If they chanted ‘F**k John Key at a party – what will they chant at the GCSB meeting in Chch Tuesday 19th?


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The 2014 GCSB meetings to discuss the mass surveillance state legislation passed by this Government will be debated in Christchurch on Tuesday 19th August at two different meetings.

1pm at Christchurch University:
Chair: Bomber Bradbury
Ruth Dyson – Labour Party
Russel Norman – Green Party Leader
Mike Treen – GPJA
Beverley Ballantine – Internet Party
Matthew Weaver – Student
Mark Balderstone – Student

7pm at Cardboard Cathedral:
Chair: Bomber Bradbury
Russel Norman – Green Party leader
Megan Woods – Labour Party
John Minto – MANA Movement
Denis Tegg – Lawyer
Thomas Beagle – Tech Liberty
Lois McClintock – Internet Party
Mike Treen – GPJA
Murray Horton – Anti-Bases Campaign

If the good people of Christchurch chanted ‘Fuck John Key’ at a party, Christ only knows what they will chant at a meeting of how Key has allowed the spying on all NZ for the benefit of the Americans.

The Daily Blog will carry the meeting one the blog.


    • Yep, a couple of hundred drunk sweaty students is hardly “the good people of Christchurch” population 370,000.

      It is ludicrous to suggest they even represent all students – thats why there is the young nationals and ACT on campus. It’s not a homogeneous population. Obviously John Key and most right wing populations were once students.

      It’s inevitable that Internet Mana will get into parliament via Harawira – but will the idea of a coalition of Labour/Greens/Internet Mana be attractive to swinging voters or will it scare them into going right.

  1. @ ERALC . I’m a good person of Christchurch and I say ‘ FUCK JOHN KEY ! ‘ and I don’t mean in a good way . As in fucking . As in ‘ to fuck ‘ .
    ( John Key should be glad that so many people want to fuck him and not hang him instead . ” Hang John Key ! ” would be much more alarming for him I’d have thought . )
    I’m thinking more ; get fucked , fuck off , fuck you , fuck them , fuck it , fuck those , everything’s fucked up , we’re fucked , they’re fucked , we’re all fucked , we’re fucked up , we’ve fucked up , we’re fucked off , fuck me and Oooh Fuck !
    Did I miss a fuck out ? I can’t say ‘ I don’t give a fuck ‘ because I do .

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