GUEST BLOG: Joe Trinder – National still destroying billboards?


MP Chester Burroughs and MP Chris Finlayson have been complaining their billboards have been getting damaged a that this damage costs them money, and inconveniences them. I struggle to feel empathy for the Nats when they intentionally block their competition.

On 20th August I was the first to deploy my Internet Mana billboard on Hollyford Drive in Manukau East electorate. The next Saturday the Nats had arrogantly blocked my Internet Mana billboard

I spoke with National party candidate for Manukau East MP Kanwal Singh Bakshi he explained to me how his billboards were being attacked. I explained we have been given strict instructions to leave other party billboards. I asked if he could move his billboard slightly to the right to avoid blocking the Internet Mana Billboard in the name of sportsmanship and chivalry.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.04.51 am

I returned yesterday to find my billboard lying face down

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.05.30 am

We erected the billboard again

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.05.38 am

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Joe Trinder – Ngāti Awa Born and born in Ōtepoti Ōtākou, Ex RNZN he is an Information Technology Analyst based in Mangere South Auckland.  MANA Tamaki Makaurau Chair and board member of the Manukau Urban Maori Authority and Internet Mana Candidate for Manukau East.


  1. This whole election process is just like Parliament- a sham.

    This last year every time we turned on Parliament to see the debates and question & answer period we only saw a sickening sight.

    A constant grubby most corrosive attack from National M.P.’s against the opposition on any issue even the important issues to the public.

    The Government needs take serious advice on board here.

    Because they’re only there at the request of their public who pay though the nose for service from their needs and benefits no the politicians own egos.

    Now as to the way this Government operates the public service TV an radio this is also a sham.

    We need to get the news presenters chastised and shamed for inserting their own political views as the election rolls along.

    TV1 has the most examples of this, as they read the news they insert small chipping remarks that change the whole content of the news.

    Most obvious was last evening when they were covering Winston’s joke about “in China there’s a saying “two wongs don’t make a white”

    The story was followed by a remark from the presenter as pushing the issue as a serious political blunder!!!!!!!

    This was absolutely ridiculous wrongful use of P.R. for their own political gain, and these are so damaging to “fair Impartial TV1 coverage of the election that just a week ago we were promised by TV1 would happen after the messy debate over using NatZ top supporter Mike Hosking as Host on the Leaders debate.

    My guess is that TV 1 will use every opportunity to help the failing NatZ as they have been told to do by the Joyce/Goebbels propaganda machine.

    • I notice that TV 3’s election coverage, thus far, has been fairly well balanced on the whole, at least what I have seen of it. If we want to show our concerns about TV 1 then we switch channels, tell TV NZ that we have done so, and why, and also tell TV 3 what we have done. If enough people do this then the TV 1 advertisers will start complaining as they sense falling sales and TV 3 will loudly trumpet how they are taking viewers from TV NZ because the latter are politically biased. Btw I complained to TV NZ about Mike Hosking’s appointment as moderator to the leaders debates and got what I assume was the stock answer – thanking me for my comments and saying they will be forwarded to the relevant people. Yeah right!

      • TVNZ is the channel for the sheep. It has long specialized in the lowest of the low “lowest common denominator” crap programming, catering for the cretin element of society. There are a few exceptions, like the “Sunday” documentary, but, largely, it is totally commercially focussed, and makes no pretense of providing a ‘public service’ any more.

    • TVNZ is being a but foolish here. Even if Labour doesn’t win at this election at some stage they will be back in power – at which point the fact that TVNZ is government owned may well come back to haunt them.

      Anyone feel a restructure coming on?

  2. National’s response to other parties’ billboards being removed/vandalised: “Oh my how sad! how did that happen?” National’s response to their own billboards being removed/vandalised: ” f…………!” (unprintable)

  3. Billboards for Labour here keep ‘vanishing’ but there does appear to be more vandalism of National billboards. I always worry about the disappearances as there is history of signs disappearing during a previous mayol election and was linked back to members of our now National party candidates’ church.

    • National can afford to lose a few billboards, even then it would still have three times as many as all the others put together. National’s strategy: if you can’t tell the truth, then tell lies but tell them so often that people become hypnotised into thinking they are the truth.

  4. The culture at TVNZ is obviously very much dominated by the foul stench that filters down from the level of their board, that is stacked with National Party appointees. They seem to have perfected the fine art of having their employees faithfully mirror the right wing worldview of the board, but without being too blatant about the methods by which they do it. They learnt a lesson from the “Hollow Man” fiasco of the leaked emails, so now they must be doing it verbally, so there is no embarrassing audit trail of evidence that could be used to expose their machinations.

  5. National destroying billboards???? You’ve got to be joking. I drive around Auckland most days and it is National’s billboards that are being damaged, in many cases by racist and anti-semitic low-lifes who are most likely living off the state.

    • Hahaha – racist anti-semitic lowlifes? Hohoho – living off the state? You want to get yourself some better epithets or has your brain got 1939 lock-step fever?

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