The Terrifyingly Self-Aware Right-Wing Behemoth



New Zealand, we have been accursed with a severe outbreak of shoddy, unethical politicians and blog-media, along with some Brasheque-hate politics. We have always known how corrupt government can be, but this mob, wow, they’re among some of the worst. But it’s “business as usual” according to John Key who say this is just what everyone does! No. No it’s not. 

The right are terrifyingly self-aware. Their campaign is unethical and they know it. They know when they’re lying. The Slater scam isn’t some clumsy hack operation, it’s an elegantly organised set of relationships which reveals Whale Oil to be nothing more than a scammy vector for the countries dirtiest politicians and PR people – I’m looking at you, Fonterra – to drive their most racist, most sexist, most foul bigotry into the public, in order to support their private interests. I repeat they are causing bigotry, division and harm to support private interest on purpose. 

We’ve seen this before from the right in the infamous Orewa speech delivered by Brash. In both instances this is deliberate hate-speech to polarise the public view for personal gain. This is the process:  1) Create hate and public divisions through a media event. 2) Stand up as the saviour to the problem you just created. 3) Get voted in or sell more products. This is what is meant when someone talks about the “politics of hate”. And it works, so they keep doing it, with, I might add, full self-awareness, which has been revealed in their communications.

In this instance I think this is heavily unethical – not only because of the revolting ideas they’re trying to seed in the public – but also because Slater has spoken of his mental health issues in the past and even required the sickness benefit for support. They’re using him; people with mental health issues have vulnerabilities. It’s OK for Slater to say these dirty things, because that’s who he is, he’s “dirty”. They keep their hands clean and Slater gets filthier by the day. In the end the only people that suffer are the New Zealand public and Slater himself. I am not suggesting I have a lot of compassion for Cameron, due to how he behaves, but purely on the basis of the class politics and politics of mental health involved you can guarantee I have a lot to say. In that respect, Slater is being abused by those in power.

Here is information about Fonterra, using Whale Oil to disseminate some revolting, sexists ideas about breast feeding to the public. Remember, this was paid for. And Judith Collins, dear God she deserves a blog post all of her own. How much more corrupt could any person be? She just keeps getting worse. There is no way anyone could actually believe John Key is not aware of her corruption. It literally defies belief. 

Last night I watched this 20-minute interview of Key where he delivered a Tony Abbott style scripted response (the same five or so answers) to every question asked. In context when you watch the whole thing and see just how awkward it is (and boy-oh-boy is it awkward) it’s actually shocking to watch. I can’t imagine how annoyed the members of press must feel. These people have spent their valuable time going to Key and he wastes their time with this nonsense. He even admits he didn’t bother to read the book, and won’t until after the election, because it supports the plausible deniability he wishes to convey. Notice John Key lump Slater with the blame over and over. 

Another thing that really gets me is the Canon Media Awards. I’m not totally sure of how these awards are structured, but feel Canon have some serious questions to answer. 

The decision to give a media award to Cameron Slater was questionable in the beginning due to the despicable online behaviour he displays. When John Key joked about Slater being a bit of a “colourful figure” it may be hilarious to him but Slater’s behaviour is not some light-hearted joke, what he means by “colourful figure” is “deeply unethical”. There is no way a media award should ever have been given to Slater, but in light of these revelations one has to wonder if the media awards are simply a vehicle to offer legitimacy to Slater as part of a corrupt agreement to give voice so some of the right’s most bigoted ideas? The thing is, when it comes to conspiracies, I feel people often have it wrong. There doesn’t have to be an organised operation by a single organising group for something to be a conspiracy, all an incident of corruption requires is some form of spoken (or even unspoken) agreement by corrupt people that things will be done a certain way, and that self-organises into something that needs to be hidden from view. Put simply, a set of relationships by corrupt people becomes something that warrants conspiratorial behaviour, and every actor in that project is complicit and liable. 

It’s hard to believe that the genuine consensus was ever that Slater’s media work is decent, ethical, and award-worthy. Like many others I was shocked by the Canon Media decision. But when the level of corruption was revealed to be this perverse it starts to look like Canon is also complicit. So, how involved are they? I think the public have a right to an honest answer. It doesn’t look good for them. I think Canon have a responsibility to withdraw their support for Slater or otherwise appear to be complicit in this right-wing scam. Canon needs to make a stand, are you with the people of New Zealand – in integrity – or are you with these corrupt schemers? 

Last word on National and the “big punch”; when it is revealed that the National party exploited their position of power, and tried to stay in power by hand-feeding official information act content to Slater to take down left-wing competitors – which is absolutely illegal – that is the “big punch” in the book that the ignorant fool Paul Henry and his “speed reader” ignored. For someone who read the book twice that guy clearly isn’t taking a lot in. No-one is supposed to exploit the information of the national security agencies to stay in power. THAT IS ILLEGAL. And National have been caught with their hands in that particular cookie jar over-and-over, from Kim Dot Com to the current day. When will it end? It’s not just a sweet perk of government to be allowed to raid the security agencies for info and use those same agencies to conduct illegal spying, but it is how these privileged creeps behave.

