isn’t setting the death threats up himself or if they are real. That’s the problem now, anything Slater says will be seen about as credible as the US claiming weapons of mass destruction for invasion purposes.  We know Farrar tried to steal oxygen by doing a song and dance routine about him being ‘invaded‘ and that turned out to be joke because it was a staff member who tipped Hager off, it wasn’t a computer hacking or home invasion and I suspect Slater is trying the same game now to divert actual scrutiny of what he and his hateful associates have been up to.

Let’s be clear, no one deserves death threats, but Slater is now outed as the Wolf that cries boy, and all attempts to justify his actions by pointing to the angry reaction that has occurred because he has been outed simply don’t wash and quite frankly are open to a level of scepticism. IF death threats have been made, those people need to be contacted by the Police, but  if it’s just another two faced deception and manipulation of the truth, then Slater deserves even more contempt.

They openly discussed publishing Hager’s address in the hope he would be hurt and then published it, how cretinous and despicable are these people?


*Hat tip Gareth Heta 


  1. “They openly discussed publishing Hager’s address in the hope he would be hurt and then published it, how cretinous and despicable are these people?” – Well at least one of those people is a close confidant and adviser to our very own Prime Minister, John Key. Quality John, quality.

    And with that Cameron Slater should have heeded the age old warning, you lie with dogs you get fleas!!

  2. Hooton, a regular RNZ panelist, also (according to the book) passed on Hagers home address to Cactus Kate. Despicable!

  3. one of the things i see coming out of this mess, is you can now see what side of the fence journos and reporters reside, pretty much makes watching the news redundant, what ever happened to unbias reporters, they are there to report not take sides, it’s up to the viewer to make an informed decision, time for a massive clean out of the behive and tv news

  4. ” Let’s be clear, no one deserves death threats, ”

    @ Martyn . Lets be clearer . Yes they fuckin do !

    • No.

      That would make us just as bad as them.

      We REALLY do need to be better than that.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that… we need to rise above that kind of bullshit.

  5. I’m most of the way through the book and like many other readers, feeling sick but also angry. I bought it to support Hagar. We sometimes read on blogs about how Labour has some people who leak stuff to people like Stater, if that was true, surely Slater or Kiwiblog would out them to prove the right wing spin that ‘politics is dirty and everyone is doing it’. IF anyone on the left was a ever a source for Slater and co, surely he would have gone public and named them, what would he have to lose . I’m guessing that supposed ‘sources within Labour’ (such as the skiing holiday one) are made up bullshit.

    • i think him having any left wing tippsters is a load of BS, he keeps repeating it probably to get in 1 little last bit of stirr.

      • Slater was reported on Radio NZ news this morning saying that Labour people send him stuff too. It would only be damaging to Labour (not National) IF he was to prove it, so why doesn’t he?

        I think he is lying.

  6. I’d put money on the so called ‘threats’ to Slater being non-existent. A pathetic attempt to divert attention away from the allegations in the book and portray himself as some kind of victim.

    Slater & Odgers in particular, seem to have taken pride in their tough talk & appalling behaviour. It’s actually really funny to see these bullies running scared. Odgers has shut down her vile blog and twitter account. It will be interesting to see if NZ Herald will continue to have her as a guest commentator in the lead up to the election.

    • I would too Banjo, I wrote a comment on his sick excuse for a blog and he altered it so that it was addressed to Whaleblubber and was nasty to him when I had probably been the only polite person on his blog that year. He is constantly looking for attention and weirdly, sympathy. I don’t blame Chch or west Coasters if they feel that way though. Judith Collins too, what a lady, such finesse.

  7. I guess Odger’s business will suffer, I mean, who’d trust a tax consultant who leaks information out of spite?

  8. It is surely obvious to all that human life has very little value to these right-wing blogging monsters and their political masters.
    There have been rumours of the assassination of Alan Hubbard whose court action against the Crown was due to begin two days after his death. That a collision between their little white Honda and a bull-barred ute was only ever going to have one outcome. That the assets of South Canterbury Finance were stripped and divvied up between a favoured few at a few cents on the dollar and that vast profits have been made by those few.
    Now that is what I call a theoretical conspiracy, but after the “unbelievable” revelations in “Dirty Politics” I have to wonder what depths those presently in power in this country would not sink to…

  9. Dammit !!! ……three times I read ‘the Wolf that cried boy ‘…could we please stop denigrating wolves?…you realise how magnificent those animals are?

    Try maggot instead…it is far more descriptive anyway ,- something that morphs into vermin , is a vector for disease ,and feeds and crawls amongst all the filth and foul smelling rottenness known to humankind.

    • A bit harsh on maggots I feel, they actually do some good sometimes (cleaning up gangrenous wounds et.c). Look up hagfish , that might be more appropriate 🙂

  10. Funny how those that victimise people so roundly – are so quick to take up the “poor me victim role” when the spotlight goes back on them….with no qualms or guilt or even comprehension of the fact that Karma is almost certainly as much of a bitch as the friends he keeps!(or kept as imagine they are like rats off a sinking ship right now!)

  11. And don’t forget to be kind to bacteria, for they are the only culture that the likes of Slater and Odgers have!

  12. How on earth can the Lame Street Press and the people of NZ let this Government get away with all this.
    This Government is corrupt and needs to be brought to task. IF we have any independent ‘law and order’ or honest-unbiased reporters left in this country now is the time to do something about this.
    The PM can NOT be allowed by the press to keep up his line of answering. Read the book, or get a staff member to do so and brief you, then tell us the facts that prove you’re innocent or mitigate the allegations.
    It is NO LONGER acceptable to act the ‘dumb as usual’ line you all so often use. NZ deserves better than this and seemingly deserves better than you as a PM.
    Give us the proof that you’re not involved and no one in your cabinet is too, or stand aside and do NZ the only favor you’re seemingly capable of.
    p.s. The Americans look forward to seeing you in Hawaii and there’s a great big thank you cheque waiting, or so it’s rumored !!!!

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