NEW RULE -only people who have actually read ‘Dirty Politics’ should be allowed to appear on any media interviews- including the Journalists



Firstline’s coverage on TV3 was appalling this morning. Apart from the wall to wall interviews with Right Wing apologists who just screamed “Nothing to see here, politics as usual, deny, deny, deny, the left do it too”, you had this farcical situation where they ended up interviewing two people about the book who hadn’t even read the book, and I suspected that neither of the Journalists seemed to have read the book either.

NEW RULE – only people who have actually read ‘Dirty Politics’ should be allowed to appear on any media interviews- including the Journalists.

They only way to really force pressure on those who are denying everything in Hager’s book is to quote the exact words Slater and Ede and Collins and Lusk and Williams use to force answers. To do that the Journalists need to have read the book themselves.

We should point blank refuse to get into hysterics about how Nicky came to have the emails. He has refused to publish the personal and private issue emails, he has focused purely on the political. He has shown far more restraint and ethics than Slater EVER has so allowing the wolf to cry boy and hold that up as some sort of legitimate criticism of the book while not actually reading the book is simply bullshit.

Now – back to the question at hand –

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Why shouldn’t the Prime Minister read a book with as many serious allegations as Dirty Politics before the election and please don’t tell me Nicky Hager is a left wing conspiracy theorist, because that’s not an answer.


  1. Didn’t Slater refuse to reveal the source of some computer hard drive he came into possession, which the owner wanted returned and instead Slater used material in his blogposts? Didn’t Slater claim “journalistic privilege” or somesuch crap??

  2. September 2014:

    Hosking: “And I’ll tell you something for nothing – 2025 is so far shaping up to be the worst left wing conspiracy yet.”

    Joyce: “Well that’s just my point, Mike. As the Brighter Future party, we are in a unique position to comment on things that haven’t actually happened yet, and internal polling suggests that I am completely right.”

    • Future’s so bright, National’s economic stewardship meant that having my eyes surgically removed and selling them to geriatric millionaires from Remuera with those new fangled portable life support systems wasn’t just necessary, but thoroughly desirable.

      • Cemetery – please establish a regular blog of your own, if you haven’t already. I love your stuff. Seriously

  3. In the past, Nicky Hager has also written stuff that has annoyed the Labour Party, the right have obviously forgotten this. Nicky Hager makes a living out of exposing hypocrisy, lies, dirty deals and smear tactics of politicians. If National doesn’t want to be a target then it should stop doing the said activities, simple!

  4. I too was shouting at the TV screen watching TV3 this morning.
    Talk about a cover up and baton down the hatches.
    This is becoming a total cover up………..Baldrick deny everything, comes to mind.
    The TV3 attitudes seems to be, talk about the book in negatives, with comments from the right wing denying everything. Not answering the direct points raised, just using ‘strawman’ arguments. And how on earth is Hager discredited, just because the e-mails were hacked?
    On that logic, no criminal should ever be convicted by uncover work, and all politicians should be believed when they say ‘no I didn’t’ and thus everyone at that point should stop ‘digging’…………………
    OH my GOD, the Lame street media really are in the pocket of the wealthy and National party contributors and it’s SO OBVIOUS.
    When the left get into power, they need to dismantle what is ‘JOKINGLY’ called the (L)MSN in NZ, and allow a new lot of unbiased news companies do the job, because this lot aren’t telling us the news and certainly aren’t the fourth state !!!
    Shame shame shame on them and the ‘reporters’ who’s reputations are shot by being willing to read this obvious propaganda!!!!

    • And people wonder why dotcom is waiting till the last minute for his reveal.
      I think the current media reaction says it all.

  5. With our current L/MSM and the bastards on the right, it could all turn ‘Venezuelan’–ZFtjR5c
    2002 documentary about the April 2002 Venezuelan coup attempt which briefly deposed Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. A television crew from Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTÉ happened to be recording a documentary about Chávez during the events of April 11, 2002. Shifting focus, they followed the events as they occurred. During their filming, the crew recorded images of the events that they say contradict explanations given by Chávez’s opposition, the PRIVATE MEDIA, the US State Department, and then White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer. The documentary says that the coup was the result of a conspiracy between various old guard and anti-Chávez factions within Venezuela and the United States.


    Why did the TV reporter not go and again question Key this year now this subject came up again?

    The dirt file John Key said he has in his office desk, was already there only last year.

    Key was so (brash) — sorry for the pun), and here was the same man now saying national had nothing to do with it????

    Where did he get that file?

    Did he already have a file given him by his staffer, the file on Labour?.

    Key said he will write a book with those details as “facts” of fiction as according to his latest vicious attack on Hagers book as fiction so will his be also regarded by MSM as fiction.


    How about sending the reporter a challenge who covered Key’s expose’.

    Someone can do some shit on this double standards here please.

  7. I watched some of Campbell Live out and about re the Hager book last evening and was not surprised at how shockingly , deliberately ignorant some people in the street were . The General Public of New Zealand need a big fucking fright to galvanise them into engaging in their political lives . Comfortably numb is not an option .
    Chillingly , those most dumbed down were voting National , thought Hager was a trouble maker and so what if Them Politicians behaved badly ? They’re politicians , that’s how politicians are supposed to behave .
    The gene pool of Nu Zild badly needs a good stir .
    We’re turning into America . A strip mall packed with fat and sugar stuffed fools .
    I guess it’d be safe to say that a good measure of how poorly we’re serviced by the MSM is in how dumb people in the street are . Middle aged , seemingly well educated , well dressed , clearly motivated people … dumb as clay . Nothing as sure as a closed mind aye folks ?
    I’m beginning to think they deserve what they get .

    Chris Trotters Post is chilling reading also . ” Most people love a sausage but no one wants to look through the factory to see what goes into them . ” Brilliant

  8. my be the march should be turned into a public meeting where the contents of book are explained in detail does know where we can get a copy of the book?????

  9. Congratulations to Nicky Hager with the release of Dirty Politics(my copy is on back order)

    Jason Ede is a fine example of revolving door capitalism -Regulatory Capture – Where once we had career public servants we now have guys like Ede being bought in and out of influential positions by the vested interests.

    This election year we have the media implants of Henry and Hosking to steer us away from the issues Mr Key, and Nicky’s book is a serious issue.

    Even the yanks didnt put up with Nixon style politics, Are New Zealanders prepared to sink lower than that?

  10. “Left wing conspiracy theorist” – Is there a finer example of the “thought-terminating cliche? But it’s enough to drop 46% of the population into a mind-numbing dash to a mental emergency exit called flat denial. There seems to be an even bigger percentage among media and commentators, desperately grasping at red herrings – which has just produced a cacophony of white noise. The cognitive dissonance sweeping over the nation is breathtaking.

  11. I can’t believe this rubbish.
    I bought the book.
    Read the book.
    I sat back and thought about what I’d read.
    I read it again.
    I still can’t find the unsubstantiated accusations or the conspiracy theory bits. What page are they on.
    All I can find is transcribed emails mainly between national and slater.
    Are there 2 editions of this book perhaps ? 🙂

  12. No..I think New Zealanders have been infected by the disease carrying vector blowfly of John Key,….sucking up all that huge pile of neo liberal shit….no suprise when he lays eggs , – out crawls disgusting maggots like Slater and Hosking…..

    Which mature into yet more disease carrying blowflys that further feed on piles of neo liberal shit.

    The whole system needs sanitising to dispell the disease we suffer from.

    Neo liberalism.

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