When John Key manipulatively bangs on about “what Kiwis want” and “what Kiwis care about”, what he fails to acknowledge is that Kiwis want transparency and they do not want an orgy of corruption from above. Can we please, please do something about this?


  1. Agreed, but how do we get over the fact that the NZ Lame Street Media is bought for and paid by National party supporters, and so the truth is well and truly hidden as best as can be done.
    And if this continues, due to the seemingly lack of morals or care for NZ shown by the LSM, then the sheeple of this fine country will continue to be hoodwinked into ‘looking else where’, whilst our fine country is raped and pillaged for the benefit of the USA, wealthy foreigners (who don’t even want to live here) and corporates around the world looking to make a buck off the sleepy locals in a small country.
    We seemingly have VERY few genuine reporters and investigators any more in NZ, and so this swindle or KeyGate will in all probability succeed.
    And if it doesn’t, then (F)JK will just happily head off to Hawaii and to his USA pension, of a few 100 million for doing their work for them in NZ.
    Man we’re screwed either way here !!!!

    • yep …pity more academics can’t get off their safe salaried asses and
      help protest against the corrupt right wing monopoly that is the ‘MSM’

    • Methinks don’t panic…we have the Hager revelations…and 15th Sept will be another bomb blast…its a-comin – don’t you worry.

      And what good little neo liberal MSM wouldn’t follow the money and turn on their ex-paymasters? …gotta follow that pay check…

      Sad thing is for them..once the critical mass starts the tide turning , and FJK and his phony Nats are deemed as popular as the flu …certain among them will receive a memo saying ‘You’re services will no longer be required’….

  2. The thing that is going to drag Key and this government down is the same that dragged down both President Nixon and Mafia Don Al Capone. All it requires is one small legal hook, that starts to unravel the garment they have been wearing. Whether that hook has been found yet is hard to be certain off. But like McCready did with John Banks, someone has to take these matters to court. It’s going to be a real test of New Zealand’s character as a whole, whether this Government gets away with this or not. It has exerted huge pressure on the public sector, installed its cronies wherever it can in seats of power, and will be relying on those who can bring the government to account being afraid to do so for fear of losing their jobs. If the police (supporting the government) and courts (under pressure) fail to do their jobs, and the New Zealand public votes this government back in, then this government, and the forces behind it, will have an open door to walk right through to do what they like, how they like, when they like.

  3. 1. We should be very grateful Cameron isn’t a ‘P’ Freak. I understand he does have an interest in hunting and in guns (along with his mates Lusk and Tex Jordan Paya), and although one could argue his brain is already fried, apparently the ‘risk managers’ haven’t yet deemed him potentially problematic.
    2. Jude dear has just come out (on RNZ news at 1500) pleading victimhood by claiming Hager is unethical – spot the irony! Close friendships with Cammy boy having attitudes such as he has towards Christchurch residents and West Coast deceased seems strange – although the born-to-rule seems to have a certain character trait inherent. (How very dare me, aand Oh Oh Oh how arrogant!).
    3. Your reference to Tarn Yabbit – juxtaposed by the most ‘relaxed’ man on Earth (and Tory England for that matter): What’s the very common, nouveau riche, ugly, consultancy-feed plus GST (kchingkching, tick the clippert) denominator? Crosby Textor?
    4 I’m not sure I agree with you re their self-awareness. It’s more like a self-awareness of a very plastic, engineered, constructed and spin-doctored ‘image’ – a perception rather than a reality that’s gradually emerging the more they open their self-righteous mouths.
    5 The more they do open their chocolate-laden, fancy-iced cake holes, the more they succumb to Danyl’s predictions ( – please note the timing of Danyl’s entry versus the pearl clutching, relaxedness, 9th story lighting, jono-listic & e-spinner desperate mainstream media ‘releases’ (and by ‘releases’, I mean opinion-laden, non-factual, de-contextualised commentary that is popping out of the predictable stars (and their present and former masters – such as that once was star of Ralstonhood – not on the ‘state TV’ he regularly criticised, after which he had a leading role in, as he ticked the clippert).

    5. etc
    6. etc

  4. The right is decreasing in numbers. Their birth rate is lower than required to maintain population.

    Thus the allowing of Rich Immigrants into the country, to boost votes.

    As Australia becomes more Xenophobic, we will most probably see some of the half million Kiwis come back. It will be interesting to see which way they vote, when they realise, finally, that there is no place like home.

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