Just spoke to Electoral Commission – there’s been a complaint re the Planet Key satire song, they will declare if it’s banned this afternoon


Have just got off the phone to the Electoral Commission after seeing this disturbing tweet from David Slack…


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 1.43.05 pm


Electoral Commission says they have received a complaint about the Planet Key satire, they will not say who made the complaint, but that a statement on whether it will be banned from media will come out this afternoon.

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The mainstream media can make up lies about opposition parties, they can spread those lies and they can get away with spreading those lies. A funny satire lampooning the Prime Minister surfaces and suddenly the Electoral Commission is called in to be possible State censor.

Welcome to NZ under John Key in 2014.

Planet Key from Propeller Motion on Vimeo.


  1. This could be the beginning of a gargantuan shit fight . The Cornered Rat effect . I was wondering how long it might take .

  2. Great news.

    Some people never learn.

    Repression or censorship always, always, always makes the message more powerful.

  3. National would need to pay someone to do something like this, and that would be a valid complaint to the Electoral Commission.

    Nact can’t understand that talented people would use art to express their unhappiness with the current political masters.

    Who would National employ to do a song?
    Whats the going rate for a Barry Manilow number?

    • If they manage to censor this video, it will certainly draw more into question how politically unbiased the Electoral Commission really is, has National appointed its cronies to look after its interests on election day? Or will this be a fair decision?

  4. I’m not sure how they can ban this – certainly not possible under Broadcast Standards criteria. Are Propeller Motion associated with a political party or something? If this is contravining electorial rules then how did “Thank You Very Much” get under the radar?
    If they DO ban this it really will show how stacked and corrupt our public bodies have become (I really hope they don’t).

  5. It would be foolish to censor this. The best fightback would be for as many people as possible to purchase this from itunes and get this song to #1. I would love to see a banned song on number one again. Censorship is impossible in the face of public approval.

  6. Great stuff!

    This will give valuable oxygen to the anti-Key video and will assist it going viral. This will be publicity money can’t buy.

    Whoever the National/ACT boofhead responsible is – box of choccies on the way!

  7. “Welcome to NZ under John Key in 2014.”

    A world where Winston Peters says something puerile and the end of the world is nigh yet John Key, our Prime Minister, is a serial liar perpetrating a litany of attacks on our freedoms and everything is okay.


  8. It had to happen. The right thrive on censorship, detesting satire aimed at their own. Fascism was built on this sort of thing.

    FJK is so damn precious, protected by his own mafia it seems, along with the assistance of (right wing) bloggers and msm!

    Personally I can’t see that the Electoral Commission can do anything about the video and song. It wasn’t funded by any one political party and not intended for broadcast through a public TV network.

    But wait … FJK will place blame and we know where that will go! That will be the next installment of this issue!

    And if by chance a case is made out of it and the video/song is pulled, then we all should be alarmed, very alarmed in fact of what a likely third term of an FJK government might mean for NZ!

    • “There are strict rules in the Broadcasting Act 1989 that prohibit the broadcasting on radio and television of material by third parties that appears to encourage voters to vote or not to vote for a political party or candidate,” Richard Thornton, the commission’s communications and education advisor, said by email.

      Who are they Kidding when we see the entire media of this Country under the firm control of the corporations and Government for their own political biased reporting on all opposition Parties, which equates to political Advertising, blatently using our own taxes as public funding what a crock, just more total caption of our rights to neutral election coverage.

      The electorate will not forget this Government betrayal of their rights.

  9. So when John Key’s hosted a Radio Live programme just before the 2011 election that was fine. It was not about electioneering. What?

  10. In the same league as Finlayson talking of taking a court case against destruction / defacing of National’s billboards. Poor right-wing diddums – can dish it out but can’t take it themselves!

  11. Hi y’all, up till now I have avoided commenting on any blogs re the Planet Key song / video. I created the Planet Key video, my motivation was to support Darren, to raise my business profile (might have burnt a few bridges in my quest to find some work) and to put in a non aggressive, hateful way my view of the fabled Planet Key. Thankyou all for your support and if you want to help get this to #1 you can purchase from itunes:

  12. On what grounds could the Electoral Commission ban it? If it is for not telling the truth then if the EC is consistent then we can expect to see or hear nothing more from John Key, for what he says is lies too. If it on the grounds of being offensive then for consistency Whaleoil must surely also be shut down because he offends any normal person.

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