TVNZ Breakfast as biased as Seven Sharp



Watching Laila Harre smack down that pompous smug little prick Rawdon Christie on TVNZs Breakfast this morning was one of the great moments of 2014.

Yesterday Rawdon admitted on TV that he used far right hate speech merchant Whaleoil as a source for a video of an effigy burning and insinuated alongside the Prime Minister that Internet MANA were involved in the burning.

Turns out that insinuation was a total fabrication.

TVNZ refuse to apologise for lying, TVNZ refuse to apologise for insinuating it was Internet MANA, TVNZ refuse to apologise for not pulling the Prime Minister back and TVNZ refuse to accept that holding up a far right hate speech merchant like Slater as a credible news source demeans us all.

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This is the bloody public broadcaster – I never watch Breakfast on TVNZ to be honest, it’s as thick as shit in terms of intellectual rigour and I judge people as harshly for watching it as much as I judge people who watch Seven Sharp.

This latest fabrication joins a long list of lies and manipulations our right wing corporate media have so far vomited up to attack the left with – they include $15 000 book that never existed, a $100 000 bottle of wine that never existed, a $150 000 donation to Labour that never existed, sexist ‘man ban’ bullshit when National’s party list is dominated by men, Nazi rally claims and now effigy burning.

Isn’t it remarkable the double standard of the NZ media? Hone Harawira gets bullet holes through his electorate office, and not a whimper from our mainstream media pundits, some chanting and a bonfire and suddenly it’s the end of western civilisation as we know it.

Any progressive Government coming into power must make forcing TVNZ back into its obligations as the public broadcaster one of its top priorities. Mass redundancies would be a good start.



  1. Haven’t watched Bleakfest for years but tuned in today, saw a
    link somewhere saying Laila Harre´ would be on. She swatted Christie’s interruptions aside well and made her points about godKey and journalism.

    Christie made a weak admission that TVNZ admits the effigy clip had no link with Internet Mana and IMP does not provide free drinks to students.

    As soon as Laila left an email conveniently arrived that our man read out, allegedly from the mother of a student who was present at the Christchurch “Fuck John Key” event where there was drink present (no shit) and next day had a ‘selfie’ taken with the PM. Strange that the PM himself had recently said that people telling him to get fucked one day were likely to have a photo op with him the next.

    Call me suspicious but if that email was genuine…
    Breakfast crappola for shallow people. As a unionist I am not in favour of sacking workers such as techies etc but overpaid tory loving showponies? Bring it on unless they abide by basic journalistic standards such as verifying sources and not telling blatant lies.

  2. Yet another example of the lying culture that pervades our government and yet is still believed by the media.

    At what point do the non stop lies or at best, half-truths, both by and on behalf of this government permanently damage the political process in this country beyond repair?

    This is not trading futures or currencies, this is people’s lives for years to come!

    I have yet to see another government in the history of this country who operates so short-term, whose grandiose claims or cover ups to get it through the day become the golden rule and to hell with the consequences or the future.

    It’s incredibly sad!

  3. Hi Martyn
    you are so right.
    “Watching Laila Harre smack down that pompous smug little prick Rawdon Christie on TVNZs Breakfast this morning was one of the great moments of 2014.”

    Rawdon Christie began as a wimp and we were surprised he actually stayed as a co-anchor with the (cant stop talking) Ali pooh.

    She has to much testosterone and is a National show pony for sure.

    My guess knowing the Welsh rather well they are usually very union affiliated as Welsh mining history and all that so his turn right must be caused by contamination from management (Key/Joyce or by ali pooh.

    We still believe our call for all opposition parties now to call a emergency forum between themselves and call for a halt to the election clock on corruption of the media charges, and call for an enquiry as that will put them all back in line with good broadcasting standards of unbiased broadcasting, and order all public broadcasting to provide independent facilities for all opposition parties to then clearly provide independent presentation of their policies for the voter so we can all decide with informed consent. The election should therefore proceed till around October 25th.

    • Send Rawdon back to the UK.

      We don’t need all these Right Voting immigrants that are streaming into our country, with their sense of entitlement and elitist views.

  4. The main stream media have fallen on their swords in the past 3 to 5 years. Smear campaigns have replaced news stories . Having preconceived outcomes is normal. So news agencies and talkback shows will die an even quicker death as even a brainwashed audience rembers what jo urnalism was.

  5. Bloody hell – do these guys listen/watch themselves?!? Christie you’re a drip! Same snide insinuations when caught out – is Rawdon going to the same media coach as Mr Key and the rest of his party or have a ‘certain class’ become so up themselves they can’t see how they come across to the median nzer? Laila again coming across as strong and professional. Who’s likely to survive September with rep intacked?

  6. Ah public broadcasting/msm – the absolute tool of propaganda distribution. The organ of misinformation, utilized by right wing purists in NZ to promote their sinister agenda.

    • Mary A.

      That’s pretty much what people said would happen to society when tellys first came into NZ. I remember people talking about it back then – about how it would be used as a propaganda tool – and to brainwash people, and how it would stop people thinking for themselves.
      Scientists back then spoke about how the way the dots (coz it used to be dots) came onto the TV screen and the way they moved in their particular pattern was designed to hypnotise the viewer into staring at the screen.

      Well, they were right about that, and the skulduggery began.

      Opinion and belief.

  7. Time for a purge in government broadcasting along with every other office this government has stacked with its own supporters.

    Followed by the immediate creation of an independent ad free publicly funded TV channel.

    • Just use the internet – live stream or access whatever you want to know about or see, on your smart TV with a USB wireless adaptor plugged into it.
      No need for TVNZ any longer, it’s 14 years into the 21st century!

  8. Corrin Dann looked on death’s door in that piece. Is the guilt of running National party propaganda getting to him?

  9. Oh Glen you take the cake mate

    “Christie is an odious piece of toe jam.”

    God that’s good.

    Robin Williams couldn’t have come up with a better line in Good morning Vietnam.

    The wife & me will laugh all the way to election day Thanks.

  10. Our public broadcasters sadly no longer reflect New Zealanders.
    Thank goodness for the Maori channel, it stands alone in providing good quality NZ content.
    New Zealanders need to realise ‘they have the power’ to change things, simply by switching off, not buying a product, etc.
    Just say ‘no more’ and don’t believe the hype.

  11. Can’t believe the source for the video. And then trying to link it to I-M. That’s gotta be an all time low for MSM

  12. Saw the clip of Laila on Breakfast, the only time I have ever intentionally watched that programme. Christie tried to make her look stupid, failed entirely and when he sensed that he was the one looking stupid he quickly tried to change the subject, except that Laila refused and kept talking about how he had failed as a responsible journalist to do his homework. Made my day that did!

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