What’s worse than Key lying about Internet MANA effigy burning on Breakfast TV?


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These Crosby Textor Nazi spin lines are just becoming tedious. What’s worse than Key lying about Internet MANA effigy burning on Breakfast TV this morning is that the clown host is open and upfront about using a far right hate merchant like Cameron Slater as a legitimate news site.

When Cameron Slater, whose hateful writings simply have no end, is being used as a legitimate news source for discussions with the Prime Minister, who is himself in regular contact with Cameron Slater, you can appreciate all objectivity has walked out the door at our so called public broadcaster.

The shrill scream of the right at trying to paint Internet MANA as some sort of fascist movement would be laughable if it wasn’t actually being promoted by the mainstream media.

No one will be talking about these manufactured smears in the week of the election.


  1. All the other lies he’s told, didn’t contact Fletcher about the Job, didn’t know about the Dotcom raids or that he existed until a day before the raid. He believed John Banks but never asked him the awkward questions. He promised not to raise G.S.T. He promised to close the wage gap with Australia, he promised a “Brighter Future” and and and Fuckwit PM should be gone in 5 weeks!!!

  2. It might sound far fetched to call dot com a Nazi but thanks to excellent unbiased reporting the facts are coming our ………

    “Kim Dotcom is part-German and part-Finnish. Germany and Finland were allies during World War Two.

    The Nazis murdered millions of Jews. John Key is Jewish and Kim Dotcom is out to get him.” …..

    more facts here http://imperatorfish.com/2014/08/07/is-kim-dotcom-a-nazi/

    • Reason,
      “Kim Dotcom is out to get him.” …..Key.
      John Key was out first to get Banks donor Kim.com remember?

      Have you also got Key’s lack of memory too?

      This was how Goebbels set it up to get Hitler popular read history.

  3. P.s I was thinking we should award cameron slater our own trophy/award for his blog.

    I was thinking a ‘shoe cam’ would make a great trophy for his type of blog site.

  4. Yes Key and Slater are vile, however I don’t care who the current PM of NZ is, burning them in effigy while chanting obscenities is not something we should condone or encourage in NZ.

    • And yet Viviam – Internet MANA had nothing to do with that – it’s a lie that has been whipped up by the msm – please explain in less than 100 words how you feel at being played so easily by Breakfast TV

    • Being the democratically elected leader doesn’t imply respect should be given. After all, my understanding is that Adolf was democratically elected, and I don’t know mamny people who respect him.

    • It’s a pastime reserved for the Nats, Ruth Richardson and Jenny Shipley were burned too. They were evil uncaring bastards too. Funny that. You reap what you sow!!!!

    • It’s a pastime reserved for the Nats, Ruth Richardson and Jenny Shipley were burned too. They were evil uncaring bastards too. Funny that. You reap what you sow Mr Key!!!

    • Far worse than burning effigies are governments who lie to their people.

      We should not condone a lying government either, especially this one whose stock in trade is to deliver lies wrapped in the truth to a trusting (and sadly naive) population on a near daily basis.

    • @Viviam:

      Yes it must be encouraged in NZ!

      You might not care who the current PM is – but I do!

      Lucky for FJK it was just an effigy!!.


    • err, VIVIAM R – nobody is saying you have to agree to reasoning of the john key burning as a guy fawkes – the point being made is the way the media slanders another party & trys to tie them in with the event….. there is no correlation other than young people who want a change of government! , come on Lame Stream Media -stop with the bias ,Blubber Boy is no journo hes a provokator on behalf of the national party to ensure plausible deniability. so you may not agree with the video ,but its wrong for the media to paint this as a Mana I.P event – pathetic!

  5. All part of the predictions I made on 1 March this year;

    As the election campaign heats up, expect the following;

    * Greater media scrutiny on National’s track record,
    * The public to become more disenchanted with Key’s governance as economic indicators worsen and impact on their wallets and purses,
    * National (and its sycophantic supporters) continue to blame welfare beneficiaries; the previous Labour government; the GFC and resulting recession; and other “external factors” for their lack-lustre performance,
    * Key and various business figures to become more strident in their attacks on Labour and the Greens,
    * A dirty election campaign , including a well-known extremist right-wing blogger releasing personal information on political opponants, which will backfire badly on National,
    * National to fall in the polls; NZ First will cross the 5% threshold; and Labour/Greens/Mana to form the next government, with Peters either sitting on the cross benches, or taking on a ministerial portfolio outside Cabinet.



    * Economic indicators are beginning to worsen as interest rates rise and Fonterra pay-outs fall.

    * National has fallen in the latest Roy Morgan poll – it remains to be seen if this is duplicated in TV1, TV3, Fairfax, and NZ Herald polls.

    * A dirty tricks campaign was directed at Cunliffe (but failed to gain traction).

    * The Right are now targetting the greatest threat to their hold on power – Mana-Internet – which may win between three to five seats on 20 September.

    * I predict that NZ First will still cross the 5% threshold.

  6. Ironic really… I saw this kind of pro-government propaganda when I lived in Eastern Europe in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

    I never thought I’d see this kind of propaganda in our own society…

    New Zealanders should be very worried…

    • You must remember those Cossack ads that Muldooon ran. They were actually believed by many dorks, and National won in a landslide.
      Ain’t nuthin’ new under the sun. I’m expecting worse.

      Think the effigy being burnt has really rattled their coat tails, let’s hope so.

  7. The new media manipulations are starting to make it real obvious its all dodgy and make National look desperate. Would quit now while they are ahead. Oh wait – they dropped in the polls. lol

  8. Why waste a good effigy when you could burn the real thing ?
    @ Viviam R .
    It’s EXACTLY what we should be encouraging in NZ !
    We’ve had more than forty years of fucking around while they steal away with our stuff , money and things . Their policies have exported some of our best and brightest and they’ve lied to our export earning farming sector and in so doing have nearly brought the farming industry to it’s knees .
    We have every right to be fucked off , we have every right to burn effigies and shout FUCK JOHN KEY !
    About fucking time !
    When we kick the bastard out of office ? I hope that’s just the beginning of the shit storm of sleepless nights for him and his cronies . I want to see a crowd sourced fund started to sue the fucker and his mates for treason .

  9. Rawden Christie
    The worst NZ journalist…so bad he makes Susan Wood look good.
    He uses Cameron Slater as a source and (without any touch or irony) says reports about ‘Slater pointing out that negative hate politics does not work’.
    Ok at that stage Christie you failed as a journalist totally.

    • Probably why he’s no longer with the BBC. Even they threw him out, but, HEY, I have a BBC accent and am an utter Tory, so there is a guaranteed job for me at TVNZ.

  10. I can’t believe even the Tories could take Slater seriously. This toad runs on vitriol and acid. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more hateful individual.

    • It’s because his father was the President of the National party and along with Shipley, head hunted Key.
      Slater family is obviously to blame as much for NZ’s demise.

  11. It would be fantastic if you could ever get John Key and Cameron Slater together on national prime time television. A lot of mainly older people who don’t use the internet much still think John Key is a nice polite normal kiwi bloke who stands for everything that is good about New Zealand. If they saw what sort of unholy alliance he is prepared to go into for the sake of power then National’s approval ratings would almost vanish overnight.

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